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  1. Copy received! Thanks for the help, y'all.
  2. AMAZING! Looking forward to working out payment/shipment. Thanks Nova!
  3. Ah yes, Twinky, the ash heap of history. I think thats where mine landed too. Lots of folks buying TWI stuff up on Ebay at the time, but seemed like they might be using it for nefarious purposes so I think virtually everything went into the wood stove or the trash. Had no idea I'd ever want to see any of it again, but here I am.
  4. A good analysis WordWolf. I for one was one of those that dumped twi stuff and encouraged friends and family to do the same. But now I'd really like to find a copy somewhere out there. I'm hoping that either: A) there's an archivist-true-at-heart that had the foresight to store and catalog all material for scholarly pursuit at a later date (just to be clear, by scholarly I mean the study of cults generally not religious study of the faithful) or B) someone never got around to offloading everything despite their best intentions and there's still a tape buried in a storage locker that they wouldn't mind digging up and mailing my way for $100. Does anybody know of any effort to collect LCM material in opposition to TWI's attempts to erase that history?
  5. I'm looking for a full-length copy of Athletes of the Spirit (VHS, digital, whatever) and am willing to purchase it from anyone willing to sell. Please PM me if you have one, or post here with suggestions of where I might find one. Thanks.
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