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Scorched stainless steel


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I have some brand new stainless steel cookware that we've managed to scorch over half of the bottom of the inside of 3 the pans.

I've tried lemon juice, comet cleanser, SOS pads, soaking them for 3 hours in an inch of water with half a box of baking soda sprinkled in it, then poured white vinegar into the baking soda "paste."

Anyone know of what really works?

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youch, bow. you'll scratch the finish doing that!

I regularly burn my pans because I'm an airhead. they won't ever be the same, but I've managed to get them to look decent most times.

what do you mean by "scorched" though? is the metal discolored, or is there burned food that you can't scrub off? I've fixed the burned food thing by soaking them in hot water with boiling water to raise the temperature (stop up the sink, boil water in pan, fill sink with mix of hot and boiling water) mixed with gel dishwasher detergent. there's something in there that dissolves everything at high temperature. let 'em soak a long time.

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Well, I left a pot of chili on simmer and forgot about it, the entire inside of the pot is now black with burned chili. I haven't done much but the baking soda trial on that one and leaving it sit out in the sun for 2 weeks, as I have a few other pots, but this was the first time I got this new cookware out and used it.

The big fry pan, my 10-year-old cranked up to high when I told her medium-high and there is the black outline of 2 grilled cheese sandwiches in it - I tried all the above methods plus leaving it sit out in the sun for 2 weeks.

The smaller fry pan also has a grilled cheese sandwich scorched onto it. Again, I shot my whole wad on that one.

My daughter now prefers the cast iron pans and I'm glad she does, as they can really take a lickin...

Would it do any good to put them in the dishwasher on a heavy pots and pans wash?

I'm buying more teflon coated stuff one of these days - that was my mistake was to give that stuff away, but I thought I had another set of that, but it turned out it wasn't teflon coated.

I'll try that soak in boiling water with dishwasher gel method this evening and let you know how it works out.


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Bow - sometimes if the metal is damaged the scorch doesn't go away. If it's only burnt food you're fine, if the metal is discolored - good luck,

On the other hand - the pans still work fine. I don't use teflon because it outgasses into the food. A forensic lab scientist once told me that polymers (something having to do with plastic) can be found in everyone's blood - and that can be linked to Teflon.

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that's right, dooj. I switched to cast iron and high quality steel for exactly that reason. a couple of my pans look funky, because I did discolor the metal, but if a pan's not warped beyond use, and if the layer of heat diffusion material is intact (the heavy bottomed pans usually have a layer of something) then they're fine. they just don't have the same non-stick qualities that they ought to if they have burned food stuck to them.

and bow, I found that sticking them in the dishwasher didn't take off that kind of burnt. gotta soak 'em, extra strong solution, start with a half hour and test to see how soft the gunk is.

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This sure worked out better than I expected it to!

All 3 pans are fine now. Thankyouverymuch!

The bigger skillet has a bit of discoloration because I really scrubbed that sucker with an SOS pad a bunch when it first happened.

After supper tonite while I did the dishes I started in with boiling water and poured a bunch of that dishwasher gel in there. Then I got the idea that it'd be easier to put the pan on the burner and watch it closely and let it boil gently.

Then I started brushing it with my handy dandy kitchen scrub brush with the long handle. This was good for awhile, but then I switched to a stainless steel spatula and oh man, even the black gunk came off eventually! That one's a bit discolored, but I don't think that's a real problem.

Then while I called parents to notify them we still don't have school tomorrow cause of the continuing horrible road conditions with all that ice, I worked it with the spatula. Oh man, getting all that off that skillet inspired me to tackle the chili pot, which I hadn't put the SOS pad to, and all those little outlines of beans came off and the pot looks great again.

So what else could I do but go on to the 8-inch skillet and now I'm back to having all my nice pans nice again, PLUS, I've got the princess loving the cast iron skillets she used to call pathetic. That's her latest word to express her displeasure.

The dishwasher gel and a little boiling water really did the trick! Thanks again!

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I'm glad the boiling on the stove worked for you. I did that once and almost expired from the fumes! I didn't think to mention it because I usually burn stuff onto the bottom of the pans too and the stove thing only works for the inside... but yes! isn't it awesome to have shiny pans? I'm glad it worked for you.

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