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  1. Hey there hear you have a birthday. Wishing you a sonshining day! :)

  2. Maybe that explains why it took the USS Constitution, on average, nearly 6200 cannon shot per Brittish ship it skuttled? Speaking of alcohol, my Chemisty/Physics teacher in high school used to work at Oak Ridge Laboratory in TN. She said they always had a lot of Top Secret experiments and lab notes laying out, so they hired only illiterate custodians to clean up at night. But she said they all knew the word "alcohol", and would invariably drink the wrong kinds. She said it was not uncommon to come into the lab and find a dead janitor laying around.
  3. Raf, I really never knew it existed! There was a span of time when I didn't log onto this site, so I may have missed any news about it. Sorry to hear the news. It is always a shame to see something you put so much effort into go up in smoke. Make sure your next setup can handle.......Multithreading -->
  4. Dmiller, That was very nice. Thank you.
  5. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I guess I have just been airing out some of my thinking. I haven't reached any conclusions yet, but you all have injected new ideas to me. Dmiller, I'll have to view that at work. I have been using Linux exclusively for about a month now, but I have not yet installed the shockwave module. So, I can't see it from home.
  6. Cool, I like that saying by Dr. Phil. I don't want to come off as a know it all. At the same time, I do think that a lot of what we learned was right. I say that because truely, a lot of the questions I had before PFAL were answered during the class. I once took a class in college on the power of persuasion. In order to lead someone from point A to point Z, you have to lead them one step at a time. I quess the "Dr" did that part well. He made the points with logical progression. This is the first I have really picked up my Bible since we got out in Dec 2000. I am amazed at how much of that teaching is still there. I did do through a period where I thought there was no point in trying to know God. I gave my all for 17 years and got burned. I thought, "Who can really know God's will. The Bible has been through so many changes and translations and versions, who can really get back to "THE WORD OF GOD". Also I seem to believe that the closer we look to the Word, the more perfect it seems to get. This class will be good to see it from a more abstract point of view. Life is a journey, and I am along for the ride. I may as well look at the scenery as I go past. I typed this kind of fast, so sorry if I rambled and missspillled a lot of stuf. LOL
  7. Song, How 'bout TCI---The Creepers International? I really couldn't go for all the fame and fanfare.
  8. I took up this study with the view to shake things up in my mind. I am having trouble with 17 years of Way teaching. I am having trouble thinking in terms less strict. But I feel that if I can't believe some of it, I can't believe any of it. I guess it is a progessive thing. I didn't take to PFAL overnight either. And like I said, it is sort of fun.
  9. Maggie Muggins always has an opinion, and I am Johnny Jumpup! LOL We do have a Herman Buloko though. In some ways it is kind of fun to say things that I know will ruffle some feathers. I haven't commented on any of the biggies yet, since we are still in Genesis. I am not sure I will. But subtle details like the time span between Gen 1:1 and 1:2 was interesting, and although I said nothing about what the fruit of the tree was, I did comment that it wasn't the original sin. I am not sure if the wierd looks are because they think I am nuts, or if they are considering the logic of the Word. This Tuesday we will cover Gen 12-37. See, I said they cover a lot in one week. This section includes Abraham saying Sarah was his sister, Isaac being offered for a "burnt offering", Lot offering his daughters to the homo mob, etc. It should prove interesting due to the fact the topic overall this week is Covenant. I can't wait to bring up the covenant of salt, which is why Lot protected his "guests" so intensely. Another thing, the moderator does not think Adam and Eve were literal. He believes they are representative of when God chose to make himself known to mankind, when it was finally ready after the millions of years of evolution.
  10. I heard that song "Still crazy after all these years" and thought a twist to the lyrics was in order. I have just started recently a Bible study called "Disciple" through the Methodist Church. I took it to try to shake some of the thinking I had acquired via TWI. But I find myself getting very agrivated at the attitudes of the moderator and the other students. It seems the Bible to them is just another piece of literature. They believe it is a compilation of "stories" told from generation to generation and finally written down later. The do not believe in any way or form the Word being inspired. They put more stock in the divine guidance of the councils that decided what books to include in the Canon than the Word itself. I could go on, but time is of the essence. Am I beyond hope? Anytime I bring up something to enlighten the group, I get wierd stares and expressions from the other students. I am not trying to change everyone. But if everyone else gives their opinion, so will I. They try to cover so much stuff each week, I spend hours making sure I understand the topic and researching so I can back up what I say. Each night, the questions offered for discussion deal with how you "feel" about this or that. Or How does this apply to your life now. They don't seem able to learn from the Old Testament, but try to guage their lives today by it. Yes, I think maybe I am hopeless. I took the class as a means of forcing myself to think in different terms about the Bible and maybe shake some of the Waybrain, but it is getting more difficult with each class to tolerate it.
  11. CoolWaters, Was one of the questions "What is the meaning of 'is'"? Zix, I got all in the 98-99 percentiles also in all catagories except for the clerical section. I deliberately did not as good on that one so I wouldn't get stuck behind a desk pushing papers. I was actually picked out of the bunch to go into the intelligence field. That is one thing I still haven't figured out.
  12. Garth, there is another thing to consider about Linux lagging behind in driver support. That is namely vendor support. The people developing Linux at a grass roots level have to many times write the drivers for devices themselves. Microsoft has in their support to vendors for exclusive rights to include those drivers. The vendors in turn hold those drivers away from competitors of MS. On the flipside, Linux is much quicker at coming out with new releases than MS. So the lag is not that much. There is not much that a Linux user can't do that windows can. You can even change Linux to suit you if you wish, you have the source code available to study and change. To borrow a quote "In a world without Windows, who needs gates?" An excellent source for distribution information is Distro Watch. Check them out. They have download links to all the major distros there, including Damn Small Linux.
  13. I guess I have not had that many "loves" in my past. But the few I had, I think about only occasionally. Much like dmiller said, something will remind me. I suppose that each one was special at that particular time in my life. I am now hopelessly devoted to my wife of 12 years. Not much time or room in my brain to hold much more that a quick memory for those past.
  14. Why, Thank you everyone! It is a blessing to have those B-Day greetings. I was finishing up our taxes yesterday, and had a few other events that took away my time. It was a nice day, all in all. My wife's uncle fell asleep sometime early on my birthday, so that was definitely a damper. Thanks to all.
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