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  1. Java ... I agree whole-heartedly with your take on TWI and it's manipulation tactics here. Knowing the couple involved, I know for a fact that the wife is 100% whole hog TWI and he's been wavering for some time now. Does that shed a little more light on the situation?
  2. Broke his heart?? WTF....what heart?
  3. PB, I believe this VERY much coming from the mouths of TWI...coming from any other humans on this planet it would be complete insanity...but from TWI...it's completely believable. I'm hoping BIG time that for this man's sake, he sees the truth and walks away from that outfit that has so debilitated so many. : )
  4. OK...the 'ripped' part is scary to me ... only because God knows what I would act like in front of these people. So, I'm for Oenophile's idea... Dinner Parties. Dinner parties with loads of wine and whatever substances happened to join the party. Hank Williams Van Morrison Robert Cray The Director/Producer of the video 'Playing for Change' and all the performers on the video Albert Einstein Nelson Mandela Joni Mitchell Kate Rusby Great Big Sea Mozart John Mayer David Suzuki : )
  5. Newlife, Yes, WE were the ONLY truly blessed ones, WE were the only ones who had the truth, WE were the only ones who could have the 'true' and right dividing of the truth, WE were the reason that the sun shone everyday, WEwere the only Christians who were going to make it into the INNER SACTUM of heaven, WE, WE, WE, WE!!! makes me want to puke. Yes, it was egotistical, and the leader VEEPEE was the #1 egostical man of the cult.
  6. Satori, Don't really know who "you know who you are" is... I'm quite sure it's not me. But all the same, thank you for the music. Alexi is quite amazing.
  7. I haven't read this whole thread...but I must agree with HAM... For John Lynn the acid never wore off. So sad that he never enjoyed a 'real' life but one that was created for him by a drunk and a womanizer.
  8. MStar and DWBH, I'm so very very glad you enjoyed that video. It is so very powerful and yes, MStar when I viewed it with my daughter and husband we were all in tears as well. TED.COM is one of the most innovative and remarkable websites I believe out there. I recently viewed a video by Sir Ken Robinson on education....and ever since, I talk everyone's ear off about it that I come into contact with in the schools where I work. (you can do a search for Ken Robinson on TED.com and the video will pop up). But I must not take the credit here. It was my daughter who came home from university this summer and said to me...Mom, you must watch TED.com...it is the rage at school....Oh how I love the youth!!! Dead, stuck in the mud, self-righteous adults bore me to tears. MStar and DWBH ... thanks for NOT being one of those. You've brought a smile to me face! :D
  9. Wowza!!!I just finished watching the video that M-Star posted for DWBH... I have about a mazillion thoughts going thru' my head and I promise I won't share them all with you here today.I must first say that I completely agree with DWBH's post about music.I recently viewed a film (documentary) called Amandla. This documentary deals with the Apartheid issue in South Africa and how that culture fought that war through song. If you can get a hold of the film, it is worth any music junkie's time to watch.Secondly, I have been viewing videos recently on TED.Com.... I can usually watch about one a month as I find them so moving, motivating and life changing.I recently viewed one on music...and it was something completely extra-ordinary. It's about 20 minutes ... and worth every second. enjoy[email= http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/tod_mac...usic.html"]CLICK HERE[/email]Thank you everyone for making my lazy sunday morning.
  10. I ditto Skyrider's post. Chaz..that was perfection!!!
  11. still not working...sigh... had to sign-in in order to post this :asdf:
  12. Paw. I've searched and searched... cannot find this place at the bottom of the front page (i'm assuming that means HOME PAGE) of this website to 'click' and delete these cookies. hmmm???? where it be? is this the 'front page, home page? http://www.greasespotcafe.com/main2/
  13. had to login to post this grrrr.... lost a whole post just while back .. because when i went to click on the 'add reply' it logged me off and it was gone... into the dark channels of cyberspace...
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