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  1. It is Alvin. I've been watching some of the episodes lately, and it seems like the majority of the story episodes feature Dave Seville as he tries to keep the chipmunks in line. Even the song segments usually center around Dave setting it up. Probably overstating it, as Alvin was clearly the star of the show, but that was just my impression. The inventor is Clyde Crashcup, who's segments were funnier than the chipmunks.
  2. good guess , but not Bullwinkle, though that has been ruined plenty over the years. This starred a trio of characters who are usually more annoying than entertaining. The original cartoon was way better than anything that came after, and as I said, featured a songwriter, and an incompetent inventor as well.
  3. The show has been redone, and altered so much that it's difficult to recall that this was a very witty,original cartoon in it's first go around. Kids today only know them in their cgi persona.
  4. In it's original format, this cartoon was more about the beleaguered songwriter, than the star of the show. It also featured the world's worst inventor.
  5. I forgot that it was my turn, I also don't have a show. If anyone has something before I can think of one feel free to jump in.
  6. Gigantor, Astro Boy, and no idea of the 3rd
  7. sorry MRAP-I know nothing more than what I said. I'll assume you live outside the US if state initials are that much of a mystery.
  8. Cathy married Steve Strzepek many years ago. They ran CT for a long time, and may have moved back there. As far as I know, she's is very happy and well these days.
  9. it wasn't like Thunderbirds-it was Thunderbirds.
  10. they are characters who are brothers on the show. last name is Tracy. Each one has a special vehicle that defines them.
  11. Scott,Virgil,Alan,Gordon,John
  12. I never watched it, but it sounds like Black Sheep Squadron which somehow became Baa Baa Black Sheep
  13. ok new one Peggy Bundy leaves home and turns to the dark side.
  14. seems like 'the Walking Dead', fits the criteria of this riddle.
  15. Gotta be a soap opera. I'll say Days of our Lives because they still constantly advertise it in my area.
  16. I never saw a minute of any of those shows. When I was 20 I would have been watching all of them. I have no idea what it all means.
  17. I know Enterprise lasted 4 seasons-I meant it didn't get good until the last one. I'm hoping the one with the chemicals spilling on the guy to give him powers isn't the Flash.
  18. I'm officially out of the loop. None of these ring a bell. The last one about the astronauts going back in time to save earth reminds me of a story arc in that Star Trek series- Enterprise ?- that lasted a season. I remember becoming interested that year, where I was bored before.
  19. In 1979, I somehow wound up running the state of CT bookstore for a year. I was required to not only run a table at every large event, but anytime someone in the state thought it would be nice to have the bookstore at their event. I was working a weird job at a doorknob factory by day,and always on call at night. It took 40 minutes to drive to HQ,then load up the car,drive wherever in CT they wanted me,do the event,drive back to HQ,re stock it all perfectly,do the finances,then drive home to get a few hours sleep before going to work. This was the years Joyful Noise was doing Take a Stand caravan,and of course I'd be selling the album.state leader Steve Str&$!pek gave me some orders as I set up. Apparently Vince F&nn&gan had other ideas,and thought I was disobeying him. He came by the table,yelled something I didn't understand at me, and glared like he really wanted to punch me in the face. Of course I was wrong for causing problems for Vince and was in a no win situation. Not long after,I left work in a rainstorm to go to limb ,load up and go to far side of CT,for a class table. I was met at the door by an irate limb leader's wife who screamed at me for 10 minutes.i didn't know what I was getting yelled at for, it wasn't specific at all. That really set the night of driving in the rain,and getting hom at 1 am. That August they asked me to do it for another year. It may be the only time I said no in 10 years.
  20. I can think of about 20 without reaching, but here's one that stunned me- our Way home group changed plans at the last minute to babysit the branch leaders kid. This was in our own home. We shifted gears, made dinner, had an entire 6 pack of beer split between 7 people, and we found an old Hitchcock movie on TV after the kids were sound asleep. They get back, hit the roof for drinking and watching TV without his permission. He had a bottle of wine and said almost quote:" I picked up some wine to toast the class we just finished, and was going to celebrate with watching TV with you, but you ruined it all ". Suddenly drinking a beer and watching tv was against the law-from a guy who about once a month went out and got sh#t-faced to relieve his personal pressure. He went around the room demanding an apology, but I didn't know what I was to apologize for and said nothing. He also told me to move out soon after. And gave me 3 DAYS to find a place to live and get out. I was happy to move, though I felt like dirt for all these crimes I had committed.
  21. I used to fall asleep to his teachings during meetings sometimes-not trying to make a snide comment, but I did.
  22. This is certainly an obscure show, but I remember it because of the interesting combination playing the leads. I also googled the title which I couldn't remember so I can't say it.
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