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  1. Zshot


    I poke my nose in every once in a while. I spend so much time at work on my computer, my home laptop seems like work... still down here in southern AZ
  2. IMO, the main thing that the political forum did was raise people's blood pressure. To points made earlier. I spent a lot of time here earlier, not so much now. Different thing have come and gone in my life (as with many, I'm sure). I still do a drive by from time to time.
  3. I haven't been here for awhile. Just doing a quick drive by :)

    1. Rocky


      Hi Zshot! :)

    2. Zshot


      Hey, Rocky!!!


  4. Sorry for the late response (I haven't been here at GS for awhile). I was a wow that year in Bossier City, LA. That was one of the worst years of my life. However, it did set the stage for decisions that I made which led me to where I am today. After my wow year, I had low self esteem, my career and job skills went backwards and I was broke. So, I went back into the Army and got everything back on track, left active duty back in 89 and got a job on Fort Devens (where I was stationed at one time) as a DA Civillian. I still work as a DA Civillian, and I retired from the Army Reserves back in 2000. Currently, I have a girlfriend (Never been in the way) who I have been dating for a few yew years, I have a cat, I get along with my Family, My house should be paid for in 5 years, my 2007 car (that I bought new) is almost paid for and I can do what I want with my free time (If my girlfriend lets me ) In short, my wow year taught me how not to live my life.
  5. Just pour the coffee and back away very slowly...

  6. One of the things I discovered after getting out of twi and the twi mind set is: Life will have it's high and low points. I have to take responsibility for my own actions and/or in-actions and not just "blame the advesary" when things go wrong. Some people will like you and some will even love you for who you actually are (not who you might be pretending to be and/or trying to be to please someone else). God still love us. twi is not bigger that God. twi can not tell God who to bless (or not to bless) and/or how to bless them. Our families are important, to include our extended families. It is nice to have friends at work. It is nice to have friends who enjoy the same activities that you do. It nice being able to choose how I want to spend my time (when not at work). We do not have to decline job opprotunities based upon an outside influences (such as twi). Owning a hme is good.
  7. Zix, Sorry to hear about all the stuff you have been going through. I am praying that things will soon get better. I haven't had too much time to come here lately (girl friend, work, life). Right now I am in San Diego finishing up a class I am taking for work. Craig
  8. Sorry I am late. I was out out of town for a while... Belated Happy Birthday!! Craig
  9. Zshot

    Friday the Thirteenth

    I took my cat (Scooter) to the vet for his shots, and he was mad at me and hid from me for the rest of the day. Later that day, I spent 90 min with my massage therapist. My back and the rest of my body feels alot better. A good massage is good for the body and the soul. Then later I spent time with my girlfriend Other than Scooter not being happy with me, it was a good day.
  10. I find it interesting that he is not expecting retirement from twi. Please correct me if I am not understanding this correctly. Due to twi's debt policy, few twi followers will "own" a home, let alone a home that "exceeds their needs" as a result the possibility of this "region coordinator" moving into a house that is owned by a twi follower is slim. Most people who have "room mates" have room mate for financial reasons (Other than family or romantic). With that being said, this "region coordinator" may have a hard time finding a twi follower that will have room mates who can not pay their fair share of the expenses. It seems to me that this "region coordiantor" is setting himself up for failure later on in his life. Or are the twi followers he is referring to ar his children?
  11. I have never worked at twi-hq. I am curious about a couple things. Were taxes such as: Federal, State, Social Security, Medicare, or any type of retirement, etc. deducted from pay checks? One of the things that is very glaring when I receive my annual report from social security that shows a lifetime of recorded income, is the low point in my earnings was during my "wow" year. I will always wonder how much this adversly affect my social security check (If social security is still around. This is a debate for a different time) when I am eligible to start drawing social security. I wonder how many people will have financial troubles due to small social security checks they will receive due to the time of working for twi when it comes time for retirement. This could be an example of twi ruining lives now and later on in life.
  12. Was this mentioned as one of the beni's of being on staff? <_<
  13. Some people post here as a warning to others, some as a way to sort out what they went through or put another way as part of a healing process. Some post so others may know that it wasn't "just them" that had various issues with twi. There are also other forums here at GS that frequent other than the twi topics. We can get into some interesting debates, because we do not have to think the same way (and this is a good thing). As part of a disclaimer, the forums and posts here do not replace and/or take the place of mental health professionals. Some people who have posted here have been helped by the services of mental health professionals.
  14. I talked with a friend recently who is still in an offshoot. I am surprised at the high regard he still has for vpw and CG. I think that is is too proud of being "corps" and not wanting to see the truth about twi, vpw and cg. What I think is worse is that his two daughters think the same way.
  15. I remember being "asked" for a special "ABS" for the auditorium.
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