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  1. No more raping girls in The name of God for you ....
  2. Hey folks....Great to touch base here again. it was wonderful to catch up with you belle! Thanks for posting the picture. Zoreta Rebecca will be 15 on the 15 th.. When the heck did it happen I wonder. I remember how supported and loved I felt by all of you in the chat room that day...the prayers and feelings of well wishes and love were palpable. The mid wives were so impressed....I kept sending them in to post updates :) Zoreta is the last baby. Most of my brood has grown up and begun to scatter....leaving this mama bewildered....I take comfort knowing that they are all on good paths..grown into fine strong resourceful young people in spite of their parents mistakes and occasional ineptness. Hope all is well in your lives as well
  3. Understood ... It a question though that I have thought a lot about lately. We have a cult group prospering i our town....everyone loves them because the are so nice....for the average person ...they don't pose a threat but to someone who is vulnerable they would appear very attractive. I have been harshly criticized for trying to explain to folks the hidden dangers of friendly cuties here locally. Trying to explain why they pose a threat...that they aren't just harmless eccentrics worshiping god their own way has fallen on deaf ears.
  4. rascal

    What does one do?

    It'd make a great treat for a horse...they love peppermint :)
  5. Why did we get involved? Many of us had broken families...abusive pasts...no guidance...no one to care enough to warn us. ... making us vulnerable to people who loved seemingly without judgement.....who said that they had the answered for everything pertaining to life and godliness in the scriptures...any problem you have any hurt ....god could fix and they would show us how. It was exihilerating to be in a spiritual battle striking back at satan for every cruel blow that you had endured in life...to be a part of knocking that mother f ker back down ...maybe he couldn't hurt anyone else....for a kid from a broken dysfunctional home to be promised a Heavenly Father that would never leave us or forsake us...to have a new spiritual family that would love us because spirit was thicker than water..... It was irresistible to kids most of us teenagers who had little guidance or love in our lives. We were naieve, so many of us and vulnerable for a variety of reasons..that vulnerability was targeted and exploited by despicable people whom used us for their own gain. I am so so sorry for this generation bolshvik....for what we brought you guys into. I can only look my own kids in the eye and apologize. We were deceived and are trying our best to recover.
  6. Thanks way sider n out n about....i guess it was kind of new and fresh because after nearly thirty years just last week i finally told some follks, my daughter one of them ,here about some of it....still couldnt admit it waas me...just shariing the scriptures used to force people into decisions they wouldn't normally make. I am still married to the fellow I dated in twi. But I look back and it wasn't dating...not really. You attended twi functions together. You volunteered to work together at events. You analyzed logically whether the person was suitable for you to move the word with....ie how many classes adv. class corpses...wow years ...etc.what did your twig leader area color n state leader think. If you didn't have their blessing, it was a no go because one certainly didn't wish to be unequally yoked. Personal feelings tended to be secondary, IMO. Not to mention there was rarely money to just go to dinner or a movie to simply enjoy one another's company lol. I think many of us were surprised when we left twi and the facade fell away to find that out that you had nothing in common with your life partner.
  7. Lol THAT was funny. Thanks kit :)
  8. That happened to me as wow / app corpes. State leaders step in and let you know that there are only two choices...you either keep your commitment to god and destroy the parasitical cells or you turn our back on him and against the ministry who taught you the greatness of gods word. God or your unborn child....i chose,...you never really get over it :(
  9. Yeah, my husband broke ranks and married a corpse apprentice....I qualified...but just barely. To date corpses you had to assume the subservient position because they were your spiritual leader....there wasn't any balance. There was no dating, no getting to know one another..... Just a logical decision based on a persons credentials, not really comparability pr genuine like or fondness. Not a very good foundation to begin a life together....once away from the facade of ministry teachings and illusions of what god expected..it was pretty wild to realize that neither of us were the people we thought we were.
  10. rascal

    Not so hot

    Glad things are better for you. I like what new life said...I agree .. people who support us during the struggles are priceless...a gift. I sometimes wonder if there will ever be a time when things arent difficukt.
  11. rascal

    Not so hot

    Sorry to hear that Seth. I wish you well.
  12. We have a ferrit. She is a hoot! They are too active to be very cuddly, but boy are they fun to watch.
  13. I guess that most of the folks that I knew that became involved with twi were young people that had been vulnerable for a variety of reasons, broken family, abuse, drugs, etc. twi promised answers to those who had little guidance or experience. When we left, though older we were still vulnerable, still lacking reliable guidance. I feel like I had to do my 'growing up' in my forties, learning to test all things, that's not everything is as it seems, etc....things most folks learn in their twenties ....or younger if they have the guidance and wisdom of someone older with more experience in life. I see the difference in my now adult children, verses their dad and I who had to learn everything on our own, the hard way. Just my thought.
  14. Yeah, I guess we move on, develope interests, get involved with raising kiddos and their activities, develop hobbys that would have little bearing on issues here or be of interest to folks. I do return for the commeradery of shared experiences. I like to be with folks who understand my weird quirks, that can understand where I've come from. I love you guys. :) you have all been such an integral part of my healing...an anchor for my sanity, been a part of who I have developed into. No matter where I go in life, I don't see ever not needing or loving you guys. Your all still 'family' to me. I have thought about starting a thread about what's new in our lives, where we have arrived after a couple of decades post twi. Looking back at how far we have come since this is where my experiences now lay, but wonder if anyone has any interests in our lives outside of twi... I guess other than to point out how terribly wrong twi teachings were about life, God, people outside of the one true house hold.
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