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  1. no thanks on the way stuff

    i want to tell you something funny though. when you first started posting, i thought the avatar pic was really you

    i don't know where i've been lol, but i realized after a bit

    No problem on the Way stuff, just thought I would throw it out there cuz there are some that still collect it.

    I wish that was a picture of me! :dance:

  2. Okay this is kind of related to my book so I will just post this information here. Since writing the book I really have found that things are much clearer to me now than they have been in a very long time. That being said I am selling my Way stuff. I have posted several things on ebay already but have yet to get around to much more. If anyone has any requests for stuff, mainly magazines, corps notes and I'm not sure what else is left but I have an entire shelf in my closet devoted to it. I want it gone. I no longer want to transport it from one house to another either physically or mentally. If you have a request or question please feel free to either post it here or contact me at my email addy: sherechita7@yahoo.com


  3. I don't know if you can still buy it through this site but HERE is an Amazon link.


    Thanks Waysider for helping Rascal out.

    I got busy working with the local E.L.I. group (Every Life is Important). They work with families and individuals that are victims of abuse and are working towards changing legislation to add a National Abused Child registry and of course the corresponding registry for the abusers. Our football team has partnered with them and with any luck I will be personally partnering with them with one of my books. It's called "Veteran of The Silent War". It's about an abused little girl, how she grows up and how she deals with the abuse. In the end she wins but she has to go through hell to get there. She is helped by the Angel of her mother and a girl her own age and the girls parents... and a few unsavory types. But most of the battle is hers and hers alone.

    Anyway, Thanks again for your comments and interest in "A Return to Sanity".

    Dooj, when you gonna come to visit? I miss you!!

  4. it is really good to see you

    and that's you on your website? you're so pretty

    do/did you suffer from schizophrenia?

    i want to get your book and your bio when that happens


    It is nice to see you as well Exie. I often think of everyone here at GSC but seldom make the time to drop in. I have dropped in from time to time but never posted. I'm glad that this book afforded me an easier way to break the ice again.

    That really is me on that website, and you are much too nice... but thanks!

    I didnt actually suffer from schizophrenia at least not that I was diagnosed... then again you actually have to ask a doctor before they can diagnose you. Mostly I suffered from anger and fear and my mind often skipped to other times. It was very frightening especially when I was driving.

    I do think that you would find my book interesting. I wrote it in the third person as if the person talking is just relaying the problems of my heroine Rebecca. It was odd just writing what came to mind as it came to mind. You know how you are thinking of one thing that leads to another thing and then to another? That's kind of how I wrote this I let it flow from one thought to another and worked through a lot of stuff. It was very therapudic and turned out to be a good read, it was an unintentional side benefit.

    My bio is written completely differently. It is written in an almost sarcastic/comic tone. When I wrote it the sarcasm was my only defense. If I were to write it today it would be a different book because I no longer need a defense.

  5. Been runninghalf marathons (well one anyway) - have a look at Beating the Feet in Open. There's a link to follow.

    Holy cow! Half a marathon is a whole lot more than I can run! More power to you my friend, that's awesome!! I'll trip over to the other thread tomorrow, still working nights so I'm off to work soon.

  6. Hey, Teresa! Wondered what had happened to you! Good to see you.

    It's good to see you too! I've been super busy with work and writing and football. It's all very exciting and very exhausting as well. How about you, what have you been up to?

  7. Hey everyone, It's been a long time since I've graced these hallowed cyber net waves. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am alive and well and have written a new book that kind of addresses the Way. It is my personal journey, short as it is. Some odd things have happened to me in the past year and I documented them in this book.

    It all began with a series of flashbacks and nightmares and ended with a degree of understanding and sanity. This book does not document the horrors of the Way as a whole, only the worst of what I experienced in my little corner. It documents those things that caused me to live my life in fear and self-loathing. It's called "A Return to Sanity: The Hardest Journey" It can be purchased through Amazon.com (And I believe Paw still gets a kick back if you use Amazon not sure though you would have to ask him) It's also available off of my own website, www.teresamshafer.com for a bit cheaper and autographed if you want.

    Please understand that I'm not here to simply sell books. I just know that some people are interested in the stories of others. This is part of my story. My autobiography will tell a great deal more but it will not be out for a while. It is damaging to far too many people that I still care about.

    my website

    Hope I did that right! :rolleyes:

  8. ? According to popular culture, Scientology teaches that 75 million years ago the intergalactic tyrant Xenu brought millions of aliens to Earth. These aliens, called Thetans, cling to human bodies. Scientologists try to re-create the Thetans’ painful experiences in order to free themselves

    ? Scientology members usually undergo personality tests and a form of counselling known as “auditing”. A counsellor or “auditor” locates the spiritual problems of the subject — known as the “preclear” — through questions and the use of an implement called an “e-meter”. Scientologists say that the sessions help members to reach levels on which they are “literally seeking immortality, which is priceless”

    Wow! I never bothered to look into their 'beliefs' all I knew was that it had something to do with aliens...but this is really 'pinging' the 'wierd' meter (or the w-meter) :unsure: <_<

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  9. I still have mine and I use it quite often. I also have many other versions and if that fails I go on line to see them all. My 'Way' Bible is pretty marked up with many colored ink but mostly I only wrote in actual word definitions or references to other scriptures that related.

