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I've been thinking.........

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I still have the idea and will also put out an invitation for this year if anyone here is interested. Our bar is having our second annual customer appreciation day. We are serving roasted pig and other food and having a street dance. We are expected to have maybe over 200 people. It is august 16th. If you would like to come over on august 15th and camp in our yard any of you are more than welcome. We can have a campfire friday night and talk and meet each other. Then on saturday have our feast and fun at the bar. There will be no cost for the weekend except for your own food and entrance to the appreciation day will be five dollars at the door. Hopefully, everyone that wants to come will and will know that this is not a day to push what they believe but just to have a good time in getting to know each other. If your interested in coming please let me know either through here or private message. Thanks.

Ok!! I will not try to be a nice person...ok? I will not!!

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