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One Life - story of Nicholas Winton's wartime child rescues

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I'm going to see this on Thursday.  I've heard really good reports, so looking forward to it.

A simple, honest man, doing what he could in the face of great evil.  For the children he saved, the bureaucratic pen was much mightier than the sword.

Here is a Wikipedia article about him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholas_Winton

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Thanks, HWTB.

It is a true story.  And Winton kept quiet about it for decades.  In fact, this story only came to light almost by accident.  He modestly says his part was small and there were so many others who were a part of this (clearly!) - but that doesn't negate that he saw a problem and came up with something of a solution.  Didn't sit there passively wringing his hands.

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Went to see this last night.  It shows Winton as an old man, but looking through a scrapbook with details of the children rescued, and flashbacks to the time in August/September in Prague; also his mother petitioning the Home Office in the UK to get visas for the children.  Quiet "now" times and lots of tension in the "then" times.  It's well put together and well worth going to see.  

Provocative, leaves you with the pondering of what each of us would do in the circumstances.

If you watch right through to the end of the credits, the director poses a question and a request.  Ponder that, too.

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