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  1. Someone in our fellowship always started their SIT with Loshanta Malacasita etc, etc...it sounded the same every single time, no matter what the interpretation was...It's making my skin crawl thinking about it now.
  2. SIT may or may not have been made up. I still find myself speaking in tongues from time to time...but I honestly don't have a clue if there's anything spiritual about it. I do think it's possibly just a creative aspect of my brain playing with sounds and words. I used to make up languages and speak them as a child...I wasn't "born again" then....was I speaking in tongues anyhow? Was I just making up languages because I liked the way it sounded and it was fun? Who knows? I always had a problem with the excellor sessions though...how could you increase your fluency in a language unknown to you by deliberately making alphabetical sounds...when you didn't even know the alphabet of your "tongue" to begin with? If it really was an inspired language to speak the "wonderful works of God" wouldn't forcing different sounds and words be counter-productive to the process? But I digress...The point I wanted to make was that while SIT may or may not be "made up"...in my experience and apparently that of many other posters here over the years...The interpretation and prophecy of SIT was quite often made up. Usually it was a regurgitation of whatever the current teaching and buzz words of the day were. I ALWAYS pre-thought something to say if called on...and I was praised for having such a long suit in interpretation and prophecy. Just my opinion, but I think interpretation and prophecy were usually made up.
  3. The name of the song is actually Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression Part 2) ~ the title is a play on the word "carnival"...and you're right, it's from Brain Salad Surgery.
  4. No Sugar Tonight by The Guess Who Here's one, not too obscure I hope: Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
  5. Hmmm...Depravation = Moral Corruption Deprivation = Loss While twi certainly could have used some rules to offset "depravation", unfortunately the leaders were too busy practicing it...or as excathedra said "maybe the one-eyed monster should have been put to bed before midnight, eh ?" I know it was just a spelling goof...but just look what happens when you change a letter ~ lol
  6. I'm going to answer this one and try something else...it's no fun if nobody gets it. Just 'cause my husband sings it doesn't mean anyone else does ~ sorry! It's Heat of The Night by Bryan Adams. How about this? He came from somewhere back in her long ago
  7. Excellent analogy! In our fellowship many people would not even laugh until they looked to see how our fearless leader (who happened to be the Limb coordinator also) was responding. There would be this awkward pause while all eyes turned toward him...if he cracked a smile, then the rest of the group would laugh. Amazing how we willingly joined the loony bin, and paid dearly for the privilege of being "committed" :wacko:
  8. Is this one too hard? i thought it was popular, but maybe it's just familiar to me because my husband is always singing it... Here's the next line: Where one man's nightmare is another man's dream
  9. How about this one: I was caught in the crossfire of a silent scream
  10. Thanks for the update. I would like to know when you get the site up and running again.
  11. I'm interested to check out your artwork, but the link won't go through. The page can't be displayed.
  12. I agree...there's no curriculum, not an inkling of what to expect...you shouldn't have to email for details in order to find out what it is that you are asking for details about. And then there's this little gem from the home page of the website: "If you are unable to do things that are outside of your comfort zone, then this is not for you." :blink: :( WTF??? Sounds like a major red flag to me...
  13. How about this one: "After all the jacks are in their boxes"
  14. Plenty of "herbs" in my 70's experience "In The Court Of The Crimson King" by King Crimson
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