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Superfetch Stop really safe?

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*does some quick research*

Super Fetch is an optimizing program.  Its purpose is to use processor power you're NOT using and use it to pre-fetch things you commonly use.  This means that programs you use all the time may load faster (they're already loaded)  or files you use a lot may open faster (it's already accessed). 


If you turn it off, you won't have performance problems. At worst, some things you used to see open faster will open slower, but they will still open in standard amounts of time.  The only reasons this would be an issue is if you're using a low-performance PC and it was already taking a long time even with Super Fetch,   or you're using a slower machine to run PC games.  PC games often use a LOT of the processor power, and sharing it with Super Fetch may make it struggle to keep up. 


So, it's safe to stop the service, but you probably don't need to anyway.

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