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  1. I read some of it, was more interested in who signed it, my goodness some heavy hitters in there, don't know all of them. Here's something funny: It's obvious RFR knew about LCM's activities, her confrontation was a smoke screen to cover her posterior. It's too painful to read the rest, I skimmed and didn't see the value in picking it apart. Many folks here know my position, I have done my comparative religion research and found that what people call the KJV of the bible is like all the other versions rehashed Egyptian mythology. Argue with me all you want I don't care,
  2. Ah, Rico, my old nemesis... He was WOW coordinator the year I was WOW, '92-'93, what he did after is hazy. I had several phone calls with him he spent most of the time berating me. He and Robin stated at our apartment when they visited us.
  3. I went down the rabbit hole, and what did I see? https://twitter.com/vermeil5001
  4. I'm sure Hitler's speeches would seem compelling to someone who didn't know who he was... The fact that you attribute those books to your vacation in the nut hut doesn't speak for itself? Do yourself a favor, don't spread that disease it comes with guilt later in life. Pitch them in the dust bin and don't look back.
  5. Like changing captains on the Titanic. Why is everyone debating this as if it's anything other than a total sham from beginning to end. The "snow on the gas pumps" story should have been my first and only indicator that TWI was a total fraud from the beginning. Obviously I didn't so I shouldn't be surprised the good folks here are still chewing the rancid cud of TWI. None of this matters so long as the group remains.
  6. Hello CollateralDamage, great intro, welcome. I don't visit here often, only like today when I couldn't sleep because I was having WOW year or Advanced class flashbacks. We probably bumped into each other throughout the years, I left about 20 years ago but I was active from '90 thru the end of '94, tried sheepishly to get back in up until '99 or 2000 whenever Loy's lawsuit became public. I was at the Advanced Class Special where LCM taped the DTA class, what a trip, I felt so special for about a minute. Anyway the point I wanted to make is this. It's a damn good thing TWI ditched PFAL, they h
  7. Even though this poll is 8 years old I didn't see it until today. Not surprising really, since I didn't even log in for 2 years and only visit once every three months or so when I can sleep because I'm having TWI flashbacks. I wasn't officially kicked out, my branch coordinator just told me not to bother coming back. LOL talk about passive aggressive. So should I have another chocolate milk and try to get some sleep or make a cup of coffee? Seth
  8. So much for "The Word The Word and Nothing but The Word" right Twinky?
  9. Welcome BlueCord, Thanks for reaching out to this community. Good things have already been said and some good advice given. I feel your pain. I was involved for a number of years took all the classes went WOW got to meet and talk to the late Mrs. Wierwille several times, once during an Advanced Class special she saw me and a friend walking somewhere and she stopped and asked if we needed a ride to where ever we were headed. My point is there are many good loving people who are in a bad situation in TWI even the late Mrs. W. The closest thing I can equate TWI to is The Matrix. What if I told yo
  10. Hello folks, It's no secret here that I've struggled with alcohol use disorder. About 7 years ago I left AA after 8 years and a few months sober, it was for personal reasons I'm not going to get into here nor do I want to debate it. All I know is after 7 years I found myself drinking unhealthy levels again and having difficulty slowing down. I heard about The Sinclair Method a year or so ago, and after doing more research I found that the primary drug used in TSM, Naltrexone is available through the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care Service. I started TSM Jan 13th 2016 and after over
  11. There is a mental disorder called scrupulosity, it's in the category of OCD.
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