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  1. mckeanj

    e-cigarettes, know anything about them?

    In desperation, along with a lot of wheezing, 2.5 years ago, my son convinced me to try, Green Smoke, e-cigarettes. I opened the package, screwed in a filter to the, already charged battery, and took my first puff. It was exactly like smoking a very stong cigarette. Of course I had ordered the strongest, nicotine filled filters which are 2.7% nicotine, and I was used to smoking ultra light cigarettes. My biggest complaint, because of course, I had to nit pick them apart, (not having my beloved usual cigs, made me even more cranky, ) the e-cig felt awkward in my hand. That lasted about 3 days. I smoked 2.7% for 2 weeks then dropped to 1.7% nicotine filters, and yes, felt a tiny bit of a withdrawal, but nothing that could entice me to smoke a regular cigarette. OH YEA, I slept like a baby, and could breathe so much better, stopped all wheezing, coughing, ad hacking, along with no more snoring, in the first 24 hours of not smoking regular cigarettes. I smoked the 1.7% for 2 weeks, then dropped to the next lower level of nicotine. Then, I dropped to 0% nicotine. It still tasted like a real cigarette, felt that way too, when inhaling. It was like a .... miracle. I was off cigarettes but still able to enjoy the tactile sensations of smoking a cigarette. So, it's been 2.5 years and still today, once in a blue moon, I sit, watch a movie, have a drink, and enjoy puffing on my e-cigarette. If I crave a cigarette, it's sitting right here, waiting for me to indulge, any ol' time, I please! I lost the urge or need to have the e-cigarette with me, at all times, way back when, but discovered, losing the nicotine was the easiest part of the trial. It was the oral sensation of inhaling, and holding the cigarette that was the most difficult part of the habit to break. After all this time, I still get an urge to have a cigarette, and that e-cig saves me, completely comforts, and relaxes me. It was, and IS, hugely successful, and an awesome way to finally get, and keep, those nasty-assed cigs out of my life.
  2. mckeanj

    Healthful foods

    I love this!
  3. mckeanj

    9th Corps

    I was just pokin at you a little bit. You guys are .... hilarious, the only reason I come to this site. Heck, it seems you're even famous, around here. I see the 8th has a spirit o' jello-sea and is talking about sinking ships..y'all could send over a can of whupped cream and who the heck bleeped out my fckn word, anyway?
  4. mckeanj

    9th Corps

    You guys were a heckuva a lot funnier in your first 4,968 posts.
  5. mckeanj

    Foolhardy behavior

    I remember one time in particular. I was told to get to the next intermediate class so, I could make it to the advanced class. I was new to all this, having just taken the PFAL class. But, the leadership insisted I was ready for the advanced class and this would be the only intermediate class in the area at the time. The class was 1.5 hours away, during good weather. It was so bad out, all the interstates were closed and everyone was told if found out on the interstates, they would be arrested. I was told to believe and get there, no matter what. So, out I go,, the only fool on the road. The entire drive took me over 8 hours and I never saw one person driving, the entire way. I think I drove like 5 mile per hour, to get there. Of course the only people there were those hosting the class and people living close by. The closer I got, in the neighborhood streets, there were cars stranded everywhere. But, have the class we did. Boy, did I get all kinds of pats on the back for my believing. Exhausted and stressed like crazy from being scared the entire trip, I just beamed, feeling like I had conquered Mount Everest. The entire weekend, we had the class, but, the leadership took every opportunity to dicuss the unbelieving people who were supposed to be there. Some people actually made it the final day of the class and were turned away, told to leave because they hadn't been able to believe to get there at the start of the class. Looking back on all this, I saw the methods of reeling people in with high praise for blindly obeying and and once a part of the group, the great displeasure when one didn't believe, and obey the leadership. I think, so many of us, we're very vulnerable, so wanting to know God, please God, we were willing to do almost anything. It takes time, but, the peace comes, knowing the spirit within us is our guide, our path, in everything.
  6. mckeanj

