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You Know Your Church Is Redneck if...


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hello-hello-hello............... its an echo-echo-echo........ oh..wait..thats my hed ringin! iz ini yuz out dare beez from Miss-sippi? i waz bown and razed ins miss hippi , yep! south miss i sippi. so i iz jin-u-wine redneck. mi neck even be read. or red. yep !??so ifs ini ah yuz got to be want to node any thangs bout missizippi youz can yep axk me. i bead bown in mccomb mississip,yep sirs!!my daddy....and he iz my daddy...comed frumd da farms buy gilsburgs misisipi. yep! so iz jin-u-ine red ... nek!!! ya'll comes baks nows ya hea..... buy buy

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