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  1. I was at a public meeting out in the cummunity when I saw someone from years and years ago that I looked at They looked at me I looked at them We recognized each other. I, of course, assumed that they were OUT. He, of course, assumed that we were in. He said, I am always afrqaid that I might run into someone from a stick! Well, what could I say? Whqat you have feared has come to you? No, I didn't say that.
  2. Shouldn't this thread be in Just Plain Silly?
  3. Will the REAL Craig Martindale cease be pleated? I must confess. I kissed BOTH of the Craig look-a-likes at the memorial service, and I can tell you They ain't NO Craig Martindale! (my apologies to all I might have offended...catcup, geek, McMillan, Donna, etc... and of course Craig who I would have kissed if he WERE there) If there were a contest for the person who life he ruined the most, I would be in the finalists. But God is still God. And last but not least...PLEASE spell Wierwille correctly!
  4. That Mark was so intelligent plus he really had a great heart for people. I didn't get to know Terri very well. I think she spent most of her time in the nursing mothers room at HQ. They did live in Oregon. Ohio for a while with Rev. Gynn and the docs.
  5. I think Dr. Wierwille either wrote it or adapted it. That is my private interpretation. But I think I am right.
  6. mzimagine

    Mrs. W

    Thank you, Ted, for that post. It is difficult to read through the tears. What a fmaily reunion that will be at her memorial. Innies and Outies all hugging eachother. IMAGINE THAT!
  7. They can read what I write and I don't care. If fact it is one way I can communicate my thoughts to my friends at The Way because they won't communicate with me any other way. Hi old neighbor! How is your sweet family?
  8. I love CFF leaders I love Cff people I love Cff teachings I DO NOT have a cult mentality and think I have to obey all rules or think I have to agree with all teachings I can enjoy and keep an active questioning mind! Imagine That!
  9. Catcup, You are a greater writer and thinker. Thank you. MZ
  10. mzimagine


    Cowgirl, I agree The fact that I am 1. going to this site 2. reading your thread 3. replying with this suggests to me that I am making bad choices
  11. De-martindalizing Definition= getting the way out I am sooooo proud of myself. I haven't said a four letter word is three months.
  12. Once upon a time, there were three little pigs... The first little pig built his house of straw... What happened when that big bad wolf came and huffed and puffed? All that is left is some stubble.
  13. Lone Gone, Yes, it is. Actually more than just a bit presumptous. The reason I wrote , the time is now, is because of my personal experience. I repent. The time COULD be now. For me, the time is now. I am noticing that T.W.I.sters are speaking to me. They are contacting me. The are welcoming me. They are embracing..yes... even kissing me! Maybe, just maybe...the door are opening for communication. Of course, I have concerns. The BIG one is: What if they hurt me yet again? But living and loving involves risk taking. What if the people in TWI are ready for a dialogue? Would we be ready? I could be walking into a trap.
  14. I was MARKED and ANNOYED. I have a piece of paper that says so. I made the household unclean. God's son was NOT afraid to TOUCH the unclean. Would you be willing to be like Christ and touch the untouchable? I don't think God's will is for believers to live in a cloistered community so that they will not be contaminated by the unclean. They drew a circle and put me out. I drew a circle and included them in.
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