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  1. Awwww...thanks, y'all! DWBH, that was a nutso situation! So good to "see" you! Brainstormer, I hope things are going well with your family and that you're making progress.
  2. (((((Twinky))))) It's good to "see" you! Hard to believe it's been 10 years! The time has flown and it's amazing how close we get to people we haven't even met in person. You were also very helpful to me.
  3. Thank you. I don't know why they think having leadership in a particular area helps with growth unless it's because they are there to intimidate and pressure the people to bring in new sheep. It's certainly not because the leadership does.
  4. (((((T-Bone!))))) Good to "see" you! The wonderful folks at WayDale and Greasespot helped me realize I wasn't just paranoid and that things weren't as bad as I suspected....they were worse! I can't imagine how much longer I would have been subjected to all the abuse or how much more damaged I would have been if it hadn't been for the fine folks who post here.
  5. Welcome to the Café! Sounds like you were able to get away unscathed. That's great! I wish I had been that smart.
  6. Hey, BlueCord, I'm late to the party but wanted to chime in and say hello. I hope you and your wife are continuing to enjoy your extra free time spending it how you choose and with the people that you choose. With regards to the teachings - this thread on actual errors in PFAL may be of some use. And this one. I will be forever grateful for the work that these people put into dissecting the class and teachings and helping untangle so much of it. I also read a lot of Elaine Pagels, particularly "The Origin of Satan" because we were taught to trace everything back to the original, right? ;-) I'm very happy that you and your wife were able to leave together. I spent five years trying to get my husband to see how bad it was but he insisted I was just being a contentious wife. I left and he stayed in. He even went back to work at the compound in New Knoxville and is still there for all I know.
  7. Thanks for the update. Do you know why the move and why they sold the other property?
  8. Welcome!! TWI canvased the whole area asking every single person about online posting and whatnot trying to uncover who I was when I first started posting here, so please be very careful with any personal or current information that you post here. Please feel free to send a private message to me or anyone else you feel comfortable with to share that information. That fact alone should be a warning/red flag to someone that things aren't right within that group. Feel free to ask any questions or share anything that you'd like. Everyone here is ready, willing and able to help in any way we can.
  9. I am so stinking glad I don't have to look at those ugly posters any more! shortfuse, I'm going to have to send you a bill for the keyboard I ruined by snorting my drink all over it.
  10. I'm late to the party but wanted to share what I can to help you, Brainstormer. My heart goes out to you. I was in my early 20's when I got involved with TWI and my local fellowship was also butterflies and rainbows. I felt like I had a home away from home and a second family. They made me feel all warm and fuzzy and fully supported which was real nice for someone many miles away from home and out on her own with not many friends in a new city. TWI was able to answer every one of the questions I'd had about God and the Bible that the Baptist Church I grew up in couldn't answer. They showed me chapter and verse and I read the answer right there in black and white with my own two eyes. It was intoxicating to feel like I was learning the Bible and would eventually know more than any minister in any other church. ('cause us in TWI are so smart, doncha know?) The encouragement to learn more - to do more and to be more was always there and with my desire to please and succeed it was definitely tempting to join the ranks of leadership or outreach programs. It's a very slow process, though. Kind of like putting frogs in boiling water or putting them in cool water and ever so slowly increasing the temperature till they boil to death. The people in my direct fellowship were successful business people who made decent amount of money but there were far more I noticed the longer I was in, who were living paycheck to paycheck and at a financial standard much less that what I had expected and desired with my college degree. They have an answer for everything and are very good at justifying how/why they teach about the "more abundant life" but so many of them don't seem to be living it. My parents actually considered hiring a "deprogrammer" to get me out but my dad was afraid if it didn't work that I would never talk to them again and they'd lose me forever. I don't know if he was right or not but .... probably. So they kept loving me and calling to check on me - visiting for holidays and vacations when I wouldn't/couldn't get up to see them. My daddy was excellent at asking questions that provoke thought without being offensive or even letting on that he was asking these questions with ulterior motives. I was getting bored with all the same ole - same ole teachings because after a while there is nothing new that they talk about or teach. Always having to be at a meeting or going out witnessing or just never having time to veg and couch potato was getting old. Mom said every time she talked to me I was exhausted because they manipulated every waking moment of our lives. When the lawsuits against Craig Martindale were made public and they told us to stay off the internet or we would be possessed by devil spirits I knew they were hiding something. That's when I found this wonderful community of people and yet it still took me another five years to fully extricate myself (but I had a husband I was trying to get out, too). Two books that helped me tremendously are "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse" and "Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves". Please feel free to PM me if I can help in any way.
  11. Coincidence or really based on The Way?? According to the Hulu.com blog, the show, which will be produced by Katims' True Jack Productions, will center around a faith-based movement that causes all kinds of controversy. The show will follow a family caught in the thick of this controversy, and viewers will see how it affects their relationships, marriages and power dynamics. Read more: http://www.gospelherald.com/articles/54867/20150324/the-way-new-faith-based-drama-coming-to-hulu-from-the-team-behind-parenthood.htm#ixzz3VMSh4vIO
  12. Hi Guys!! I hope everyone is doing well and happy! Rascal is in town and we met up for dinner last night. I got to see her beautiful daughter, Z, and can't believe we were in the chat room while Rascal was in labor with her nearly 15 years ago! Where the heck has the time gone?
  13. Hi Guys!! I hope everyone is doing well and happy! Rascal is in town and we met up for dinner last night. I got to see her beautiful daughter, Z, and can't believe we were in the chat room while Rascal was in labor with her nearly 15 years ago! Where the heck has the time gone?
  14. Any word yet? Does anyone know how to get in touch with her?
  15. JavaJane, I married with the express wish that we would have at least one, probably two children, and that changed as TWI got more controlling and parents were "exhorted" to have the mother be a stay at home mom. No way to do that on a police officer's salary.... and my ex was not physically but emotionally abusive so, while I'm glad we didn't have kids together, I regret staying in the marriage past the ability to have the fambly I so wanted. She has to realize on her own - no one can force her - what's best for her and her kiddos. What she needs is support and encouragement that she can do it and that it's best to limit the time the kiddos get with that kind of influence. She needs loved ones to build up her own self esteem and strength because we can't fight battles for others. It's a hard lesson I've learned. They have to want it bad enough to fight for themselves and those who depend on them. My family was magnificent at doing this for me - I just moved too slowly to still be young enough to realie my own dreams. She can still be a stellar mother and have a great, loving family without the ..... My dad's wife now has kids who are totally scarred and fighting every day because their mom stayed with an alcoholic arse waaaayyyy tooo long to be healthy for kids. I kinda get ....ed at her at times for not being strong enough to protect her babies but we can only do what we're strong enough to and know to do, right? If you want more info or whatever, feel free to contact me. My heart goes out to you and your friend! Neither is a good place to be. :)
  16. According to this article press release "more than 1,400 attended" the disaster.
  17. Belle

