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  1. I agree they should have,maybe seemed longer by constant reruns. Both series were tried again, sometimes with the same actors, but you can't go home again and they never worked (at least for me).

    new show- The city this takes place in is .mentioned in the pfal class. It also starred a group of actors that seemed to not do much afterwards, though very popular at the time. It also concerned radio which just gave it away.

  2. Little House on the Prairie. Mary wasn't so lucky as to get her sight back,. I never read the books but I'm assuming her blindness may have one of the few things that actually happened.

    Since I know that's the answer, I'll throw out a new one. This was a late night soap opera, which was a spoof on soap operas. The star was just as dysfunctional in real life as the character she played.

  3. this may be slightly off topic, but I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I never went in the Corps, despite being a Twig Leader, class instructor, way home 'head',wow vet, etc-the pressure was there, but I couldn't stand the thought of being told where to be 24 hours a day-and the thought of sleeping in a room with several people, and having to keep everything perfectly organized terrified me.

    What I've been wondering is-what happened when someone got sick while in residence. I'm sure the pressure to suck it up, believe, and just soldier on was huge-but what happened when someone was really, knock down, flu bug, puking, fever sick ? Was there even a 'third aid' office? Were sick people shown any compassion at all ? Sure, most everyone was young and healthy, but even the strongest go down once in a while-especially when you're constantly pushed, and barely getting enough sleep. I'm assuming anyone with a chronic disease, needing to take medication would not last long. I guess I've been thinking in light of the Crohns disease I contracted right around the time I left the way, and thankful I never had to put that to the test.

    I also wonder about simple humanity in residence. I will forever regret that I didn't cross the country for my grandmother's funeral while I was out wow. I got crap from the coordinator about leaving my commitment, and I should have just gone. Were way corps even remotely treated like real people with real lives outside the compound ?

  4. the second one was a bonus anyway, so I'll reveal that it was Space Angel, made by the same studio, with the same lips thing as Clutch Cargo. They weren't sold as shows, but they were syndicated and usually included in TV stations local shows. I saw Clutch Cargo on Mr Goober in Connecticut, and Space Angel was run on a New York station in the afternoon, but don't recall who hosted it.

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