    The pneuma hagion crud was written in only because it was a requirement to get into the Corps...and yes they checked. Other stuff was put in because it was required as well and for some idiotic reason I actually wrote in the entire 'literal according to misusage' of I Thessalonians in the back. At the time I thought it sounded so cool the way they worded everything...wow I was pretty easily impressed back then.

    Most of it I cannot even read now without a magnifying glass so it really doesn't bother me.

  10. She has recently been taken to "a London clinic" - allegedly taken away by Police under the Mental Health Act. That was a few days ago. No news since.

    Poor woman needs a rest from all this publicity. Paparazzi, speculation, hype - enough to give anyone a "nervous breakdown."

    That's crazy! I really hope she gets well soon. Keep us informed will you please? US reports are often a day late and a dollar short when it comes to these things (unless it's Brittany Spears then they follow her to the hospital).

  11. She doesn't seem to have man hands either. I think Mikey new the forms well enough but for some reason decided in the painting to make 'the woman' in the strange shape or rather shapes that he did. Wasn't he known for being a bit of a prankster? Perhaps this 'Eve' was a model friend that was also a cross dresser or a Queen. That would make for a rather funny inside joke especially considering that this painting is in a church.

    As for the Eve in sin, you're right her head is on funky...I always thought that it was just me seeing that oddity. (Thinking that perhaps I didnt understand the artistic nature of the piece). Is this another example of his sense of humor?

  12. Ok, so taking it back to the topic....

    Is it just me or are the two people being cast out of the garden different than the two that are being tempted and is it my imagination or is Eve just plain UGLY in the cast out version or what?

  13. I have no idea where TWI got it but I know that when the English Royal Family has an event, everything is placed 'exactly' on mark and lined up...not just the chairs, the water glasses the silverware, the plates the table decorations...everything. It apparently has been a 'norm' for hundreds of years.

    As for the horn of plenty, I always got a big kick out of the true meaning of the object. It really is a sign of fertility. Traditionally it was filled with fruits and left on the alter of the fertility god as a kind of 'first fruits' offering. With all of VP's incessent 'phalic' talk you would think he would have known that. <_<

  14. Whew! Thanks Dot!

    Hmmm, this was written in Greek originally as Oak pointed out so I'm not sure where or even if God was given more than one name in this book. But I do know that unlike the OT Romans was written after the coming of Jesus and would probably have referrence to him at some point. So it would be irresponsible to simply not consider him for the title 'Lord' when studying the material. Everything of course must be understood within the context, but we must remember that part of that context is going to be the life, death and works of Jesus the Christ.

    And no the Greeks did not have a 3 in 1 god concept for Jehovah, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They barely acknowledged the existance of any of them. If I remember correctly, it was the Romans some 3-4 hundred years after the death of Jesus that devised the 3 in 1 plan. Certainly the seeds of the whole thing were being sown early on and Romans does address the issue/ problem of making Jesus into God but it wasnt until the Council of Niceae that it was made official with the Nicean Creed.

    Tell us your views on the topic Zoe.

  15. I'm sorry I think/feel this fascination with individuals is very detrimental to society.I mean while the run up to Iraq was going on we were inundated with Chandra Levy and Gary Condit, anything to take the focus off more important things. I just see this as another way of placating/entertainig the masses.

    Others see it a different way, yes there are more 'important' things to think about but what's wrong with sharing in anothers triumph? Even if it is a glorified talent show? Does it hurt to take less than 8 minutes of your news infused life to see or feel a little joy for someone else and perhaps remember that maybe all of life isnt about terrorists or baby rapers?

    I personally enjoyed Ms. Boyle's moment in the sun. It is predicted that irregardless if she wins or loses the contest she will have at least one number one record and probably get kissed somewhere along the way. Hmm.

    Did that distract me from my 'focus' of more important things? For a few seconds perhaps but then again so does posting on GS.

  16. My first WOW pin got stolen at a branch meeting or something way back when, but I bought a new one. I was proud of that pin, not because it made me anymore 'elite' or something but because I really cared about my first WOW family. We went through a bunch of stuff together and in the end we were still friends. Everytime I look at that pin it takes me back to a time when yes, I was a lot younger and quite a bit dumber but I was also a lot more trusting in God. That doesn't mean much to some people I know but to me it was and is a big deal.

    Oh and I have the jacket too! I never got much chance to wear it and it wouldn't fit me now at all. I also got the Gunnison jacket. That wouldnt fit anymore either. Not that I'm trying to relive the Way but I sure have 'grown'! I guess the WOW year really worked! :biglaugh:

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