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How to Add Picture to Post

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I know how to upload pictures from my computer into a post, but they are formatted as thumnails, which work ok.

But I would like to know how to insert a picture within a post which is sized enough to see it as it is without having to click or open a new window to see it larger.

For example, this is all I can do at the present:



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as far as i know...the picture already has to be hosted on the web to do what you are looking for

if there is one on the web...

in windows explorer (which is what i am most familar with)...right click the picture and copy and paste the "location" ...which is an html addy...as the "image URL"

...instead of inserting a picture file

there may be other ways...but that is what i know

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Thank you very much for the info. By saying it already needed to be uploaded to a website sure helped!

So I started an account with Photobucket, uploaded a pic from my hard drive to it, saved it in a folder, and clicked on it to get its url.

Then I returned to GS and clicked on "insert photo" while editing a post, and pasted the url into where it was asking for the website where the pic was located.

Pretty easy - and it worked! The only thing remaining is I have yet to learn how I might change the size of it in the post. That's no big deal though, I can live with it "full size" as compared to a thumbnail.

Thanks again!





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