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  1. I was under the impression that for years now, VP's degrees were measured in ambient ground temperatures. Sorry 'bout that, I couldn't resist.
  2. That ol' ViPer ! He sure did love himself to a lot of the ladies and he sure did love to use that motorcoach to do so. :blink: And,... I have come to the opinion that female ordination was his way of putting 4 or 5 stars on the cover of his Preyboy magazine. <_<
  3. Well, Here we go again, on this corner, we well be building the church of the Holy Splunge, And on that corner, the First Church of the Sacred Sheliak. :o/> ;)/> :P/> :lol:/>
  4. Rottie, You and Nayr were ingaged in a business transaction. You should ask Nyar if his boss were aware that Nyar was using his bosses time and the money the boss spent on Nyar's employment to do a specific job so Nyar could cajole and anger the bosses customers about differences of scriptural interpretation. (Then whip out your phone and ask for the bosses phone number.) :biglaugh:/>
  5. Them angels will be saying, "You gone girl?" :o/> ;)/> :P/> I was there in the mid seventies during one of those, "Lucky to reach 50 spiels." The essence of the context was here we were once again with all the manifested power and knowledge of God. And that puts us on the frontlines of the great spiritual warfare . The devil knows that and tembles in fear because he knows how much we can destroy all his efforts. All wafers were on Lucifers Top Enemies list and he would throw all his forces and power against us. That means there were going to be casualties, the dead, the wounded, those who would run off the battlefield. It was vp's warning, it was a spiritual fight, you would see casualties fall by the wayside, but to stand strong.
  6. Perhaps it was this..... Or maybe this.... :biglaugh:
  7. :biglaugh: Ron, As a former military man, I found it necessary to play taps and salute with a tear in my eye at such a disgusting destruction of perfectly good booze. Shiftthis, :o :huh: Thank you for the update, I've always wondered what Mongo would have to do after the ox wore out. :blink:
  8. How big is the way now? Ohhhhhhhhhh... About 160 acres. :blink:
  9. The strength and power of a counterfiet is in how close it is set to resemble the truth. vp used to say something similiar to that. The counterfiet is either hidden under the truth or is made to appear legitimate by being set next to truth. But as scripture put it, when the truth is mixed with a lie, it is made into the lie. As Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels used to say, if you say the big lie long enough and loud enough, people will begin to believe it. vp plagerized and blended the works of other great men and mixed them in with his self serving greeds and lusts. He used the grace of god and the freedom in christ as excuse to play out his lusts. The Apostle Paul warned against this time and again. What we have seen since the '80's shows the results of his works. When vp died, he believed he had the right to do what he did because of the grace of god and freedom in christ. He knew his hidden realm was wrong, but forgiveness was his get out of jail for free card, and he used it to the max. What he chose to ignore was that using good to do evil brings severe consequences and his legacy has reaped that wind.
  10. Ohh.. no, vp was definately Rumpled Skin on highly self elevated Stilts. The Loyd Craig thought he was the Prince, but was really Hook under the influence of Regina and Cara. (Donna and RosyLie) Geer thought he was the Giant seated in his own clouds but was really just another ogre who tripped out of the way woods. Linder is too good to be playing the Keystone Cop/Captain of the guard, but he appears willing to play the role. His secrets must be well compensated. May the Red Queen enjoy her reign of terror in the fantasmagorical queendom of DaWayWorld Wonderland. (Too all men; when the Dred Queen shouts: "Off with their heads!" she means both heads.) I can't say that any of these are worthy of being THE Dark One, but they certainly have been the source of many a My-gain headache.
  11. Now dearie,...?!? :huh: Methinks you are spending too much time with Mr. Gold. <_< ;)
  12. Ohhhhhhh...... she said it twice. I guess that means it is confirmed. :o So,... let's all get together and zombie over to HQ and eat some of those petrified wayfer brains. :ph34r: :lol:
  13. Ahhhhhhh... It's too bad that Epsom was a typo. Just think of how wonderful it would be to have a printer you could soak your feet in tooo!!! Of course I suppose there would be the potential danger of printing your feet and soaking your paper. :huh: ^_^
  14. :biglaugh:/> I have lived in several places in the south, including nearby where she came from, and I have never heard such an awful exaggeration of a southern drawl as she had. All the great southern accents have been beautiful to listen to exept for hers. To me it always was like fingernails across a blackboard, as was looking at her. Probably the best spiritual suspicion I ever had. <_</> :blush:/> :blush:/>
  15. Or,.... the updated version; The real truth; Or the truth,... really; After all, the Mayan Calender is so easy to figure out... And that is the simplified Poor Riceplanters Almanac version.
  16. :biglaugh:/> :biglaugh:/> :biglaugh:/> I'll bring the music:
  17. So,... how are our East Coast GreaseSpotters doing? I see the reports of blackouts, destruction, shortages and mayhem from the recent big blow. :blink: :blink: Please let us know how you are doing. I pray you are all well and safe. -Bob
  18. :o ^_^ You were too good for Nixon, you didn't get caught. Now get down and give me 20 Hail Marys! :lol:
  19. dabobbada


    Yes he was one of the good ones. Harpy Bart'sday to you ! Sappy Barfday to you ! Sloppy WhorePrince, dear Loy'd Craig ! <_< Like Lucifer out of Heaven, Did you fall! :ph34r: Lord,... I apologize... ^_^
  20. dabobbada

    November Sweepstakes

    Here you go Ham, Lottsa rooms for radio gear, lottsa ant-tennas and a farm too. Lottsa helpers, and maybe the ants will have some rich uncles too. :P I wish you lottsa fun and good luck on your run for the mugging this year.
  21. Luv ya exie. One thing I've learned in my years of discomforts and difficulties is that God always makes a way. If one door closes there will be another open up. God has always taken care of me and he will for you too. It may not be what you expected and sometimes not what you wanted, but somehow you are taken care of. And once you are past the darkness the son shall rise again. The good things always outweigh the bad. ^_^
  22. Back about 1974 I was sitting in the BRC and the subject for the day turned out to be the red thread. This was still in the times when vp still acknowledged at least that he learned much of his stuff from others and would give them a tip of the hat occasionally. So he was talking about this red thread thing that Oral Roberts had done. (Mind you,in days gone by, Oral, Billy Graham and vp used to pal around a lot, before they got caught up in their respective ministry thangs, you know.) So vp was saying Oral had done this red thread thing and vp was impressed enough to take it and work it for himself. And here he was this fine day having corrected a few errors to show the perfection of that great red thread that was the whole subject of the bible. The crowd, was suitably impressed. And as usual, vp's greatest works had someone else's sweat on it.
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