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  1. As a transplant to the South, I was so hurt by people's actions. I grew up in New England and if you want to insult someone you do it out in the open. Then I came down south and people would seem to be so nice, but they were just being polite and hiding behind that facade. I would think people were truly my friends, only to learn that they hated me and said so behind my back. Very hurtful things I would not say about my worst enemy. After years of being in the south, I picked up the game, made real friends, and learned that no one liked those people that I had originally been friends with, that they were not considered to be "ladies" and people put up with them because they were so polite. This was foreign to me cause the northerner inside me says, If I don't like you, I am not talking to you. Belle, what you said made me laugh...my friends and I had a saying. "When you leave the room you will be talked about, might me good, might be bad, but you will be talked about just the same." So I learned that when a southerner says...I was just talking about you...they mean it! :)-->
  2. Hey CW That is funny that you say that, when I first entered TWI, there were times I thought.."hey this is a pyramid scheme...I got recruited and then I recruit and the more I recruit the more "status" oops spiritual I get. The more the higher ups notice me and the faster I climb up that ladder. For what? Oh yeah a crown in the after life. :)--> I absolutely hated my family coordinator, she was a theif, a liar, and a cheat, but very much admired by TWI, maybe it was her big.....ya know
  3. and rude people ignorant people and dumb people Mo, I have heard your story before and am always deeply moved by what you and your children have gone through. Unlike the naive, I know that women back then did not have much of a voice, I am glad there are advocacy groups out there now to help women in these situations. I know that the police did not take women seriously, even in the 80's and some of the 90's. They just had no idea or interest to help battered women. There are very many corrupt social workers out there, there are many good ones. Sometimes its the luck of the draw. I know I have seen it myself in many cases, social workers have their own problems. Bottom line is that you do not have to justify yourself to anyone. You know what happened, your regrets, hind sight is 20/20. No one has walked in your shoes but you. No one can say well I would of...since they were not there and did not live the experience. Its so easy to sit on the sideline of someone's life, so much harder to step into their shoes. I think it is very brave of you to say what you went through. You can help others sort through their own personal pains that were related to TWI. There are many, for every "I had a great time in the way story" there are many more "the way hurt me and my family story" You post here and share your story with us, just think of those who have gone through the same thing, but feel ashamed and cannot post. Of course, it does not help that people want to bash others for their stories. But, you do not let it stop you and go as far as anwering those who want to blame the victim. I applaud you. I hope your children will some day soon get the help they need. I hope that they will rise above. You did, I know they have it in them.
  4. Funny Geo Hi Kathy! Hey Sudo good to hear from you. I hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for inviting me to this thread. I will try to derail it, but after 66 pages it might be hard! I have been well. Trying to get adjusted to a new move to the midwest thanks to the Navy. My heart is in Virginia though and there it shall remain.
  5. Is this the same Jean that was or is (dunno) married to Will? If so, please send me a PT and I will give you my contact info so you may know who I am. Thanks
  6. no not amateur attorney, more like armchair lawyers. We are not the ones being sued, he is. If someone was suing me, I would NOT post it on the internet. I WOULD hire an attorney.
  7. Oh and I also forgot to mention that I broke the rules and worked 35 hours a week. That helped us not starve to death. And can you believe my family coordinator had the nerve to reprove me for it? I simply told her to get a job and I would stop working so many hours, and she did.
  8. CW, You crack me up! Everything you said make sense to me. wah ;)-->
  9. Well we did not go hungry. We lived in a beautiful condo in Tempe. But, I disliked my lazy family coordinator. My wow sister Marianne and I supported her because she was unable to find/keep a job. One day I came home early from work to find her sleeping in the middle of the day. She was suppose to be finding work. She also thought she was our boss and tried to tell us what to do all the time. She came to the dinner table wearing a bra and nothing else and was offended when asked to wear CLOTHES. We complained about her to no avail. We were told that God had wanted her to be our leader. Yeah yeah yeah. Geez
  10. Well they sound just like the church choir of this baptist church I went to once. Some people like that stuff, I don't. It puts me to sleep. Those outfits are something else. I have never seen anything that ugly. I feel sorry for all those who are made to wear them. Ladies just say no!
  11. Uncle Harry is that what you learned? You are right, what a waste of money!! To think some around these parts are always flexing their "I am/was Way Corps muscles" I thought ya all should have been some great scholars. I am not suprised to learn it was all a big scam. Thank you for being honest. oops typo
  12. Pat isn't the registered trademark of the way in the domain name? It took me five minutes to research this topic briefly and I will tell you this. It is common practice for the lawyers to send you a registered letter asking you to stop using and close down the domain name. If the person refuses (like you did) then a law suit is filed in federal court of the state the domain was purchased. It does not matter that they did not think to buy it at the time and that you did and you certainly cannot sell it to anyone else including TWI. Pat, I think they can really win this and the loss to you can be great. Please rethink this. I am not saying this to you out of any malice, but out of concern for you. Just give it to them.
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