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In the AFC Championship, the New England Patriots will host the Pittsburgh Steelers, while the Atlanta Falcons host the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship.

Ok everybody who have you got for Final?

My pick is New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers

Winner: Green Bay Packers because who can stop their momentum after beating Dallas Cowboys?!




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On 1/23/2017 at 4:52 AM, higherground30 said:

OK apologies I got my picks wrong :redface:

Haha but all I can say is il just watch the final with some beer and wings and may the best deserved team win!



That's OK.  It's a Classic case of the #1 defense (New England Patriots) going up against the best offense (Atlanta Falcons, one of the best).  Whenever this happens, the best defense statistically has the edge.  Patriots are favored by 3 pts.  Most recently, that what happened when the Seattle Seahawks did it in Super Bowl XLVIII.

It promises to be an exciting game!

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