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  1. excathedra


    I love you all so much human, I adore you
  2. excathedra


    galen my friend and onion eater I know you care and how the hell did you know I would be back? :)
  3. absolutely they are the biggest abusers I've encountered
  4. haven't read thread (I know I suck) -- how about what make it a place of abuse ?
  5. I can't believe this Fwad hasn't been arrested yet "doctor" phil makes me sick (just a side note)
  6. I tell people I was in a cult I also agree with outie
  7. excathedra


    sniffles. I didn't know you cared !!!!! outie I love you sweetie pie
  8. I've always wondered how all this happened as in god got me in and god me out. I actually feel I got closer to god and jesus Christ because of the way and I feel the way or should I say wierwille frikkin destroyed me I think there was a discussion about this years ago and George aar love him so much was a part of it allan, would love to hear your story thanks all haven't been here for a while. dabbling a bit on the way corps site on facebook - nothing earth shattering except getting slammed a bit here and there
  9. i wouldn't know garth also i wouldn't know how much more of my guts i could pour out on the stupid internet
  10. thanks rocky i do have plenty of folks to vouch for me but i guess i don't have the effort...... i've been invited by maybe six people so far
  11. hey groucho, tried to send you a private message but it did not work.
  12. so far i haven't been invited but i haven't check just recently either howard is lazy or i'm not let in because i won't use my real name. well, i don't want it that bad i guess i heard all hell broke loose for regular wayferish reasons -- it's a "social network" as long as you love V - prucking - W and ralph is the savior and if you don't think so bye bye stuff like that. big surprise barf lol
  13. i totally get you. there are so many tv, movies, political events, songs, etc., etc., hairstyles even lol, and i am so clueless. even to this day, people say to me -- well remember when? and i'm thinking hell no i don't i think it was 75 or 76 when my sister and her boyfriend (now husband) came to visit me in college and came into the living room at the stupid college way home and kept looking around for the tv. i was so humiliated i can't stand the way i went into the way corps fruck program and lost more years
  14. what do y'all think about him staying in the NFL and still being a hero at his high school, etc.?
  15. i'm sorry i have to come back to this because i started having panic attack and want to vomit not lying thinking of catcup's little sister and things catcup knows about trauma in childbirth (which is something also catcup sorry to bother you see my thread in open about nfl guy and what my friend said i was posting that just before this and i can't tomorrow i will read
  16. -- i have a question comment for you all a dear (male) friend of mine said to leave the guy alone -- the fact that his fiance married him is proof that all is well
  17. too sad for words outie and wg..... you should have done the mog man and then you would have been okay for a while - maybe even ordained people are to be used things are to be loved
  18. thanks sweet twinky. i will think about it....... love, e
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lOS991ROkE
  20. just posting stuff here so i can enjoy without stutters. hope ya all don't mind
  21. green card comment priceless i know howard i think i tried to find him but there were so many of them i didn't know which one where the heck is he from ps. hello garth lol
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