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My first PFAL was 1980 and I went up through Advanced Class.  I helped run PFAL and other classes during and after my WOW year from 1987-1988 in Washington DC.  I am still looking for my brother Steve Little and my sister Lynn Haberbush.  I have found Chris Pond.  As for my second family (we split in the middle of the year because Steve went with John Lynn), I know where Danny Groves is but not Kevin Soscinavage, Lisa Bell or Karen (I have since forgotten her last name).  I was ready to go into Way College the year it was disbanded. I was "the one" person announced in a meeting that had all their money ready to go as LCM blasted the Corps before the Rock that year.  I served at the Limb level until the fallouts began to happen. I was a Corps spouse which was one of the worst experiences I had because I was pushed into both the marriage and Corps while I was very ill by meddling TWI leadership. Love left TWI for a while and a genuine cold war began that split the old version of TWI with the new one that was coming in secretely. 

After I left someone suggested I read Animal Farm by George Orwell.  That was when my eyes began to fully open. I recommend that book highly to anyone who was there during the transition. My eyes are still opening (even after all these years) as I learn new things, but one thing I have learned above all is God was right. He was always right. Consider: Jeremiah 17:5 - Thus saith the LORD; Cursed [be] the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.  We departed God, not TWI, because we walk only for ourselves. We trusted man and that gave them an unnatural strength.  The strongest ones left.  Consider that for a moment. The real healing begins when we remove from our minds the bad things that happened there, examine them, then give yourself permission to keep the good parts (because there was good or you would not  have been there) and toss the bad parts and keep going wherever else God leads us.  Our walk is not complete yet.  We still have so far to go!  Don't be anchored back because you made the mistake of trusting man too much.  Own it and don't blame TWI for being a flesh and blood ministry.  They can be whatever they want to be, you have chosen a new path.  Move forward because you learned from it and are better for it.

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