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  1. Hi Friend,

    Have you seen my new avatar?

    Now you can call me baby if you want.?

  2. george, how is it condescending to point out the obvious?!? which is that i KNOW my Lord and Savior and people who have NOT accepted Him as Lord and Savior do NOT know Him... why does this seem to be such a controversial statement? i'm not stopping anyone from 'knowing' Him... people choose to not know Him by not accepting Him as Lord... so why do people rebuke me when it is within their own power to know or not know Him... bramble, i think that you are p-r-o-j-e-c-t-i-n-g... "my stand" is wayspeak... i never use those terms and i never think in those terms! i don't care what you say about "me"... it's NOT about "me"... and it has never been about "me"... i didn't die for you... Jesus did! i'm not perfect, and i've never claimed to be... but if you want to know someone who is perfect, seek Jesus! Jesus is the one that you need to notice, not "me"... and IF you look for Him, you will find Him... but that is your choice... peace, jen-o
  3. hi geisha! nice to meet you! let me explain myself a little... i did not see an honest question... i saw a wisecrack about Jesus... and i think i was right in my assessment as evidenced by the follow up post which contained more criticism directed at Jesus... quite frankly, it p-$$es me off to see people denegrate someone who i know and love... (MY Lord and MY Savior) and then someone who is admittedly pagan has the nerve to rebuke me for stating the obvious which is that i KNOW my Lord and my Savior and people who have not accepted Him as Lord and Savior do NOT know Him (i mean, duh!) i don't presume to "know" the gods they worship, and yet, they think that MY Lord is 'fair game' for them to criticize and mock... (and yes, i have seen this done here at the greasespot... it is the ONE thing that i will become emotionally angry about... for the most part, i realize that this is just a message board and i do not become emotionally entangled in it... but when i see people mock MY Lord, it p-$$es me off) hope that explains a bit... peace to you, jen-o
  4. oldies, that's quite a bit of doublespeak there...but i don't see how you can talk your way around this... the text is clear! Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. (kjv) vpw made the Word of God void by his teachings (his twisted interpretation of the bible)... let me expand a little: thus has vpw made the commandment of God [the Word] of none effect [akuroo=void, invalid, not binding, without authority] by his tradition [paradosis=instruction (both orally and written), precepts, the substance of a teaching] thus has vpw made the Word of God void by his teaching... oldies, if you cling to the teachings of vpw (aka the traditions of vpw), then you do not have the Word of God (for the Word has been made void and invalid by vpw's "precepts") that is the distinction! vpw substituted his own precepts/teachings for the Word of Truth! take your pick, vpw's teachings OR the Word of Truth (they are NOT the same thing) thank you t-bone for bringing this verse to light... peace, jen-o
  5. rascal, what a very kind, compassionate, and loving thing to do! God Bless You! jen-o
  6. caveman, have a wonderful weekend, my friend! i look forward to chatting with you more when you get back on tuesday... peace, jen-o
  7. mstar, i think he's offended because you compared his beliefs to christianity... but hey, i'm a christian and i LOVE string theory! peace, jen-o
  8. cman, you "passed" a long time ago... and nothing i say here is gonna change that... so you think that "danny" is questioning the authority of the book of mark (and i'm suppose to see that, too, if i "knew" danny a little better... seems to me that dan waltzed onto this thread with a wisecrack about Jesus that was totally unrelated to the topic of the "law of believing"... seems to me that "danny" is questioning whether Jesus is "all that he's cracked up to be"... [btw, that question in itself is an admission that he doesn't "know" Jesus... otherwise, he wouldn't need to wonder about that] later, dan makes another wisecrack that UNFORTUNATELY he thinks he knows Jesus all too well... and then he futher compares Jesus to the loathsome false teacher/false prophet CULT LEADERS that he has had experience with... this is the SAME thing as someone coming onto this thread and (out of the blue) saying: hey jen-o, i wonder if your father (or brother) is all that he's cracked up to be... UNFORTUNATELY i think i know your father all too well; i read about him in a book, and he's like those SICK CULT LEADERS i once