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What do you do with a "junk" 80 gig IDE hard drive

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I have a couple of these I "harvested" from non functioning computers.

what can you do with these..

maybe this isn't a computer question as such.. more discussion.

I found a nice device a while back. It will plug into any kind of modern hard drive, and plug into a USB port.

For about 9.95, and with some junk the neighbor threw out, you can have..

an 80 gig flash (almost) drive. How many pictures or images could you dream of storing on an 80 gig drive?

I'm thinking more of images, because they seem to require more storage space.

but today, I organized all of my data, pictures, everything. It only fills about 20 percent of said hard drive. And I have several more in the closet..

maybe the question is: "what would you do with an 80 gig flash drive".

Well, it will almost fit in your pocket..

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