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  1. Yes I believe GOD and thats what we do to get answers and results.
  2. are referring to in residence way corps ?
  3. i have been in california since the mid 1980's. I have personally known all the limb coordinators during that time. WHO was the limb coordinator you are referring to ? i have never heard of or seen the things you accuse the way of and i have been next to leadership many times until the past 2 years. I have never met anyone or any leader here that does what you say. If Weirwille has such a hold on people all those that took the class would still be around. I was gone for a few years once. Over last 2 years I have to get off my butt and go to fellowship which means they dont have a hold on me. I know there were some false teachers that were around but all church groups have those and the catholic church has child rapist.
  4. anybody could leave at anytime. i have seen many come and go. a few of my friends and my brother came a short time and lost interest. i was gone a few years once.
  5. well the stuff i learned in pfal has gone beyond my expectations. GOD has been working overtime in my life. I "decided" to go for broke and believe the scripture in the Bible. I started getting results. I know many people that took the class and doubted what the scriptures said and didnt reap the results. Its the scriptures that we are to believe. the class was just a way to show us things in the Bible. I grew up roman catholic and went to catholic schools and sunday schools. we did not study the Bible in school. When I went to sunday school all we ever did was read a verse and go around the room and get every ones opinion of what the verse means. It all comes back to no private interpretation and believing equals receiving. Forget the class and just read the scriptures and expect GOD to backup what he says. I also tithed 10% plus a few cents when I was working. I am retired now. If you say what you were taught was dung then you will never see GOD work in your life. IF you decide to believe what GOD says he will do for you then you will see reap the results. When I have doubted I dont reap the results but when I have believed GOD I reap the results. I still have problems understanding parts of the Bible so I concentrate on the parts I understand. I am thankful for pfal. I dont go to fellowship very often and I know I would be able to understand the Bible better if I did. At least I am not obligated to like the catholic church demanded me and my go to there church.
  6. Where is Frank to discuss this topic ?
  7. shiftthis

    Revival and Restoration

    I watched the entire R&R video. A huge joke. Why were they laughing , I didnt hear anything that was funny. They were and are part of the problem. Just a bunch of ego heads wanting to be in charge and imo wanting to have direct access to ALL the Ways money. They are getting old(so I'm I ) and are probably looking for a huge nest egg. They can go spit and wallow in their crap. This verse describes them > 2nd Peter 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. < And that is what they are.
  8. shiftthis

    If anyone has family still in...

    the way never taught that you should not see a doctor. we dont know who started that crap but it has ben a problem. i was in the region coordinators fellowship and there was a couple that has a 4 or 5 yo daughter that needed an operation. they wanted to believe. i sat at the kitchen table while the region coordinator told them over and over to get her operated on. they refused and stopped coming. i have had way and other believers and unbelievers get on my case for taking asprin , nyquil, and going to the doctor. i will never tell someone not to go top the doctor or take medicine. last night i was talking to a friend thats an unbeliever thats having horrible back pain. i have been telling him for about 2 weeks to go to the doctor, he refuses to. he told me the pain only comes when he starts thinking about it. he thinks its all in his head , i dont know, maybe it is. i have believed for healing and gotten healed. i have taken medicine and believed and gotten healed. whatever you need to do , do it. i dont know where this so called magic thinking came from. this is the 1st time i'v ever heard of it. in the 1970's before i got in the Word my girlfriend took me to a Sylva mind control siminar. the only thing i remember was they said you can use thoughts to heal yourself. if you got blood gushing out , or something you get to the hospital asap ! several years i had severe pain in my left arm. i decided to go to the emergency room. they did an ekg, took xrays , ran test and didnt find snything wrong. by the time they got done the physical was gone and i went home to a painful emergency room bill. about 1-1/2 years ago it happened again and i went to the emergency room again. nothing wrong this time either. the doc said it could be nerves in my neck. i told him i had ben rear ended in a car in the 70's and it suffered a really bad case of whiplash. he said that can come back and cause problems like this many years later. if you need to go to the doctor , go !
  9. shiftthis

