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  1. Just visited http://www.theway.org and noticed the following information: Rev. Rosalie F. Rivenbark, President Rev. Vince McFadden,Vice President Rev. Roger Mittler, Vice President Rev. John Rupp, Vice President Rev. Jean-Yves De Lisle, Secretary-Treasurer Does anybody know more details about this move?
  2. I'm also told that TWI is getting back to studying and teaching VPW's books and teachings. They are not trying to bring back the good ol' days, but they are trying to follow the foundational teaching he did and then build on that. I haven't heard a STS or been to a fellowship in many years so I don't know to what extent this is being carried out in practice.
  3. I hear that TWI retail bookstore is now open to the public. (I'm sure you still can't buy books that come with any of the classes unless you are a grad.) I was told this by someone who is currently on staff at HQ. They told me to check out theway.org for more information, but I don't see any more information on the web site. The person is a credible source and I believe them. Apparently TWI is not publicising this information. I am guessing that it has something to do with lawsuit issues. Probably they are doing this in order to meet some legal stipulation.
  4. I am asking for a friend. Does anybody know how Grace Millsap is doing? Last we knew she was working on staff at HQ in Finishing Department as a part time volunteer. She lives with Marty & Kim Taylor. Any information would be appreciated!
  5. Sorry, don't know her married name.
  6. Wacky . . . The spelling for Cathy's last name is: Kneizys I haven't seen or heard about her for many years.
  7. We caravanned to FL with them in August of 1999 when we and they left staff. THey moved to the Cocoa Beach area of FL. We stayed in touch for awhile but it has been over two years since I talked to them. I do not know if they are still there but you could try directory assistance in that area or search for them on the Internet maybe. I do not know if they are standing or not.
  8. I?m glad to hear that you aren?t letting leadership tell you how to run your life. You?re a better person that I was. I pretty much did whatever they told me. I?m sure we must know each other if you were on staff at all from 1992-1999 when I was at HQ. It sounds like you are probably not Way Corps, and that can make a difference on your perspective. I was in TWI for 25 years, since 1976. I was Way Corps from 1988 - 1998. I loved the fellowship on the field that I was attending before I left. Loved the people. But I couldn?t honestly continue to support The Way anymore because I disagreed with what I was seeing going on. I had a list of about six or seven fundamental policies and practices that I felt were wrong. (I haven?t really delved into the doctrinal side or felt I needed to yet ? I felt that there was enough bad stuff being practiced to make up my mind that I had to go.) As a result I felt it was what I had to do ? leave the fellowship. (Since then the TC?s and their assistants have left the ministry too!) I would have felt hypocritical attending Fellowship but refusing to abundantly share and harbor ill feelings toward many of the top leadership. I couldn't live like that. I?m either all or nothing with that decision so I just cut the ties. Since leaving I have felt a lot more blessed. And so has my family. We don?t attend a church and I doubt that I will ever be involved in any organized religious group. My wife and I teach our kids at home. This is one of the biggest issues to resolve that I?ve seen and have heard others voice the same concern. I do miss the fellowship of other believers. However, about ten of us ex-twi people get together about once a month and have parties and cookouts. I find many people, co-workers, neighbors, friends, etc. who treat me better and with more love and respect than ?household? believers did. I could never go back to The Way. I refuse to allow myself to be treated the way I have been treated and seen others treated. I don?t understand how someone can support an organization that has never apologized to so many people that they have knowingly hurt. But that?s for you to decide. You need to do what you feel you need to do, but for God?s sake don?t stay because you?re afraid! God is still God even outside of The Way. If anything, I?ve seen how much bigger God?s power and love is since leaving the narrow definition propounded by The Way. God works in the hearts and lives of MANY people! People who are not in The Way and have not even heard about The Way. God is big. He will be there for you. But don?t just stay because of fear! We have friends who just recently made the decision to cut their ties with The Way and they now understand what we?ve been telling them for the past number of months. Things are falling into place for them now faster than ever. The right job came along, the house situation got resolved, they are more blessed. I made the break from TWI in my mind when I finally decided to quit ignoring what my conscience was telling me and think for myself! I figure that The Way had 25 years to make their point and I just wasn?t getting it. I couldn?t reconcile what I saw being taught with how I saw people getting treated. If that?s godliness then I don?t want any part of it. I?ll go to hell before I would treat people like that. I got tired of ?putting things on my spiritual shelf? in hopes that one day I would be spiritual enough to ?understand? the actions of Way International leadership. I read Greasespot and don?t get possessed. (I even listen to Howard Stern on the radio! ) I don?t agree with everything I read here. (Or with what I hear on Howard Stern either!) I think it?s great for people to freely voice their ideas and opinions. I love it. If we truly were taught to be able to ?separate truth from error? then why is everyone to afraid of Greasespot? Just hold fast to that which is good and toss the rest. I am happy now. I can live with myself and I can honestly look God in the face and not be ashamed. I am free and it feels great. Hope you get the answers you are looking for here. [This message was edited by Royal Gorge on October 22, 2002 at 21:10.]
  9. I tried to e-mail you but your hotmail account is out of space. I'd be glad to get in touch if I could. You may email me at rag421@hotmail.com TheHighWay Got your e-mail and will repsond as soon as I can. It was good to hear from you!
  10. How many years were you actively involved with The Way International? If less than 21 years answer the other poll.
  11. How many years were you actively involved with The Way International? If more than 20 years answer the other poll.
  12. ...was spent at HQ too!
  13. Were you in the 16th Corps?
  14. Royal Gorge

    16th Corps

    Any 16th Corps? [This message was edited by Royal Gorge on July 21, 2002 at 17:11.]
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