knew... and i'm suppose to say nothing?!? even if i make a rather MILD comment that this person does NOT know my family member, other people think they should rebuke me for speaking up... and appear to be offended by my words, while calling me exclusive, judgemental, and unloving... i think it IS love to speak up when someone trashes a beloved family member... and i think i exercized GREAT RESTRAINT in not telling you all what i really think! cman, you prattle on, speaking in vague platitudes that masquerade as some great esoteric wisdom (as in "to know is to love"), but Jesus is a PERSON... and i KNOW that person... and i LOVE that person... you don't like MY tone of voice, yet you obviously see nothing wrong with the "tone" of voice used by those who sarcastically denigrate one of my loved ones OR those who rebuke me for speaking up about that... well frankly, that's just too damn bad... peace, jen-o
  9. this stuff about God "calling" people to twi is NONSENSE... God NEVER calls anyone to an organization! God calls people to the Body of Christ... and the longer i'm around, the more i realize that the majority of folks in twi were NOT born again... without Jesus, twi was an organization of empty rituals and man-made doctrine...
  10. oakspear, i guess you didn't like something i said... well...that's just too damn bad! if i KNOW someone intimately, and someone else comes along making wisecracks and badmouthing the person i KNOW (in ths case, Jesus), then i'm gonna speak up about it... you don't like me using the example of my kids?... well, let's take any person on the planet (X), and let's say that i KNOW "X" intimately, and another person "Y" comes along and says things about "X"... you don't think i'm gonna know whether "Y" really knows "X" or not?... of course i will know... i (along with anyone else who knows "X") can tell by the things "Y" says whether he really knows "X" or not... i didn't make any "standards"... i didn't claim any "exclusivity"... i was merely perceptive enough to know that the person making wisecracks and badmouthing the person i KNOW (Jesus), that person making those remarks does NOT know the same person that i KNOW... and if you don't like that, that's just too damn bad! but peace anyway, jen-o p.s. correct me if i'm wrong, but i think you said you were a pagan... so how can you be so presumptuous as to rebuke me for talking about someone who is in MY FAMILY?!? i don't presume to know anything about your pagan relationships... so why do you think you have a right to rebuke me for talking about my christian relationships?? you think my family members are 'fair game' for the rest of the world to make wisecracks about?
  11. seth, you find it easier to believe that there are highly advanced other dimensional aliens rather than that there is a Creator God?? hey seth, you know what we christians call those "highly advanced other dimensional aliens"? we call them "spirits"! :~) peace, jen-o
  12. caveman, you say that like there is some sort of contradiction between these 2 things? yes, i know of familiar spirits & i am convinced that the "revivals" mentioned are counterfeit... in fact, spirits are heavily involved in the counterfeit "revivals"... i see no contradiction here... please clarify... peace, jen-o
  13. really?!? you THINK that you KNOW Jesus because of your experiences in a CULT?? and you think that Jesus is similar to the CULT leaders you have experienced?? this doesn't even make sense.. especially because the CULT of twi NEVER knew Jesus at all! so i'd like to know where you met Him (Jesus)... since you definitely were NOT introduced to Him in a cult, via cult leaders... i DO know Jesus, and it is CLEAR to me that you do NOT... it would be the same thing if you said that you knew one of my kids, and i know my kids very well, so i would be able to tell (by what you said about them) whether or not you knew them at all... the Jesus i know, you clearly have never met! peace, jen-o
  14. caveman, i think your premise is flawed... the "something" that is wrong is that we are born with sin nature into a fallen world... if healing happened 100% of the time, then no one would ever physically die... of course, Jesus has solved this problem by coming into the world, living a sinless life, and offering Himself as the perfect sacrifice in order to redeem us to God... we are so VERY close to the time of the fulfillment of the redemption of the purchased possession... so look up, for your redemption draws nigh!... the Kinsman Redeemer will be here soon! peace, jen-o
  15. invisible dan, obviously, you don't know Him...
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