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Speedy No-Knead Bread


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My cousin gave me this recipe over Thanksgiving.

3 cubs bread flour

1 packet (1/4 ounce) instant or fast rise yeast

1 1/2 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 cup water

small amount of oil

1. Combine flour, yeast and salt in large bowl. Add 1 1/2 cup water and stir until blended - dough will be shaggy/sticky.

2. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let it rest on the counter at room temp for 4 hours

3. Lightly oil a work surface and pace dough on it. Fold dough over on tiself once or twice and cover loosely with plastic wrap. Let rest 30 more minutes at room temp.

4. While dough is resting place a 6 - 8 quart heavy covered pot (cast iron, enamel, pyrex or ceramic) in oven on 450 degrees and let it heat for 30 minutes

5. After 30 minutes carefully place dough in pot, seam side up. Cover with lid and back for 30 minues at 450 degrees.

6. Remove lid and back another 15 - 30 minutes until golden brown.

I use an enamal roasting pan and shape the bread in a loaf instead of round. It comes out with a very crunchy crust and a soft, moist inside.

To make it healthier I replace 4 tablespoons of the flour with 4 tablespoons of milled flax seed. Even the kids love it!!!

This weekend I am going to try making it with 2 cups bread flour - minus 4 tablespoons, 1 cup of rye flour and 4 tablespoons of milled flax seed.

you can also put an eggwash on the dough before cooking and sprinkle with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, or quinua.

We haven't bought store bread since we got the recipe. It is so easy, cheap and GOOD

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Cooks Illustrated, Jan./Feb. 2008 issue has a recipe very similiar to this although not speedy, yet almost no knead. The website has a two minute instructional video.

What is so fun about baking bread is that you can make it what you want. Lots of dill or basil or salt or any herb or combination makes it something different everytime.

Yummy, yum, yummy, yum.....

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