    oxy addicts

    "The Mood Cure" by Julia Ross is a fabulous book that discusses treating addictions with amino acids. Many of the things people are addicted to are actually ways of coping with amino acid deficiency. Here is one podcast interview with her. And an encore podcast interview with her. Pam Killeen also has a podcast interviewand discusses her book, Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic. It's a good podcast and a friend of mine won a copy of the book. It's a really good book and discusses many healthy options for healing addictions of all kinds. Hugs to you!!
  18. Awwww.... AWESOME!!! Congrats, you two!! Dot, your dress is beautiful! You look absolutely radiant!
  19. Belle

    Orlando FL

    I've e-mailed you, friend. :) If you don't get it for some reason you can e-mail my throw-away e-maill: foxhollow vixen at yahoo dot com
  20. Belle

    Who's on Twitter?

    I'm a lurker and think I already follow you. No need to follow me since I don't really ever post anything of value. :)
  21. Belle

    After Facing Cancer

    Thanks, it was the first time as an adult I lost someone that extremely close to me- I realize that makes me pretty darn lucky. Thanks to you and her I've learned so much and appreciate life, the battle and every day. You were more support that you realized through the whole ordeal and after, even though I didn't contact you when she died. Your words of wisdom and personal strength touched me deeply than you can know.
  22. Bye, Mr. Linder! Meister, sorry this limits your job promotional possibilities and ways of checking up on me. Please be assured that my life is much, much better since being granted "permission" to take a "leave of absence" from TWI. The house is in GREAT shape (and equity), Vixen is racking up AKC awards; family and friends are being supported and supporting me equally... life is oh, so much more ABUNDANT and free without the constraints, legalism and rigidity you and TWI imposed on us.
  23. Belle

    Orlando FL

    I don't know Mabel, but PM me and I may be able to put you in touch with someone who does. :) Your messaging options are turned off.
  24. Belle

    my attempt

    (((((ex))))) There are definitely too many people who have impacted my life - strengthened my resolve and helped me move to a much, MUCH better place thanks to their presence here. You, excathdra, being among the top of the list. Please, Anyone who would like to stay in touch personally, PM me and I'll give you my Facebook name so we can stay in touch - as little as I do online these days.... Thankfully, I have rediscovered live outside the walls of TWI and my neediness which I was fulfilling with waaaaayyyy too much time online instead of 'real life', but so many of you mean so much to me that I would hate to lose touch completely.
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