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  1. and that was after he called me name and put me down and continued to do so.
  2. I read the colatorals many many years ago. my only go to book for the last 20 years has been the Bible. I say and quote what the Bible says. Also i am not a wayer i am a christian.
  3. what do you mean standard response ? nobody is feeding me lines. i write my own scripts. we dont discuss the past in fellowship. the Word is taught and i leave. I started going to wi fellowships in 1980. been wow and wd. if dwbh had approached me like you he and i could have had a good conversation. but he called me names and stuff and slandered me on a public forum. calling me a racist and aryan is slander.
  4. right on ! speak nicely ! dont call people names or put them down.
  5. sorry about that , i write the best i can. i never did very good in english class. math, science , mechanics and electric are my strong suits.
  6. there you go again calling me racist. i am part african negro and i never worshipped were willy. who are you ? and you really need mental healing. i have never read so much bitterness and hate toward me by someone i dont know. twi might have its faults but one thing is for sure the word of GOD twi taught me got me delivered from a lot and i have been getting my prayers answered for many years and am at peace on the inside. you dont need to come to a twi fellowship to get answers to prayer but you do need to go to the Bible and claim the promises. i hope you do that and get healed.
  7. so dwbh was one of those evil mean leaders that possibly kicked people out for no reason ? and you say i may be jealous ? jealous of what ? you have no idea who i am or what my position is. wow ! try to have a nice civil conversation here and you and whats his name attack me. I got f'd over by a few evil mean aye whole leaders that on here on gs. they finally got kicked out. yeah i got f'd over but i got back in and put all that crap behind me. as long as twi teaches the rightly divided word of GOD i will stick around. I attended several offshoots in the late 80's -90's at various times and it was the same mean arrogant leaders that left or were kicked out running them. and a lot of what they did was talk sheet about twi. twi is made up of people and WE all have imperfections ,make mistakes and if you can understand that it will make life easier. when there are leaders that are aye wholes is were a problem lies because its your word against theirs and most of the time the leader is believed.
  8. You are one of the troublemakers that was kicked out and good riddance. You call me names and put me down and you never met me. how many other people did you do that to when you were going to a wi fellowship ? you are the type that are not welcome at any fellowship and i wouldnt hire you on my construction crew either. Look in the mirror and you see who one of the troublemakers are. IF you would keep your mouth shut and learn to love yourself and treat others with the love of GOD you will get rid of the spirits hanging around you and you will see how wonderful life can be.
  9. did you read the p.s. that he wrote about me ? he doesnt know me ,i never met him, yet he writes this about me > P.S.....BTW, shiftthis is FOS. If he’s still stuck on waybrain stupid the best thing you can do is ignore the identity confused adolescent stuck in the 1980s of TWIt idiocy and hypocrisy. LOL! < Thats what he wrote about me. A wonderful MOG does not make statements like that about people he never met. As for as i am concerned he is an arrogant jerk for saying i am full of sheet and stuck on waybrain stupid and the rest of what he said. He comes across as a major A to put it nicely and yes he needs mental help and he needs to get that from GOD.
  10. I have been going to way fellowships since 1980. Those people in that panel are some of the false teachers mentioned in Peter. I know a guy that was F'd over by one of them. Good riddance !
  11. you havent a clue dude. At least I have a wonderful life and all my prayers get answered. At least I make GOD my focus instead of focusing on crap that some people in the ministry did. So if you claim I have a waybrain thats fine with me cause I will just get more answers to prayer. For someone to say i am FOS just shows the mental illness you have and the deliverance you need. If you took all that energy and aimed it toward GOD you might just start having a wonderful life that you can share with others.
  12. I was never told or taught to put my trust in VP. Those of us in the fellowships I attended were taught to put our trust in GOD. Look to GOD for answers, worship GOD, put GOD first etc. VP was the name of the teacher and that was all. VP's name rarely came up when he was alive. Thats the way it was in the fellowships I attended. One thing is for sure and that is the Word works when applied ans believed. Anyone including me can prove it doesnt word by not believing it but when I have believed it my prayers have gotten answered. My focus has always been on GOD and not the ministry. The ministry is made of people like us that research the Bible and teach it.
  13. Yes I believe GOD and thats what we do to get answers and results.
  14. i have been in california since the mid 1980's. I have personally known all the limb coordinators during that time. WHO was the limb coordinator you are referring to ? i have never heard of or seen the things you accuse the way of and i have been next to leadership many times until the past 2 years. I have never met anyone or any leader here that does what you say. If Weirwille has such a hold on people all those that took the class would still be around. I was gone for a few years once. Over last 2 years I have to get off my butt and go to fellowship which means they dont have a hold on me. I know there were some false teachers that were around but all church groups have those and the catholic church has child rapist.
  15. anybody could leave at anytime. i have seen many come and go. a few of my friends and my brother came a short time and lost interest. i was gone a few years once.
  16. well the stuff i learned in pfal has gone beyond my expectations. GOD has been working overtime in my life. I "decided" to go for broke and believe the scripture in the Bible. I started getting results. I know many people that took the class and doubted what the scriptures said and didnt reap the results. Its the scriptures that we are to believe. the class was just a way to show us things in the Bible. I grew up roman catholic and went to catholic schools and sunday schools. we did not study the Bible in school. When I went to sunday school all we ever did was read a verse and go around the room and get every ones opinion of what the verse means. It all comes back to no private interpretation and believing equals receiving. Forget the class and just read the scriptures and expect GOD to backup what he says. I also tithed 10% plus a few cents when I was working. I am retired now. If you say what you were taught was dung then you will never see GOD work in your life. IF you decide to believe what GOD says he will do for you then you will see reap the results. When I have doubted I dont reap the results but when I have believed GOD I reap the results. I still have problems understanding parts of the Bible so I concentrate on the parts I understand. I am thankful for pfal. I dont go to fellowship very often and I know I would be able to understand the Bible better if I did. At least I am not obligated to like the catholic church demanded me and my go to there church.
  17. I watched the entire R&R video. A huge joke. Why were they laughing , I didnt hear anything that was funny. They were and are part of the problem. Just a bunch of ego heads wanting to be in charge and imo wanting to have direct access to ALL the Ways money. They are getting old(so I'm I ) and are probably looking for a huge nest egg. They can go spit and wallow in their crap. This verse describes them > 2nd Peter 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. < And that is what they are.
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