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Me and My Romas


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I'm a beginner at this, first year. any suggestions are welcome.

I've been making tomato sauce ('gravy' as my Italian neighbors call it) with my nice Roma harvest.

I also add cans of locally grown, organic, plum tomatoes if I have ready Romas but not enough to justify sauce making.

I throw other varieties of tomatoes in if they are reaching prime, with no plans for their immediate use.

I use the recipe for "Basil-Garlic Tomato Sauce" from the Bell Blue Book: guide to preserving (2010), page 74.

We have a 12" pot, 2 steps out the back door with sweet basil growing in it.

I also grew my own oregano this year... success .

I'm freezing the completed sauce in zip loc bags

(after it cools off - trying not to connect hot food and plastics now for food safety reasons)

and putting them in a deep freeze at zero degrees.

This winter I'll make lasagnas and other Italian entrees.

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