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  1. Thanks Raf. I don't think there was any known animosity between you and I, just a rather strong disagreement. :)
  2. Hi Raf! Well, first off, I'm back after a rather long absence. Thank you for your candor and honesty about confessing to becoming an atheist. While I do believe in the existance of the higher power, commonly called "God", I do not believe God is a person that either needs or demands worship, as if he were an egomaniac (I do understand the personification of God however). I would fall to about #3 on your scale between 1 and 7 (Basically a deist). However, while I do believe in an afterlife, I don't know exactly what it's going to be like. As many of you know, I have embraced Christian Universalism for over 10 years now (That is the belief that everyone will be reconciled to God someday). Currently, I'm considering, that even if there is a higher dimension in the afterlife, there will be no post-mortem judgment of any kind (If I may quote scripture here, it says that "He who is dead is free from sin" [Romans 6:7].) That being said, why would there be a need for such a judgment if we have in fact been freed from sin? The only other possibility is that we return to earth with a new and different identity (known as "reincarnation"). I was asked by my pastor last year what I expect when I die. I repsonded that I don't know, since I do believe that my human mind will cease upon my death. My human mind cannot fathom what a spiritual mind is like. Raf, I know that when you were a Christian, we had our differences on what a Christian is. Of course we have dialogued quite often at Facebook and have had some of the best conversations ever. Oh yes, and when I do see you in Heaven there WON'T be any 'splaining to do! Not from you, not from me, nor anyone else! :)
  3. Actually Geisha, the etymology of the word "evil" is an rather interesting one, and originally was not synonymous with "malice" like it is today. The word "evil" comes from the German word "├╝bel", which meant merely "uppity" or "conceited". In other words, an "evil person" in its original meaning meant someone who is "stuck up". It's amazing how words can change their meanings over a long period of time. Case in point are words like "gay" and "queer". Originally, neither of those words had the homosexual connotations that they have today. "Gay" originally mean "happy" or "cheerful", while "queer" meant "peculiar" or "odd" or even "eccentric". BTW, if God didn't create moral evil, then in all reality, moral evil doesn't even exist, because nothing exists unless God created it, and we all know only God alone can create. ;) Chuck
  4. Roy, I think Adam's "fall" was something God had planned. I believe we are flawed by design. Could God create us without flaws? Absolutely, of course. However, if we were created without flaws, then we would not need God, and God therefore would have no opportunity to bless anyone. God wants to bless people, so naturally God would need those people to have flaws, that they would in turn need God. Furthermore, we ourselves would be bored sick if we were created flawless. Is there anything really exciting in a perfect world? Without a chaotic one to contrast it, we wouldn't really appreciate it. I guess we really don't appreciate anything until we lose it, and realize how miserable we are without it. I don't buy into this "Plan B" theory. God did not have a "Plan B", or any other backup plan. He always has, and always will work on Plan A. :) Chuck
  5. Well, it is also written however that God did in fact create evil and darkness: Isa 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. As far as one having free-will, you might want to read Romans, Chapter 9. It points out that God is the absolute sovereign, so our so called "free-will" is really a fallacy. Besides, even if we did have free-will, it wouldn't be powerful enough to undermine God and HIS will. ;) We may think we have some sort of free-will, but we are really doing God's will the whole time. We are definitely a slave to somebody. I'll take a cue from the Apostle Paul and say that I'm a slave to The Lord Jesus Christ. Geisha, I take the viewpoint that our service to God is in fact obligatory (like I said, we are a slave to somebody), not so much that, but moreso it's not even our own work, but God who works through us to do HIS will. That is why Jesus could proclaim "I always do my Father's will". Chuck
  6. Roy, For those who believe both the Lucifer story as well as the Adam and Eve one as factual, a question is begged: Who committed the "original sin"? Tradition says it's Adam and Eve, but Lucifer, according to the same tradition, sinned before Adam and Eve. Furthermore, who tempted Lucifer? Before his so called "fall" as an angel, there was no such a thing as sin. And sin and evil cannot exist unless God had created it in the first place. Just a little food for thought. Could it be that Adam's fall was the rebellion of Lucifer? :) Chuck
  7. Roy, I can't really argue on that one. If we are our own worst enemy, then I would agree that Satan is really our own selfish natured little selves. Like you said, our flesh. I no longer beleive that "Lucifer" is now Satan, as if Satan was once a good angel gone bad. Jesus himself said of Satan that he was a liar and a murderer from the very beginning, so he was NEVER good at any time, not even under an alter ego. Chuck
  8. Actually, Satan is a creation of God with a purpose. In the Book of Job, Satan's job was to test Job for the purity of his faith. God designed Satan to be evil. Tradition does teach that Satan is the former archangel Lucifer. However, that begs the following question: How can the Prince of Darkness be the Bearer of Light? That would be clearly a contradiction of terms. In modern society, our government has a satanic nature. I'm talking about the legal, and particularly the criminal justice system. The apostle Paul told the Corinthians to "Turn that evil doer over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh....THAT HIS SPIRIT MAY BE SAVED!" That's a strange reason to consign someone to Satan if you buy into the traditional story. Furthermore, if Satan is truly God's archenemy as tradition teaches, why would God take that which is precious and sacred to him, and turn him over to his archenemy? That sounds like betrayal if you ask me, and God doesn't betray anyone! Does God love Satan? I would have to say "yes". However when God is finished with Satan, he will be destroyed. Whether the destroyed Satan will be recreated into a good being remains to be seen. What's a vessel of honor today could be a vessel of dishonor tomorrow, and what's a vessel of dishonor today can be transformed into a vessel of honor. God is powerful enough to do this. Chuck
  9. LMAO!!!!! I do realize some people may not appreciate the humor intended, but taken the dialogue in that comic, I just had to laugh. Chuck
  10. Ron, That impostor tried to contact me Friday night with the same line. I'm happy to hear that you're really OK and safe. I was a bit skeptical anyway and I don't usually loan money out, especially with me be unemployed at the moment. Check your PMs Chuck
  11. I've actually updated the animation to include a working railroad crossing signal. I've posted it over at YouTube. Click on the link to view it. Chuck :)
  12. I've been working on and off on some animated artwork over the last couple of months. I'm really into trains, and have been since childhood. The following animation was made using nothing but freeware. Click on the link below. CLICK HERE TO VIEW Chuck :)
  13. I tend to think she sounds paranoid myself. I agree with everyone else. Her and Tom should be big enough to apologize for any harm they may have caused. Why heck, when Barb was known as Barb Gray, she worked under J.L., who himself was big enough to apologize and ask for forgiveness. She should have taken a cue from him. Who knows? I might even be big enough to forgive her myself since I was twice under her leadership. Chuck
  14. The current episode of The Chuck Knapp Show has been uploaded on 6/19/07 Click on the link for streaming video. Make sure your Windows Media Player is the default player for "wmv" files to play the streaming video. Enjoy! :) CLICK FOR LATEST EPISODE
  15. likeaneagle, make sure your Windows Media Player is the default player to play WMV files. Otherwise, any other default player will ask you to download it to your hard drive first. Chuck :)
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