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sound card and driver

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my kid has a computer with a great 5 speaker sound thingy system whatev

he's getting no sound at all on computer

i probably messed it up worse by all my trials and errors

i believe it has to do with the card and driver. i can't find the card in the computer box. i have no idea what driver to reinstall or update. the ones he originally got with the speakers have been replaced. what do i do? anyone know?

thank you so much.

i bought a driver update program, but i was confused i complained and cancelled it. i still have the info. it spit out (which i could not interpret) but they won't talk to me because they give my money back :)

this is DRIVING me crazy

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Sometimes it's an easy fix Excie. Try going to sound settings. Often the mute is on. Turn it off.

Sorry. After giving this a more thorough read, I think that your problem is tougher than the an easy fix that I gave you.

Actually, this is a trip. I bought a surround sound card (I'm looking in the instructions right now) thinking it would fix my sound problem. I never got around to using it.

IDK if you fixed your problem by now Excie, considering that this post is 5 months old.

There is a CD rom with my kit. I would be happy to review for you and see if I can help. Let me know.

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