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The Plight of Lindows

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From the article:

My favorite was one user writing in to say our name should be "lindos" and our new slogan should be "because it's the W that is causing all the problems." :-)

IF they could get away with that, it would HILARIOUS! icon_smile.gif:)-->


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Garth, there is another thing to consider about Linux lagging behind in driver support. That is namely vendor support. The people developing Linux at a grass roots level have to many times write the drivers for devices themselves. Microsoft has in their support to vendors for exclusive rights to include those drivers. The vendors in turn hold those drivers away from competitors of MS.

On the flipside, Linux is much quicker at coming out with new releases than MS. So the lag is not that much.

There is not much that a Linux user can't do that windows can. You can even change Linux to suit you if you wish, you have the source code available to study and change.

To borrow a quote "In a world without Windows, who needs gates?"

An excellent source for distribution information is Distro Watch. Check them out. They have download links to all the major distros there, including Damn Small Linux.

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