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  1. What's a Children's Fellowship without hand motions?. I also have some hand motions to go along with my assessment of their twitterfeed. But I won't share them publicly.
  2. So I just checked the Way home site because I needed to feel better about my life, so I went there and looked and realized my life couldn't be that bad because I still am not in a cult anymore. So I've got that going for me..... Anyway, right there before my eyes is the Way twitterfeed: "God is good to me. He holds my hand. He helps me stand. God is good to me!" So now Way followers, you too can have a Waybot make up new modern nursery rhymes to send you daily. At first I thought this might be artificial intelligence. And then I realized, no, it is just another Way Corps job LOL. I'll tell you, if I had that job, I would change it into the Way haiku feed. Or I would shoot myself in the head. One of the two.
  3. Yes. And this new event "Walking In the Household in New Light" would actually be the name for re-defining darkness as the new Way ministry standard by the BOD. LOL.
  4. Correct. Hence fulfilling the proverb - "Q. How many Corps does it take to screw in a light bulb? A. 6. One to do it and 5 to tell him how they could have done it better".
  5. Ah yes. The continued devaluation of the Way Corps. More examples of Pharisees separating themselves from the general crowd. The only educational institution on earth where the paper you earned from a degree in the college loses value quicker than taking a new car off of a car lot.
  6. Me too. They sound like River Road Fellowship refugees but maybe not that bad. We all have dysfunctions to get over from the Way me too.
  7. And yes, the Way knows about as much about counseling as it does about running an accredited Christian college. See the following: nothing, nil, nix, nada, null, aught, cipher, cypher, goose egg, naught, zero, zilch, zip, zippo(adverb) a quantity of no importance Synonyms: postal code, nought, zipper, zero, vigour, zip, energy, goose egg, postcode, naught, aught, cipher, nix, zippo, nil, zero point, nobody, secret code, slide fastener, nonentity, vigor, zip fastener, cryptograph, cypher, zilch, nothing, nada, null nothing(adverb) in no respect; to no degree .
  8. An open letter to a closed mind. This Pharisee has emerged from the council of Pharisees as being the Pharisee of Pharisees. Scripturally, he is projected to be threefold the child of hell of the predecessors. I just think he's off to a slow start on ruining people's lives and isn't quite as efficient at executing the bum's rush as the Wizard of Roz. Pearls. Swine. Wineskins. Peace Out.
  9. Good lean protein healthy, delicious if prepared correctly. One of the list of phobias / dysfunctions I had to get over after leaving the Way. If chicken is undercooked it still will trigger me a little.
  10. There actually is only one plausible explanation. Because he liked it.
  11. Like a good little cult, WOW was the LDS Mission.
  12. Indiana campus. Where I developed a temporary eating disorder. We did chickens in the morning. The rocket scientist in charge of the menu served fried chicken for lunch. I vomited. 2 years later I could eat KFC.
  13. To me you were dealing with lower level intelligence there. Well, sh1t, maybe that's what we all were dealing with. Let's compare here mothers. On one hand, we have that lady's example. I'm sure that little girl at 18 will get as far away from that woman as possible, and have a lot of damage to deal with. Do you think they will have a multi-generational connection? On the other hand we have you who showed Christian love to a troubled adopted child and saw him through a stage where he was weak. Now that he is stronger you have love and a multi-generational connection. Who was the better mother? Who does God approve of? Who has rewards now and eternally? Not even a tough choice answering those.
  14. F'ing Lally0s and their anger issues finally got served up a heaping helping of their own karma. Now they live in the real world where they aren't important, like everybody else.
  15. Um yeah. So is an alcoholic, a serial adulterer, and a narcissist. All seperately. Little less all rolled together into one dysfunctional personality. Somehow the "prophet" part of it looking back probably wasn't the problem. Other than to logically say the delusional vision probably was tied in to the other dysfunction.