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this is not an "i'm leaving" thread

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For some reason I kept coming back here to see if ex was going to post a thank you or more hopefully a return. Well each time it clicked up I would reread her good bye statement. And then I saw what I perceive to be a Gall Darn, (for purposeful lack of worst words) a cut or an insult.

i have always jokingly called this forum a "cult"

but now i'm not joking

and for the rest... stay comfy

Best way to describe my delayed reaction to this is having someone wave goodbye to you in a foreign country. You wave back and they go away.

...and then you realize that they were flipping you off.

The commonality, the community, through the shared experiences that we have from mutually being screwed by the cult called The Way International, does not in of itself qualify the GS or it's participants as being a cult too.

No one is controlling anyone here, Ex, sorry, but your last words do not sit comfy with me.

Say goodbye fine, flip the bird while your doing it? Nada? don?t think so..

On commentary about this forum, there are so many people that are trapped in abject silence that just lurk here: day after day, week after week. And they do not have that recognition that we give each other, that validation.

I don't think it's fear: they've bested the threats of TWI's consequencial gods and struck out on their own and that takes courage to do.

I don't think it's intimidation either, they're graduate-escapees of a life of that crap, once again: Thanks TWI.

I just think it's that "Crappy Silence" that seems to wave it?s muted effects even over some of the best of us here that "do" post. I don?t know where it comes from, I do know when it goes.

I suspect, at least in my case, it?s related to the fact that I was schooled into making myself shut up around the obvious. And usually that was because I grilled and drilled (for off and on 20 years), into thinking that my opinion, my voice, my ?take? on a particular topic was not important or vital or valued.

And many many many times, even when I knew damn well better, I just sat there in silence.

It was because I knew the moment I would sheepishly open my mouth, some leader would tell me how foobahed my thinking was, or would try to top it with 'his superior spiritual hubis', or just give me the 'standard issue' and 'always condescending': ?F&*k you very much? type of recognition to any idea or comment I had?

A couple years of that and you just stop.

You still think though. You just don?t speak.

And it becomes a habit hard break not because of anyone here, mind you.

(I thinks it's a person I sometimes see in the glared reflection on the monitor glass |:( .

Ex, you are innately better than me in accepting people without bias or reservation. I will always regard you with the utmost respect and fond remembrance. I don?t have too many of the those traits.

I do wish you well.


(Your penance is 5 Hail Marys and 2 Our Fathers.)


[This message was edited by jediknight777 on September 24, 2002 at 18:51.]

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(ssssh! I am being really bad, posting from work, don't tell)

I just wanted to say to Ex, if you are reading this, that not only do I understand I support your decision 100%. GS can be toxic at times, so you have to take some time at detox, a.k.a., the real world. I find that when I spend to much time here, GS does not seem as a nice place. There seems to be a pack of wolves that just love pecking at your heels simply because they don't like you or should I say your opinion. I like to treat people at GS like I treat people in real life, if I don't like them I can still be polite and pleasant, I just wont invite you over to dinner or as far as GS in concerned by booth. There is no need to attack people and insult them just cause you don't like what they have to say. Sorry I got sidetracked.

Exxie, has shared a lot of her experiences here and she has helped me see what TWI was really like behind the scenes. I had to take my blinders off, get my head out of the sand and realized I had been duped! Thanks Exxie

Ginger, Thank you. xoxoxo

Now back to work.

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You will NEVER leave ME !!!!

Before you go on this thy itinerary, could you send me a few PFAL registration cards???

... and maybe one last tongues with interpretation???

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