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  1. check out petfinder.com you can find any breed of dog. Mainly rescue organizations with dogs that need a good home.
  2. one thing for sure, no one held a gun to our head to be involved in TWI. most of us voluntarily participated, gave our $$$$ to this organization and voluntarily promoted it to others. I for one regret all the years (over twelve) that I gave to them, time I should have been preparing for a career, an education or doing something more productive. one of the EX-TWI'ers in Dallas said we were Way Niggers. (not referencing any particular race or nationality of course).
  3. I lived in Riverside around 1976 (in the Air Force), got out hung around with Sheri Low, Pam French, Sheil McHugh, Rod McNeil, Mary Herbst, I think Dave Standring was the LC for LA.
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