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      David degrandchamp stayed at my parents house in mooorehead Minnesota for a while when he was wow email me at steuber_choi@yahoo.com

  2. Happy birthday, Vickles!

  3. I'm deeply hurt that you would think I called greasespot a cult. And actually I was standing up for you guys in a way saying everyone is going to complain so don't worry about it. If you remember how TWI was always whining to leadership being told on etc. Thanks for letting me know how you feel. I won't be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Well, Tom, I will probably get kicked off of here but I am in trouble....lol when am I not....but I still like to vaccuum nakee.
  5. Hey, I really don't understand why my post was deleted. Why is it that we have to have our posts deleted because you interpreted it the way you thought it was? I was not saying the moderators are getting their feelings hurt. I was not replying to your post at all mod cow. I was stating that why does everyone have to whine about how their feelings are getting hurt. This was stated to everyone not just to moderators. I don't know why you would think the moderators would run away by something so simple. You are never going to make everyone happy and you are going to have the same whiners whining. I just don't understand why our posts have to be deleted because someone got their feelings hurt by how they read a post. wha wha cry in my bottle sort of thing. Another thing is, I don't post much here on greasespot as I used to and maybe this is a major reason why!!!!!
  6. And I third the motion!!!!!!!! I mean you are going to get complaints no matter if your perfect so don't worry about it. We are all human. If someone thinks someone said something to hurt their feelings wha wha. Its like kindergarten all over again. Or should I say cult?
  7. Now that is funny!!! Now, what does the dream suppose to mean?
  8. We are going to need to cancel until October. Someone received bad news and won't be able to attend and I haven't been doing well since my fall. So we decided to cancel since it would only be two people possibly one person showing up. I'm sorry and I was really looking forward to it. But as I understand, things happen for a reason. I do believe that.
  9. I started in TWI as a teen and got out when I was about 31 years old. It did take me quite a while for certain things that I thought I truly believed in to as George says, decompress. I went to therapy and got a therapist who used to be a catholic nun and seem to totally understand the bondage, thoughts that I had. She also told me that Greasespot was a good place to come for healing. The great part is that I've remarried to someone that wasn't in TWI and I'm not any better than he is....
  10. Could you explain more about blogging? I'm not too familiar with it but do know a lot of people do it.
  11. I'm wondering if you all would be interested in meeting at 4pm instead? I'm starting a new job working 3rd shift and this would give me time to sleep and enjoy. Yes, it was very nice meeting 4 years ago. I didn't realize it was so long ago.
  12. aawww thanks, Kimberly. This came up because some people were complaining that members were incognito. I wanted to make a statement. I don't really get on the internet all that much and if someone wants to google me thats ok with me. They won't find out too much unless you want to find out something negative from my ex-husband, who lurks here. I've learned not to be afraid. Life is too short to live in fear, especially since wasting half my life for a stupid cult.
  13. Exactly, Waysider!!!!! Who was I to think I was so self important?
  14. Thanks, David....I didn't post that very well did I? Maybe some people outside of MN might be interested?
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