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  1. DrWearWord

    oxy addicts

    My doctor told me, you know you can't stay on this drug forever, eventually it will start working against you. At first I was mad because he gave no alternative but after I left his office and thought about It i realized he was right and only looking out for my best interest. Tylenol was the worst part of it actually. Taking the drugs out of the equation actually lowered my pain considerably to a manageable level. (That is once I found out I had a vitamin d deficiency and addressed that too.)
  2. DrWearWord

    oxy addicts

    I was on hydrocodone for 4 years for back pain. I did not abuse it but I just quit cold turkey. I found that the effect of the drug on my liver was making my back pain much worse by overtaxing my liver so it could not do other necessary functions. Quitting dropped a whole degree from my back pain. I had one restless night where I could not sleep and tossed and turned and then I was free! I will never go back to it again. Get your vitamin D level checked. Alcohol is also very bad for the liver. Both opiates and alcohol eat the vitamin D in your body leaving none for bodily repair. JUST QUIT and get high on the feeling that you will be clean and your body will be able to repair itself MUCH better over time. LET THE SUNSHINE!
  3. Back in godaddy's arms you say? :)
  4. Thank-You CMAN hope to meet up with you on a2k :) Please let me know you are x wayers if you respond in any of my threads on a2k, private message me at rexred@maine.rr.com I check that email addy many times a day. Don't assume I will remember you I am really terrible with names.
  5. Voices crying in the wilderness I feel like Moses. This is not bad thing I think... I have been holding this off, been sort of numb like those unbelieving believers in disbelief, if there is such a thing, thinking is this is a dream, pinch me, grease spot will never go away... I have resigned myself to the possibility at least that this forum will soon be gone. I have been moonlighting on this thread in another thread called a2k or otherwise able to know. http://able2know.org/ As Wierwille would say, so that we know that we know that we know. hehe This site is the place I suggest that we move en-mass. sorta like the Khazars fictitiously did. I suggest you all sign up and keep your GS names so people will know who you are from here. I have been a part of this a2k group for almost ten years and before that we at this site were all part of a site called ABUZZ that was, I believe, owned and operated by the new york times. The site got too unruly for the times to care to maintain so they shut down abuzz and we all moved to a2k. The site is nearly identical to grease spot except for a few differences. When you post something you have about three minutes to retract it and after that it is like the ten commandments written in stone. So what you say follows you around, like my err "penis" thread that i thought was a good idea to start one night after i had had too much communion wine. :) I asked a2k to take it down but, no, they thought my reputation should handle it. :) Other than your posts and replies not being deletable the site is nearly similar but not identical (as the harmony of the gospels go). As for the people on a2k, they are not a huge forum so you will over time learn who they are mostly. They like me and put up with me but I have never told them what the source of my biblical knowledge originated from. I just continually amaze them with my biblical knowledge of the scriptures. But I have kept "the way" out of it all. I know the word probably better than anyone else on the site and they all know I am openly gay. They are mostly a liberal crowd with a few conservatives who still believe the earth is six thousand years old. Don't be discouraged if you get a unwarm welcome they are usually mean to religious types (at first) but there is strength in numbers. Sign up get an avatar, say hi to me I am "rexred" on the site. Please vote up my threads that you like and add any comments you like too. I have to admit at first i laid on the way doctrine a bit thick at first but over time I mellowed out on the pfal quotes. Now I am an agnostic and I switched parties from a republican to democrat in the time I have been on the a2k forum. They have a thread called WA2K run by a member named Letty which corresponds the the "song of the moment" thread here and an a2k favorite topic is of course evolution versus creationism. Just ask a question or start a discussion there and you are off to the races. Even my least favorite members there are still tolerable to me. Over time i have become friends with members I once used to loathe. In ways they have softened out some of my rough edges and i thank them for that. They are a highly intelligent crowd with many many thousands of posts under their belt. You will find a2k's forum set up much like this one, actually, I think it is a tiny bet easier to navigate. One thing that has set this GS forum apart definitely from a2k is GS's members are infinity more kind. I attribute this virtue as coming from the bible and our common past. But they are loveable on a2k in their own way. They could use our presence. Some of my discussions on a2k are, "can plants hear" and "are rocks alive"? I drove them crazy with my sublime sentimentalism. :) I am liked and admired on a2k because i go back to the very beginning with them all, but they keep their distance, for instance my cult of zero thread I started there too and no one wanted to participate in it. Yet here on GS i got several people highly interested in the discussion. That does not mean though that they did not read everything i wrote on the subject and find it interesting but they left my thread literally at zero. I forgot to mention there is a voting system there. So a few people voted my cult of zero thread up and a few voted it down out of whatever jealousy or because they just don't like me. In the end it has steadily remained at zero.. :( This is where having a lot of you there could benefit us as a group of semi like minded folk. We have one another still to lean on. Wait till they realize there is not only one of me in this world! :) They know I am ordained but as I said I have been going as an agnostic lately because I feel like opening myself up to new spiritual experiences. Not quite tossed about by every wind of doctrine but more like a pebble rather than a huge rock or piece of dust. :) I prefer uncertainty these days. Well DrWearWord has pointed "the way". Look forward to you all joining up and saying hi. PLEASE vote up my threads on a2k if you don't mind. Let's support one another there and show them how real kindness can prevail. I have been the underdog there and I feel like Elisha needing to be ministered to by the presence of my own kind. I have been holding this a2k forum up alone from an x way believers stand point for over ten years including my time on ABUZZ. If I have ruffled a few feathers here I am sorry, I have opinions and sometime I am simply "off" like the next guy. Please add yourself as a friend on a2k and I will be there where you can all reconnect I would be honored. All new replies to threads show up in your email if you reply in them. You use tags like religion and spirituality on your discussions. Again my name on a2k is "rexred". (RexRed is my stage name in the music industry...) I will look for you all there, see you on the other side :) Please at least say hi. Love and God bless you all DrWearWord
  6. My latest song, please comment and vote on youtube. Thanks! Rex :)
  7. Yea I woke up in the middle of the night with this song on my mind so I got up and made it... a couple nights ago. :) I just couldn't let it pass me by. Thanks for the listen and compliments. :) Please visit my youtube channel and leave votes and comments. Love Rex
  8. Thanks Waysider very much :) Thanks for the James Hunter enjoyed it very much, heard some great rhythms in the link you sent and great vocals too.
  9. My latest song only a couple nights old. Been playing around with r and b styles... After making it I realized it reminded me a bit of Joe Fair, Smokey Robinson and errr, Boy George all rolled into one. :) Let's Groove, RexRed Enjoy! Dance a little :) Edited to some of my album art and a few photos.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghz4_kikLkE
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H56fUCULkvg
  12. My latest song only a couple days old :) http://indieland.com/song/4191
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