    How The Way breaks up relationships

    How many family and friends weddings, birthdays, 4th of July get togethers, Christmas, Thanksgiving and blank, blank, blank (you fill in the blank), did you miss because of subtle remarks to outright screaming persuaded you to forgo these events for anything from a twig meeting, which were sometimes held seven days a week, to some class or activity that was being held? We lived with other people crossing bounderies, everyday in our life. My brother had even changed the date of his wedding to accomodate me. The date he and his fiance had chosen interferred with a class I was scheduled to take. He wanted me there so badly, he was willing to change the date of one of the most important days of his life. I was then told not to go to the wedding not because of any Way event. I was told not to attend beacuse I would be surrounded by unbelievers and there was no profit in my going. This wedding became such an issue I was told I might not be allowed to go WOW the next year should I decide to attend, anyway. My wonderful brother and I have never had the connection, the intimacy and love, since. He was crushed I didn't attend. Of course he wasn't at my wedding either. It took years and finally he has forgiven me but the relationship had long been doomed. When I married, I arrogantly told my sister I was having a believer stand up with me as maid of honor because this oh so sacred ceremony had to be witnessed by a believer and not just anyone. She just cried. We had always planned to be there, at the alter for one another. I did this, even after leaving the Way. So, many ingrained beliefs, I continued to live. I left the Way over 20 years ago and no family relationship is the way it should be. The damage has been done. To this day, I'm viewed with a jaundiced eye by my family. They are good to me, loving, but, they keep their distance. I've asked forgiveness from every one of them. They readily forgave, were even generous about it. But, seem to still watch, wait, expecting me to pull some crazy stunt or come out with some crazy religious statement disputing the way they live their lives or worship God. It's amazing to me, even after 20 years, suddenly something I was taught by The Way will almost burst from my lips. Most of the time I catch myself. But, sometimes I'll say things so quickly, and after saying them, wonder, omg, do I even believe that, now? Bounderies were crossed everyday and every single one of us were most likely, just as guilty of crossing those bounderies. God, when I remember how arrogant I was, in the name of love, lording my spirituality over another. To this day, some memory pops in my head, reminding me of things said and done in the name of that spiritual ladder we all climbed. It takes time, but, it does get better.
  7. mckeanj

    How The Way breaks up relationships

    Just reading this post and replying has brought back a flood of memories where I was told by a leader in The Way, usually always a Way Corp grad that something was the will of God. Too many times I blindly obeyed or tucked my tail, asked forgiveness and continued to blindly obey only to pay disasterous consequences for having obeyed only to be told I wasn't believing or was out of fellowship. After leaving The Way, I remember the struggle, the anxiety of making even the smallest of decisions without first seeking approval from leadership.....singing, Thanks For The Memories....
  8. mckeanj

    How The Way breaks up relationships

    Isn't going against the will of The Way Ministry the same thing?
  9. mckeanj

    How The Way breaks up relationships

    1986..both, ready to enter residence at Emporia, we're told by branch leaders no way this union was supposed to happen at this time..too immature spiritually but could possibly be considered two or three years after becoming Way Corp grads...told if married God had revealed to them the marriage would not last more than two years and if married would not be allowed to enter the Way Corp.....along with all the other fireworks happening at the time, finally booted, labeled, marked and avoid....married in 1986.....hop and skip to 2006...the divorce should be happening any day now..we're thinking the satellite connection to God must have been fuzzy(possibly overcast skies) and they thought 20 years meant two years
  10. mckeanj

    The Many Faults of VPW, and other leaders in TWI...

    Puleazzzzzze, respect the thread!
  11. mckeanj

    The Bible or twi doctrines and sentiments?

    I doubt I have any relatives frequenting this forum. For some strange reason they all thought I had been brainwashed by a cult..have you ever heard a more silly thing in your life?
  12. mckeanj

    The Bible or twi doctrines and sentiments?

    Alright you two, no making nice cyber, you need to kiss and make up, c'mon, big hugs here
  13. mckeanj

    New Jersey

    I lived in NJ 85-88. Jerry Carr was running the Limb. I liverd in Toms Riverand Newton, NJ, 85-86 as a WOW. in Toms River. Jan and Mike Cosentino, were there at the time. Why doesn't it surprise me y'all are talking food?..Micheal's Bakery and Shanno's Pizza..I'd vacation there just for those two places.
  14. mckeanj

    The Bible or twi doctrines and sentiments?

    Maybe a kissing cousin or two on here. I'm new so, I've yet to meet up with them. Possibly, you could direct me to them
  15. mckeanj

    The Bible or twi doctrines and sentiments?

    I've never participated in any message boards. I found this forum yesterday. I thought it might be a great place to meet up with old friends. I have no interest in debating fact or fiction.