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  1. George-Reagan hosted Death Valley Days for a couple years, but they also had some old,old man host it before or after Ronnie. No idea how many seasons it lasted.I also don't know the new show that repeated the Newhart joke.
  2. it is Death Valley Days-Reagan introduced stories, and the 20 mule team Borax sponsor was more memorable than most of the stories
  3. great clue Rottie-of course it's the Gong Show. since I know I'm right- I may get charged with going too old again-but this show was brought to you by a former President, and 20 mule team Borax.
  4. it was Combat-on Tuesdays before McHales Navy on ABC.I don't have a fresh show handy at the moment, and off for the day. anyone may jump in.
  5. yes, George-Ann Sothern was reincarnated as a 1928 Porter. Of course she doesn't talk to anyone but Jerry Van Dyke, and his wife thinks he's gone nuts keeping the piece of junk. And Avery Schreiber-of Burns and Shreiber with the big moustache-plays a car collector who will do anything to get the car-and there's the whole show your turn
  6. speaking of Van Dyke-this show starred his brother, and Ann Sothern's voice. It was only a season, but hardly obscure-in fact it's infamous.
  7. the Dick Van Dyke show-kind of fun to sing the words
  8. I'm not clear what your point is then. I don't think I'm much older than anyone here. I thought the whole point of this game was to stir memories ,and realize-'oh yeah-I do remember that show !' I'm not trying to make it too hard. If I need to limit 60's TV to Bonanza and the Lucy Show, then I'm not interested. I admit I'm an old crank, but so called obscure shows from the 60's resonate more with me than most everything aired on network TV in the last 30 years. Those shows are REALLY hard to guess.
  9. if a prime time series starring Chuck Connors , is considered too obscure to be included, then I probably shouldn't be involved with this game. It's only obscure if you don't know the answer. I watched the dang show every week.
  10. since I may not be tuning in for a day or so, and this seems to be going nowhere, I'm gonna reveal the answer. The show was 'Arrest and Trial'. The first half would be the arrest, starring Ben Gazzera as a cop, and the second half was the trial, with Chuck Connors as the lawyer. I might have reversed the actors roles, but they didn't ask my opinion.
  11. you're kind of on the right track with 'Law and Order', George-I suspect when you either think of it or find out, you'll remember since you were watching TV regularly at the time. It was on Sunday night I think-which may be one reason it didn't last, going up against Ed Sullivan or Bonanza and not David Jannsen-maybe I should save the answer to the run for your life thing for a future challenge
  12. Between being a rifleman,and being branded as a coward-and before he was running for his life-these 2 guys starred in a series that featured one in the first half, and the other in the second.
  13. it took 'what is this man doing here ?' to convince me that Hogan's Heroes is the show.
  14. I still don't understand how, why, a guy I knew very well back in the day has followed Barnard to Washington, and if reports are correct, long ago 'gave' his daughter over to him. It also seems that there's as good a possibility that Barnard is holed up at this guy's house as anyones, which would make for an interesting news day.
  15. there was Dukes of Hazzard which I think spun off Enos, or whatever his name was, but I can't think of a third, unless they changed the name od the Duke show at some point.
  16. I don't recall all the details-what I do remember is Bobby Sherman's character -Jeremy?- felt unworthy to be in love with the girl who's name I forget. She told him it didn't matter,but he found some combo of self esteem psycho something-and I think a speech instructor to 'cure' him. He then became all full of himself , hitting on all the 'brides', causing his girlfriend to dump him. I do recall an emotional scene in a rainstorm-he and the girl are caught in a bad storm, and she finds his stutter has returned after she dumped him. He became humble again, they got back together, and the stutter was a thing of the past, as his photo hit the covers of all the teen mags. Haven't seen the episode since it first aired-that's the best I can do.
  17. an interesting fact-Bobby Sherman's character had a severe stutter in the early episodes of Here Come the Brides. When he quickly became the latest teen heart throb, they had to remedy that, and built an entire episode out of him losing his stutter.
  18. Rowlph wasn't the first Muppet, but he was the first famous one. The Muppets had been around for some time. Henson had a popular local show, and did lots of commercials with them before Rowlph. I'm pretty sure I can get your next clue but am too busy to think right now.
  19. he wasn't the star, but as far as I was concerned, it was the Rowlph show. The real star could keep on selling sausage as far as I cared.
  20. that was the magic clue-Bill Cosby. The show I liked was when he was the gym teacher. The Fat Albert cartoon was better than most at the time. Somehow I found his big show boring. liked I Spy too-if only for the dynamics between Cosby and Culp
  21. ok,there's a clue that has me thinking again.
  22. I can't overestimate how out of touch with TV I was in the 80's and 90's. This one is lost on me.
  23. this is a good question-I'm blanking on the answer, but I'm working on it without resorting to google -gotta figure anything that lasts 8 seasons I have to at least know about.
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