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  1. coolchef

    Happy New Year

    wqwwwwwwwww[fontxfgxsfgsfghsfgsfgw =Arial Black][/font]wishing you the same paw and thanks for all you do i turn 62 whoopie!!! ss here i come what a lon strange trip it's been
  2. the smartist thing he ever said to me w as...the way doesn't want you thanks you farie!
  3. happy day to you wishing you many more!
  4. coolchef

    Pawtucket's 57th

    happy birthday you young pup!!!!
  5. waysider i remember a good one while at away family camp in the poccones my ex wife minestered to a blin guy.he was healed and got up and walked into a tree lol
  6. coolchef

    Veterans Day

    just returned home from a veterans day memorial. thank God for ALL vets..past..present and future..including my granfather,my father,me,and 3 of my sons who are serving now
  7. i never believed it not saying it isn't so,but it was fake to me
  8. you will be missed roy hugs and kisses going your way you will always be remembered in my prayers!!!
  9. linda great answer!!! we made our good times and had plenty of them we did not cause the bad times
  10. question on garlic i plant mine in october and reap it in august how do you do yours?
  11. many good times while in the verd our twigs were friend and family befor the pfal sh7t we kinda all got in together we had many great times hosting the twigs at our home bbqs around the pool lawn games,etc camp fires just good times then it changed when the uppers started micro mananging my life hence,divorce and all the other good stuff that comes with it but all of them got out too i am still friends with many of them yes there were good times for many of us
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