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  1. Problem fixed thanks to a fellow posters help!!! Can view all videos now...:)
  2. Rum, plant them maters high cause ya'll are below sea level!!!! A hardy laugh. Hot and humid here too but not quite as close to salt water as you. Never had any problems with my herbs. The key is to space them far apart. No touching. Tomatoes, for that matter, same thing. And no watering the leaves, especially late in the day. Anyways, we are waiting for you to make us jealous. I have my pitchfork ready. (Your post back in October) And how bouts coming off an etouffee recipe or two. :P
  3. Ya'll please, for me, continue to post the links. My computer will still not play any other video. It just comes up blank on this screen. For some reason I can't seem to figure out how to fix it.
  4. Leafy, no evidence according to Psalm 22. Seems all that biblical research failed to recognize that was what Jesus was quoting. It was the Lord's final attempt, (because of his Love for Israel), to say, HELLO!!!, look at me, look at what is going on here, anything look familiar???!!! I AM your Promised Messiah.
  5. My state is in one of those all alleys. I am sure one of the reasons for this change is to inform folks so they will have more time to prepare and evacuate.
  6. Ya'll may remember my post last March about the gifted player on the highschool team that was let go because of skipping school and smoking pot. He messed up for quite a while. Coach told him late fall that if you decide you want to play baseball there is a spot for you because I believe in you. Seems that was all this SS needed to hear. He is back on the team. He tells the other players he really messed up and they don't want to go down that road. I was looking at him at the game the other night. He looked so happy, as a boy playing baseball should.
  7. Hey Roy, love you, too, brother. Fleas can eat up a critter rather badly. They can put a hurting on humans, also. I must correct myself. I don't kill fleas and ticks but prevent them. The dogs and cats are given brewers yeast flakes everyday to prevent them from having fleas. One of its many benefits for humans is that brewers yeast prevents mosquito bites.
  8. I have always liked Alice Cooper. Saw him on tv a year or so ago talking about how he gave up the drinking party life when his wife (they are still married) gave birth to their baby. In the middle of all his crazy habits he said to himself that he could not be misbehaving like that and raise a child. I know back in "the day" his music and concerts (went to his Welcome To My Nightmare concert at the Omni in Atlanta)conveyed the anarchist/spit in your face attitude.
  9. I kill the fleas and ticks on my dogs and cats every chance I get.
  10. Thanks dmiller. Very interesting.
  11. kimberly

    Running for cover

    I was thinking of you Sunday afternoon, my time, and said, "Well, Twinky has finished her race and home by now." You go girl!!!!!!
  12. Geez, you guys are good. I never notice stuff like how many posts somebody has....until now. Who are the other four besides Ham, dmiller and excathedra that have attained the 10,000 mark?
  13. kimberly

    Cat whispering

    Well, "precious" baby kitty, Rocket, has lived up to his name. How do I know when the upstairs is in serious disarray? When I hear what sounds like volumes of newspaper being shredded by a tornado. Turns out it is only one page that has been torn yet somehow spawns into a million pieces. He is so proud of himself. He sleeps like a baby until 4 am then starts kneading my hair and scalp!! So, off he goes to the bathroom into the baby bed we bought him. He cries for a minute then he goes to sleep. I thought there for a while Sweetie was warming up to him. All he wants to do is play but she has adopted a no tolerance attitude.
  14. Ok Gen, waiting to hear from you. Did you find out what kind of plant you have? Did you get the little info tag that comes with it? Are you not sure about instructions like..."moderate light" or "full sun" or "moderately wet" soil or "light watering?" I even had one house plant that required "diffused light." I said what the heck does that mean? Diffused light? It reminded me of confused. That I was!! Ha!! Ha!!
  15. I haven't done squat in the garden. Haven't even been in the backyard except to go on the patio to make sure Lily has water. Flippin monster cold weather is to blame for my lack of motivation. It happens this time every year. Dogwoods are still dormant. The many Irises planted in the yard are starting to peek through. You don't even have to plant them. There are quite a few that were thrown in the back corner of the yard a couple of years ago and they bloom just as well as the ones "planted." Not that I would ever want to, but you just can't kill these rhizomes.
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