    Current Way Corps Numbers

    i have never talked to anyone in the way about what i posted about people turning away from Paul. I got what i posted from the Bible. the only thing i ever talked to anyone about was LCM and the 2 women he was banging and that was a long time ago. whatever may or may not have happened was long ago. the way of today is not the same ministry as it was when LCM was the pres. LCM turned into a major a hole. the way of today is so different from when it was in 1980 when i went to fellowship. but one things for sure , the believers i was around then and am around now are good people. if anyone had ever gotten violent and i was there i would have stopped it and called the cops. if i had know of anyone using sex to get a green card signed i would have spoken up. i never heard of a green card quota either. the 1st year i was wow we ran 1 class. the 2nd year we did not run a class. we ran one class on the way disciple field. all the people that signed up did it freely. are there guys that signed the card because a woman witnessed to them ? imo yes ! why ? if you cant figure that one out theres no hope for ya ! lol ! VP had armed body gaurds. yes i know. i was in a restroom at a way event in mississippi and a few armed body guards came in and looked around and then VP came in. members of congress have armed body guards. i was at a burger joint in hollywood and several armed men came in and looked around and then a small bald guy came in and ate. lots of movie stars here in los angeles have armed body guards. i know a few big time musicians that carry a heater. nothing wrong with that. around 1980 or 81 we were witnessing at a shopping center in south jackson mississippi. one of the believers was a black. some guys in a pickup truck were riding around in the parking lot yelling racial stuff at us. they pulled out onto McDowell rd and the guy on the passenger side pointed a gun at us. a different black guy had all 4 of his tires slashed during fellowship one night. a branch coordinator was shot at and had bullet holes in his car. someone switched the wires on the ignition coil on one of the women that ran a fellowship. she called me and when the coil wasnt firing i checked the wiring. there was other stuff done to. so i can see why VP had a gun close buy.when i travel across he country i carry 2 .45's , 6 loaded mags and 50 extra rounds just in case of dia. i call it my travel kit. well , what do you expect , i'm from south mississippi. lol ! no , i'm not an innie.
  10. shiftthis

    Current Way Corps Numbers

    wheres your proof ! i never saw any such thing. i was in the way in jackson mississippi in 1980-1981 in a fellowship run by 2 beautiful women in their mid 20's , i was wow in clinton iowa 1981-1982 with another guy and 2 beautiful women , i went back to jackson in 1982-1983 and lived with a corps family , i was wow 1983-1984 in cheyanne wyoming with 2 guys , in 1984-1985 i was in virginia beach in a young corps womans fellowship , in 1985-1986 i was in atlanta in a corp guys fellowship , in 1986-1987 i was in houston in a corp families fellopwship , in 1987 i was in west hollywood in Dennis D. fellowship and lived in several places in los angeles , in 2003-2004 i was way disciple in hoover alabama , in 2004 i went back to los angeles and have ben in about 7 different fellowships in los angeles and over all those years did and do lots of witnessing with all kinds of different people and no one ever used sex or attraction or coercion or anything else to sign people up for the class. all we ever did and do is speak the WORD to people. this thing about using sex to sign people up for the class is a lie from whoever started it. i dont care if you want to bad mouth the ministry or air your anger at some leader that did you wrong like was done to me but i will not be silent about outright lies.
  11. shiftthis

    Current Way Corps Numbers

    I could care a less about some personality. All I care about is GODS WORD in my life and the joy, excitment , and adventure GOD brings. I never cared about presentations either. The reason I go to way fellowships is the hear the WORD, and teach others the stuff I learn at home. I could care a less about how big or how small the way is. I went wow 2 times and way disciple once. it was some of the best time in my life. maybe it has to do with my ever wanting to learn and know and help others attitude. I strive to be the best electrician and drummer I can be. ever since about the the 6th grade i have had this attitude or whatever its called. that was 1969. in 1980 i was praying to GOD for people to teach me the truth about HIM. unknown to me at the time GOD directed my path to them. there were some bad people in the way and they hurt people. my dad was a violent drunk and tried to kill me twice. i have a scar on my forehead he gave me when i was about 5yo. in the 70's my younger brother broke into a gas station i managed and stole a lot of stuff and got caught. i got fired and didnt get my last paycheck because of him. i know what its like to be hurt but i never saw or knew anyone in the way to have the hell beat out of them like my dad did to me when i was growing up. i had to leave and go live with my grandmother when i was 16. i know a lot of people that are corp grads all the way back to the 11th corps that say it was one of the best times in there life. the way isnt fo everybody and neither is GODS WORD. playing drums in a touring rock n roll band isnt for everybody and thats why i dont tour. HAY ! I'm from missippi ! there are several of those independent groups around that teach the accuracy of GODS WORD. a good friend and exway believer was just ordained by one of them. i went to his ordination and told his congregation what a great man of GOD he is. the WORD of GOD is HIS WORD no matter who teaches it.
  12. shiftthis

    Current Way Corps Numbers

    the same thing happened to Paul in the first century church. Most of the believers left his ministry and lots of them turned against Paul. History repeating itself. With the quality of leadership on the field now there may come a day when the corps isnt needed.
  13. shiftthis

    Photos Wanted

    The best healing I got was when one of the thugs was fired and 3 others quit the way. I am moving foward. Philippians 3:13-14