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  1. Bea Benederet played the mother of Jethro Bodine (and his sister Jethrine-Max Baer in drag) in the first season of BH. She was such a major character that they moved her out to Beverly Hills and she was even grouped with the family waving bye at the end of the show.
  2. right on Sam Drucker. I know you'll know the woman. She played one character on the earliest show, then starred as another in a later show, then passed away while it was still in production.
  3. Paul Henning had 3 comedy series in the 60's that were all successful. They also existed in the same world, and it became common to have a character from one show appear in another. The quiz question concerns two characters. The first was a woman who was a regular in two of the shows , but played 2 different characters. the other was a character who seemed to be the common link between the 3 shows, and ran a popular local business. if the questions seem vague, it's because I'm writing on the run.
  4. George,I remember the show, but not the title. It was mid 80's wasn't it ? I think it was on USA or one of those cable channels. I think the title was a wrestling term but it escapes me.
  5. Lee Meriweather was the attraction for me, though she rarely got out behind the console and lab coat. She was used better on this later show where she teamed with Jed Clampett.
  6. I'm struggling to come up with a new show, feel free to take my place if I can't.
  7. "The Time Tunnel' a show I always wanted to be better than it was. I later learned that Irwin Allen didn't want strong interesting characters, or sophisticated looks through time. "This is a run and jump show" , which pretty much explains the problem with most Irwin Allen shows.
  8. most of the faithful people in the areas I lived in were just getting by on bad paying, ever changing, low level type jobs. When someone needed to get their sponsorship together, they'd work her way through these people who could barely keep their own life intact. For years I was one of those people-it's another topic why I wasn't getting my life and career in gear-but I was doing the every night commitment, and being told to be thankful for my crummy day job because all work is honorable. Apparently missing a session of pfal which I'd heard 25 times, to devote some night work to myself was not honorable. Anyway, these poor apprentice corps would hit everyone up-literally nickel and diming it. Early on I caved under forceful personalities, and did my best to send 10 bucks here and there. I finally raised my standards. If someone I hardly knew, or I really had nothing to do with asked me, I learned to say no. If it was someone who I felt genuinely had blessed my life, and I had a genuine relationship with, I was happy to support. That didn't happen very often. It never bothered me if they didn't make it through. I couldn't see how anyone ever did. To me, it was turning your entire life over ,and I knew I wouldn't have lasted a month.
  9. there are really no other clues. I didn't think a Sally Field show would be that obscure, but I guess I did it again. the show was 'The Girl With Something Extra', Sally is married to John Davidson and has some kind of supernatural power, but it's nothing like Bewitched. I couldn't say or tell just what the power was-it was real murky, which may be a reason the show bombed.Some one else go so I don't derail the game again.
  10. this was after Gidget and the Flying Nun-she was married to John Davidson on the show-who had good hair if nothing else.
  11. after playing a flying nun, the actress again starred in a show where she has special powers-it just was never clear to me what they were.
  12. the Adventures of Superman- for the most part-the good episodes were in the first 2 black and white seasons
  13. right,Wordwolf- Tom Bosley and Tracey Nelson play a Priest and a Nun solving crimes-why I have no idea.
  14. Richie Cunningham's father and Ricky Nelson's daughter team up to solve things, though they should really be attending to their regular work in my opinion.
  15. there were interesting shows in the 80's ? just kidding-I'll come up with something.
  16. I'm afraid to say Trapper John MD, since I'll have to come up with a new one if I'm right.
  17. The name of the show was 'Grindl', which was the name of the Imogene Coca character. One of those either remember it or you don't. It certainly never darkened anyones TV set in reruns after being cancelled. I shall try to go more mainstream in the future.
  18. I think I went too obscure again. I'll give it a while longer, then just say it. These shows just float somewhere in the fog of my memory anyway. Guess it's my personal fog.
  19. Imogene Coca, from Sid Caeser's 'Show of Shows'-which was even before my time, plays a temp worker with the strangest name I've ever heard-it was also the name of this one season wonder.
  20. has to be Bachelor Father. I'll guess that Linda played a friend of Noreen Corcoran, Kelly, as she'd have been too young for John Forsythe then. Noreen was also Kevin Corcoran's sister-who was Moochie and a hundred other kids in Disney films.
  21. good one human ! I'm disqualified because my curiosity got the better of me and I did research-but now I wish I had spent more time deducting in my head. you just raised the bar in this game.
  22. there's really no other clue to give-'m going to assume I stumped the panel, and reveal it as 'Guestward Ho' and anyone can post next.
  23. ok another oddball one season wonder from the mid 60's. a family opens a broken down dude ranch in new mexico-I can't recall the parents, but I remember an annoying kid named Flip Mark, and an out of context Indian played by J Carroll Nash-who doesn't sound native american to me. I mainly tuned in cause I liked the catchy theme song-not an unusual reason back then.
  24. that's so easy I don't want to answer -I'll have to come up with a new one. ok-it's of course Batman-but it may take a day before I come up with a new one
  25. if it's current I don't know it. cartoon from the 90's ? you thinking of Animaniacs, which sometimes featured backstage stuff and was very tv self aware.
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