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Oswego, NY - early 80's - Mandeville, Taylor...

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Well, I generally ask about every other year or so, so here we go. I'm still looking for some folks who lived and fellowshipped in Oswego in the early 80s.

I know where some are:

Bonnie Karcher (Nyman)

Brad Dunlap

Joan Theobald (Lyons)

Steve Liguori

Michael Bonanza

But I still can't find some:

Diane Mandeville - Corps

David Taylor - Corps

Debbi Stempel (Willse)

Steve Emert

4 WOWs - One was Beth Something - she was Corps

And anyone else whose name I can't remember. (It sucks getting old!)

Many thanks!


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I've been out for 7 years, so no current info, but...Diane Mandeville was in Hawaii in the late 80's to early 90's, first on Maui and then on Oahu. After that she spent quite a few years at HQ, and last I heard, which was several years or more ago, she was still "in" and was in San Diego, CA area.

She was one of the first people I knew in the ministry, and one of the few I still think of from time to time :dance:

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