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Maine Moose Steaks


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Marinate Moose Steaks in 1 qt. buttermilk, overnight

Build good fire, lots of embers

Rinse buttermilk off Moose Steaks

Place in long-handled cooking basket with Sliced Portobello Mushrooms, Sliced Onions

Season with Sea Salt, Coarsely ground Black Pepper

Roast over fire, turning frequently and splashing with your favorite: Hickory Sauce, Worcestershire, or whatever you like...

Please note: well done Moose Steak is like an old shoe... Medium is tender and flavorful.

A very flavorful steak, enjoy!

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Sounds good! Unfortunately, all we have in Ohio is a boatload of whitetail deer.

I would say "wanna trade" but the whitetails already wreak havoc in our garden and moose would, alas, not be any better, just bigger.

Ha! The moose look and act like big dairy cows, until they turn into charging, nut-job, 1500 pound, antlers-aimed-right-at-you MOOSE!!!!

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I just went out and bought some stuff to spray on the little willow trees at the back of the property. The deer simply shred off the bark until they kill the trees. People tell me how lovely they are, but we've hit six on the road, totaling two vehicles.

They eat our garden, taking one chomp out of each ear of corn, trampling the stalks when the corn is still undeveloped, and I think of them as great big rats with antlers.

One chick where I used to work informed me that the deer own this property; they are here first and we are the interlopers. I call this kind of thinking dumb. Especially when you are having a nice Wendy's hamburger for lunch - where's all the compassion for the cow?

I'd respect a vegetarian who said that. But she wasn't.

By the way, best Thanksgiving we ever had was a big venison roast someone gave my husband when we lived in North Carolina. After much research, I trimmed off the fascia, put it in one of those roasting bags with an undiluted can of French onion soup, a bottle of red wine vinegar and olive oil salad dressing, a handful of sage and a small container of poultry seasoning. I put this in a shallow pan in the refrigerator, turned it every two hours, including through the night, and slow roasted it in the bag the next morning.

OH MY! it was awesome!

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