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  1. 30 Years: Trying to Revive the Twit-Corpse

    I have heard second or third hand a report that someone in Rosie's presence heard her talk about goals to make HQ "self-sufficient", and not dependent upon field income, because the field people complained too much. She seemed to be going for enough capital to invest where she could kick enough people out of HQ to make it run on investment interest alone. Like exact opposite of giving to help the unfortunate in the world with the truth of Jesus Christ. Sad little declining cult is sad.
  2. LOL! Zombie Jesus Nazis! This really inspires the real theme for the 75th anniversary: Season 76 New episodes available at The Way
  3. Way Kid, Mini WOW '79 in MN, From LA

    Nicoblu72 thank you for sharing this. I think this experience modeled VPW's who forced himself into some rote SIT fake because it could not happen naturally for him on stage at an Oral Roberts evangelism event where everyone else could manifest freely. Because of this he modeled his class after his experience. This is my read on the Elena Whiteside account of JE Stiles and VP. As a side reference I myself first SIT freely under the teaching of the same Oral Roberts via a secondhand account when I was young. This is why it sticks out to me.
  4. Searching for truth

    Hey UnTwist It, Welcome. I'm a long time poster here, don't know if I know your families personally, but I probably know of them. I hope delving into the depths of the stories here helps you find some form of comfort and answers. This place has value to many in making sense of life surrounding the Way. Regards, chockfull
  5. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    VPW had no pull in Hollywood. LCM tired to target athletes since he played college football. There were a couple pro NFL players involved if I recall. Scientology spent some of the auditing billions on building Celebrity Centers. Leah Remini shows clips of when she was in her 20's and at one of the Celebrity Centers.
  6. The true test of Rosalie's "retirement"

    If we were doing this like a David Lettermen top 10 list we could do: #10. More poolside swimsuit photos. Less policy. #9. Wait a second. Scratch the first part of that last one.
  7. The Present Truth

    I focus on throwing up in my mouth a little bit, spitting it in the toilet so I can stop thinking about that sh1! See? Lyric writing not that hard.
  8. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    So the latest episode I have watched is the one on "The Bridge". This is basically Scientology's curriculum of studies and classes, designed to progress the inductee up the ladder several levels. Level progress is required to be confirmed by auditing, done with the handheld device designed by L Ron Hubbard along with a kind of "lie detector" training for auditors. Auditing packages are sold at $10k per 25 hours. Progress up the chain of the "Bridge" goes up to a certain level where a person is called "clear". This is the mission of all scientologists - to "clear" the planet. All of this relates to controlling the animal mind and submitting to a stage of expensive audits. Leah's mother spent well over a million dollars in reaching level OT VII - all these levels promise super-natural mind power. Then the last 2 levels expose LRH's weird vision of extraterrestrial inhabitation and ruler in the past that we are all getting past. Then the last level, after your money's all gone, OT VIII - pretty much tells people they are uniquely themselves just as they had arrived into Scientology. (Of course, minus the fleecing, mind control, and all other negative aspects). Also, after LRH dies, now later on later writings are "discovered" facilitating the need to re-define all of the "Bridge" materials, all the way down to the foundational books like Dianetics. Members are subjected to the need to re-purchase class materials, re-take classes, and travel back up the "Bridge" again, but this time the new right way. Questions are asked about progression along the "Bridge" such as each level has to be accompanied with a personal testament to the goal of the level, say "communicate with anybody about anything" is one example. Or "Get to the point where your problems solve themselves". So if a person after completing a level is not able to provide a testament to the benefits of that level to an acceptable degree, they are labeled a "suppressive person" and thus shunned by religion members and family. So, parallels with the Way. Where do I start?
  9. Tethered to TWI

    "The present truth" carries the assumption that the person and/or organization stating this to have an understanding of the current times and life's challenges and needs. The Way is about as capable of detecting the "present" as they are choosing dance numbers that connect with the public.
  10. Dumb reasons people got the boot.

    Totally agreed. If someone wants to genuinely continue Christian service, the path is clear to integrate with the rest of the body of Christ we isolated off from years ago by doctrine and practice. Get off the "genuine household" high horse, along with its titles, prestige, income flow, and continued lies. Humble yourself to the true meaning of Christianity, a message of a savior and the analogy of his body in Corinthians and believe and practice accordingly. If the path of Christianity is not in your chosen future, then take the lessons of the group and let them direct you towards a more virtuous future. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, as an analogy and phrase of wisdom if not "divine revelation" to you.
  11. Tethered to TWI

    I do, I do. Gag me with a tether LOL. I also recall a torture practice among the same group of natives. They would take an enemy, presumably a dog soldier, and stake them via tether to an ant hill, cover them with molasses, and burn off their eyelashes, leaving them in the desert sun. In retrospect I wonder which one of these 2 versions I really experienced.
  12. The Way Biblical Research - New Slogans

    Promotes harmony in the home. And if that home doesn't work, you can always mark and avoid everyone in it and start your own gender non-specific home.
  13. 75th anniversary, NOT!

    But sky, you know that when you are building a cult fantasy that little details like facts aren't really important. I mean it's the IDEA of snow on the gas pumps that is important, not whether or not snow actually fell on the gas pumps. LOL.
  14. Horror Stories About Leaving TWI

    So speaking for myself when I was in the Way I knew absolutely nothing about the swinger's club in the BOT. I knew nothing of coverups, or anything else that has been exposed here on GSC. Was this because I mostly was not in upper leadership echelons? Yes probably. The same whitewashing went on with the Corps that goes on in the whole ministry. The only ones with the real picture and most of the facts are the ones meeting in silence behind closed doors and changing people's assignments and such. The ones at the top. Anything we remotely suspected was quickly handled, dealt with, and packaged up. Even the second to third presidency change. Publicly, a one time affair. Oh, then another one pops up, but we're handling it. Leadership change. A lot of logical explanations about the power being too centralized, checks and balances, a new better Corps where the top administrators aren't the top teachers. They whitewash the reality so that those with genuine hearts will be continually fooled and continue to invest their life, money, time into a fantasy.
  15. Dumb reasons people got the boot.

    IMO the splinter groups serve a valuable purpose as splinters of a shipwreck, from which their nickname comes. Like I said, I know a family Corpse who left in the '80's, and has done basically a Wierwille adulation home family fellowship for 20 years. Actually there's another guy like that on the site here that rob - pilot guy, right? Worshiped Wierwille and studied collaterals for 20 years then has been posting here. And we are talking middle of the road types of groups here. When you get down to the worse "splinters" we are talking Victor Barnard and River Road Fellowship. Dateline stuff. So sure if someone wants to float around in the ocean attached to a piece of wood for 20 years, then you could call that an "airlock". But my advice, don't paddle past 3 islands and 2 rescue ships in the process of clinging to that piece of driftwood.