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From wonderful ex-twi "the star guy" today:

Dear Biblical Astronomy Enthusiast,

The link below is to This Week's Sky at a Glance by S&T. The program covers some interesting facts on the planet Uranus. There is no record from ancient or near ancient times that this planet was known at that time. Though it falls at the outskirt limit of naked eye visibility at magnitude 5.7 as it is at its closest approach to the earth in its 84 year orbit and is seen occulting a faint star of the same magnitude in Pisces (near the border of Cetus, the beast from the sea) on Saturday and Sunday evening (10pm local time best time to see it). This is the only time in its orbit every 84 years that it is within this brightness range, you should be able to spot it with binoculars or a telescope if you have them. The second link below has some info on how to spot Uranus.

I have no info on the planet as far as its true Biblical meaning since it was most likely not known of until recently. Francis Rolestone has its other names and meaning in Mazzaroth but it does not come from any ancient or original name for it from YHVH. Where she got the name from in 1862 I do not know. It was discovered in 1781. It must be that someone just made the Hebrew name up. The names she gives are Burman, Rahi, Rabini which means failing, Arab sense. or afraid. But again, this is not Biblical.

This Week's Sky at a Glance. http://www.skyandtel...-161461285.html

Article on how to find Uranus on Saturday and Sunday nights. http://www.skyandtel...-170080606.html

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In the years before I found the way, (nyuk, nyuk!) I was a student of spiritualism and in particular astrology. I had all the materials necessary to properly fill out and interpret anyone's charts.

Amoungst those materials was a book on the history of astrology. Very fascinating at the time. One of the things it revealed that I guess I should have given more critical thought to at the time but didn't was that thoughout all history, astrology was based on the movements of;

- the sun

- the moon

- the constelations of the zodiak

- the five planets

Elaborate books were made and used by the astrologers which recorded the position of all these entities, in every decanate of every sign, every hour of every day, every month, every year for a hundred years back and forward.

So when the new planets were discovered, the astrologers couldn't leave it alone. The basis of astology is that these lights in the sky are all affecting your life in some way, so you just can't leave it alone simply because no one knew they were there.

Sooo,.. a group of them got together, added the new planets into position books and charts and assigned each the magical powers and influences over mankind necessary to be full members of the astological realm.

This info is 45 years old and mostly forgotten, so I can't give who-what-where-whens or how often it happened. The thought I always had about it was if there was any truth to astrology, it would have remained with the origional five planets it had from the ages.

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From a wonderful guy who sends out astronomy information to fellow starry-eyed folk:

Dear Biblical Astronomy Subscriber,

The link below is to This Week's Sky at a Glance. I am currently working on the November issue of Biblical Astronomy. I hope to have it finished this week. There is a solar eclipse occurring on November 14 and a lunar eclipse occurring on November 28, neither are visible from Israel or the United States. The peak of the Leonid Meteor Shower occurs on November 17. Venus will come into a close conjunction with Saturn on November 26. These events will be covered in the newsletter. On November 1, the moon will pass close to Jupiter. It will be a neat site to see if you have clear skies. The newsletter may not be finished by then, so this is a heads up on that particular event. http://www.skyandtel...rving/ataglance

If you are interested in subscribing, private message me. As the earth and politics have been active, likewise have been the the skies. Such precious times we are in.

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