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  1. I am so sorry to hear this. I'd been in correspondence with him and last I heard, at the end of January, he said he was back to work part-time and that he had beaten the cancer. He said he needed his liver to regenerate and he fully expected that it would. His doctor had called him his miracle patient and his hero.

    He was a good man.

  2. I'm so delighted to read your experiences, Oldskool! You sound like me! I found a wonderful church, as well, and am so very satisfied in so many areas of my life!

    I'm not surprised a lady stepped forward and was totally the perfect match! I'm confident she'll live a very long and healthy life, as will your awesome son!

    God is good - ALL the time! We continue to pray for all of the ex-way community to find such joy and rejoicing - and to post their stories!

  3. I looked for Joey's thread yesterday to add my prayers to and see if there was any update.

    It crossed my mind it might be removed for the reason it was. I'm so sorry for the suffering.

    My prayers continue with Joey's family. God bless them. I'm also praying for us - those of us

    who've prayed for this brave boy and his family. God bless us all. Joey will be missed. I'm

    so thankful for having had the privilege of praying for him with you all.

  4. I'm having a similar experience. I'm an elder in a First Christian (Disciples of Christ) church and taking classes toward a lay

    pastor license. I took a class a couple weeks ago called, dig this --- BOUNDARIES TRAINING. I kid you not! One of the

    very first things they discussed was that if you're single and a pastor and you feel attracted to someone in your congregation,

    DO NOT TRY TO PASTOR THEM, rather have them move to another church or have someone else pastor them. They went

    to great lengths to explain beyond any possible doubt how one must never ever mix dating or having an affair with someone

    you're pastoring.

    They also had speakers that were Buddhist, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist and I don't know what all, leaders in quite a variety

    of denominations and philosophies.

    The idea is to ENCOURAGE thinking and that it's really okay for everyone to believe what they believe - the point is to follow

    through and act like you believe what you believe.

    The reason there are so many denominations is pretty simple, after all. There are so many people and we each have our own

    minds - and we each have freedom of will.

    It seems to me the Christian walk is about loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbors as ourselves.



    Yes I did...Kindergarten 1960, It was in one of those jars with the brush attached to the screw on cover. I liked it, it had an interesting smell and taste--

    -Every once in awhile I swear I smell that paste smell and it brings the whole thing back

    No telling what was in it or what damage it did to me--maybe its why I joined a cult

    I have very similar memories - the smell, taste and feel of paste... I also liked to eat Elmer's Glue once upon a time...

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