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  1. One thought I had on the LGBTQ movement - that it probably is not a new thing under the sun. I know Rome had some practices and beliefs I've read about historically, besides Bible references. I bet all of that was commonly practiced in Rome - maybe not trans medical like today. Of course there is a balance, and yes the movement will have to address issues like 3% of the population dictating an inordinate amount of policy proportionally, and as you mentioned people getting different ideas about children - raising gender neutral. I mean it doesn't hurt me how people raise their children, and to my thoughts she kind of misses the point of the movement anyway which tries to communicate kids gravitate towards a sexuality or choice by 6 or 7. Meaning they on their own do it, and it has little to do with the environment they are raised in. But the Bible fundamentalists on this point are really just modern-day Pharisees. To think that God would put a genetic tendency towards something to do with sexual identity and attraction into a person that is by His standards condemning them to death means that their idea of God is a cruel, manipulative and abusive tyrant. No idiots, that would be you projecting your own traits onto God. Or your Pharisaic interpretation of scripture. I mean GTFO and go back to flogging yourself - leave me out of it.
  2. I like the article and the more I think about it the more TWI looks like a Westboro-Baptist-church-like hate group, with attributed quotes.
  3. Good stuff DWBH. Works-based so-called christianity will always leave a person empty and unsatisfied. The genuine article puts the capital "C" back in Christ, makes him Lord in reality and is all about living a relationship with Him. Something these antichrists know nothing about flapping their jaws in the breeze and setting themselves up to be the mediator to cure your works problem, which of course will involve sending them money, because all that hot air making is hard work and deserves compensation, don-cha-know....
  4. Also, just wanted to bring it up in light of TWI, I remember many of their "mind-reading" tricks especially at HQ or another root locale involved having a flock of spineless tattletale spies who go around and report to the top on everything. I talked to a clergy woman later who detailed some of this out - how she and husband were put in a "unit" (read trailer) with another family to live per TWI housing requirements, and the prez cabinet person would have her come tattle on private details in life with the other couple. Hey I guess that's one benefit they don't list of going on staff - you can experience a flock of spineless tattletale spy seagulls.
  5. This is so awesome that the conversation is steering away from superstitions and mysticism and ending up where it is. Many so-called "mind reading" tricks are based in science: https://www.paulekman.com/ This guy's research and TV series it spawned called "Lie To Me" have been really interesting to me over the last couple of years. And there's a spin-off coming fall 2017. Yea! I actually recently saw a demo lately of facial recognition software that is able to categorize the universal emotions and rate them on a scale of 0 to 1 in a face scanned.
  6. You got it TBone exactly. Semi-Shakespearean ;)
  7. It was a time where 'Men in Tights' was doing the seed of the serpent lady, to speak of the top level of the menagerie. You know - athletes of the scarlet letter? I remember when little kids used to watch that flick seeing those 2 grind on each other..... TWIT Family Values folks....
  8. Found an old thread on Pikes Peak Seminary:
  9. So - decorum and tone here. First, the salty language and all doesn't really bother me. And sometimes confrontation can get people to re-think things. However, here's the rub for me. If people are yelling all the time at each other how is that example any different than the narcissistic drunkards rants or the foreheads screaming sessions, no matter how much truth a person feels they have all contained up inside themselves? But overtly kind apologistic whitewash doesn't help either. I mean that's the realm of rosie the riveter and that is vomit inducing, especially when you are carrying on with Machiavellian antics behind the scenes kicking people out and firing them off staff just like the predecessor narcissists. I mean we are all basically sitting around a large circle looking at a 100 foot high pile of steaming manure, and describing it from different perspectives, kind of like Plato's cave. Most of us have never met each other, so we are the actors reflected in the shadows. The actors do like to argue about who has more manure on the brain, but there are probably streaks of it in everyone's hair whether they realize it or not. Which reality is real? Was that one? Or is this one now? I mean you can't divide your life and disassociate yourself from the past, no matter how hard we try. However at least this reality doesn't smell so bad and doesn't have us living like persecuted slaves. What the f that has to do with decorum and tone I have no f'ing idea. Carry on.
  10. RFR has no loyalty to anyone but herself. She is as much of a megalomaniac as either predecessor. She rose to power in a Communist or Totalitarian approach of sending her enemies to Siberia. She seduced Donna and took the presidency then axed LCM As she gets older and more senile she's going to get more unstable and volatile and any cross word could set her off. The good news is that in the overall scheme of life on this planet she means nothing. Who cares if a witch howls if she has no authority over you. Freedom in Christ is > the bondage of a cult with a wicked witch leader
  11. DWBH you do a great job of exposing this insipid bunch of self-serving sociopaths past and present. Your language doesn't tweak me because to me language is barely able to capture the evil these megalomaniacs caused in people's lives or the difficulty there is in escaping these systems. Although I do see how it would tweak various Wierwille apologists in whatever stage of apology they may be in. I say turn it up not down.
  12. Interesting. I notice the sociopath in how easy it is for them to lie. Paranoid schizo too - anyone who isn't 100% submissive and compliant - are ousted and bum rushed and shunned. That's an extreme reaction of someone who thinks people are out to get them. Not sure of the schizoaffective - that seems to also indicate a bipolar disorder mixed. Narcissist in the flasher activities as well as his thinking he was "healing" his sexual victims. And 100% surrounded by enablers. Your other adjectives I think accurately document known behavior. He was certainly pathological. How the hell God could work with that to get me interested in the Bible and all the positive aspects of what I got out of TWI is beyond miraculous. I guess I describe it to some as being led into and out of Egypt in my life story.
  13. In contrast, interestingly enough, to escape the spiritual abuse, the necessity is to recognize that the spiritual authority to whom you have been submitting is a false one. The first step to escape is to declare that authority as null and void in its continuing ability to influence your decisions. To escape false spiritual authority, recognize it for what it is - false. Then you are empowered to take the next step in avoiding or being aware of the leaven of the Pharisees. This is why submission to authority was driven so hard in TWI. And why any deviation was attacked with a viciousness.
  14. A rich supply of unpublished EWB work that could be repackaged as completely new groundbreaking work? No doubt it was his greatest accomplishment.
  15. Victims and oppressors both. The child molesters in today's society were the sexual abuse victims of a decade ago. At our best mimicking Christ all we did was extend the stay of people in an organization based on lies - plagiarism and sexual swingers. But hey let me whitewash history in my own mind and convince myself I was different and it was others and the org that were off. Regardless of the truth of that there is an overarching truth I can't get past. As much good as I ever did, I enabled abusers and followed orders so I share their blame. Yes with respect to TWI I was a victim. I was also an abuser. Morally I try to reverse that impact by recognizing and refusing false spiritual authority and pointing it out to others. For all the lurkers - once you decide in your mind these false authorities have no genuine God given authority then it's easier to just say no. No BOD members God did not appoint you and your authority is a facade. So I will no longer accept that God gave you that authority or obey your Pharisaiac mandates. I wasn't an abuser like them - I didn't do the things they did. I didn't join the clubs of pleasure I wasn't a swinger I didn't do the crap vp did or lcm or rifr. I didn't cheat on my wife abuse alcohol or steal others work. I didn't politically assassinate enemies or lie about people to get them kicked out. I just obeyed the people who did. I was a tool.