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Goons, Spooks and Splinters

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Everyday is Halloween in Wierwille's Wayworld...........where ruffians, thugs, pimps and spiritual secret agents masquerade as Christian ministers.

How is this not discernable?

  • Behind their masks, the goons appear to be gentle and caring.......not the ruffians and thugs of wierwille's regime.
  • The spooks no longer carry two-way radios to follow direct orders from the authoritarian trustees.
  • Nor do the spooks conceal a 9mm handgun or practice evasive driving skills or train/handle guard dogs.

Today, these men are removed from their "former" life at twi........or are they?

Geer, Quillen and MacMullan oversee splinter work.


On ‎7‎/‎21‎/‎2019 at 5:01 PM, DontWorryBeHappy said:

Thanks for your posts, Penworks and Skyrider! Informative and enlightening.

I lived at HQ from 1979-1984, as both Midwest Region Coordinator and Trunk guy. During that entire time, Quillen was the head of Bless Patrol. Along with Scott Jarvis, Jim Peterson, Don Wierwille, MacMullan, and Geer, Quillen was a prime mover in getting his Bless Patrol Dept. legally and officially deputized by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, which effectively made Bless Patrol a Sherriff sanctionioned private police force made up of deputized members of the Shelby County Sherriff’s Office! They ALL had to successfully complete the Ohio Sherriff Deputies qualification and performance exams, which they did.

As I said, my entire time of post-in-rez time at HQ, 9/79-8/84, Quillen was the head of Bless Patrol. He was joined-at-the-hip with Geer and super-secret-double-probation-agent MacMullan the entire time I was there. ALL the sexual dalliances of ALL the “Trustees” were coordinated and “overseen” by these three Wierwille gestapos. There are scores of personal, eyewitness, firsthand accounts right here over the 19 years of GSC posts, which document the evil, and sometimes guilty stares, at vic’s victims as they marched off the Bunny Hatch, as Dotsie referred to the motor coach, by one or more of these loyal pimps for da MOG. Not one of them would hesitate for one second to put a bullet into ANYONE vic perceived as a threat. NOT ONE.

These days, it is ironic to note, that each one of those three hitman security guards and pimps, runs his own wierwille cult. Geer does his “Word Promotions” franchises out of Maine, Quillen runs his offshoot out of CFFM in Illinois, and Agent MacMullan helps run SOWERS on his family’s MS farm with V2P2, victor paul wierwille II, JP’s kid. And, then there’s Mark Frontczak, Victor Barnard’s right-hand man pedophilic sexual predator at their River Road Felliwship in Finlayson, MN. He was a very loyal and high profile Bless Patrol guy under Quillen. He also enabled and participated in the incredible Victor Barnard cult for nearly 20 years, for which Barnard himself now gets severely beat up in prison regularly, for just a few of the 59+ sexual crimes he committed with Frontczak’s help and support! Frontczak is now happily back with his former boss and the offshoot networks hawking his “spiritually right on” cartoons and acting as if he never heard of Barnard......kinda like trump never met or heard of any of his victims either. So, the wierwillean cults continue vic’s only legacy, lying about their faddah in da woid while continuing to pimp his Aryan, Nazi fundamentalist “Christian” cult.

So, the wierwillean legacy marches on through the scores of all these offshoot TWIt cults spread around the country. Thank God that the GSC is still here! Faithfully and factually telling the other side of the story of these destructive and immoral wierwille cults.

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Former Corps Coordinators........have joined this splinter masquerade.

  • When wierwille's motor coach parked behind Wierwille Library at Emporia, KS......who facilitated the procuring of corps girls?
  • When martindale visited Camp Gunnison......who did the pimping for him at Cabin 12?

Why is it......that ruffians, thugs, goons, spooks and pimps are considered Christian leaders in these new splinter groups?

Perhaps......the pfal-doctrine is what masks all of this from view?



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"Geer does his “Word Promotions” franchises out of Maine, Quillen runs his offshoot out of CFFM in Illinois, and Agent MacMullan helps run SOWERS on his family’s MS farm with V2P2, victor paul wierwille II, JP’s kid."

Why do I seem to recall that term *spiritual hitchhikers*.......?

Could easily been rephrased as "splinter groups"......

Now, it is AGAIN clear.........why wierwille used this preemptive strike in pfal:  Wierwille's ministry work was a splinter of B.G. Leonard's work.  Like other preemptive strikes in pfal, wierwille injects this "spiritual hitchhiker" into his class.  But rather than address (expose) the full essence of it, wierwille directs its meaning to the new (novice) students who would, in turn, hitchhike off this newfound knowledge.  In other words.....projection.  Wierwille was projecting onto others what he himself HAD DONE.

The Way, Inc was a splinter group.....

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