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  1. No, all they can do is produce "walking dead". Zombies emerge from whited sepulchres and seek to consume human flesh.
  2. So johniam. Would you say that Chris Geer has changed from all of the depravity of his past? I would have a really hard time trying to see how this wasn't putting new wine in old wineskins. I don't see how a man who served as a complete VPW yes-man, including playing a part in the sexual abuse of young women, and then doing a power grab like he did, is a genuine Christian minister. While I am thankful there are Christian fellowships out there who take care of each other like you described with your fellowship's finances in an emergency, I do not support or condone the enablement of sycophants placing themselves at the top of a hierarchy of a new cult. And if teachings, research, works are based upon VPW, it is definitely a new cult.
  3. One more appropriate image: This would be in the H3LL NO category: *Fig. 1 - Hitler meeting with his "Presidents Cabinet" *For those who are viewing on mobile or have limited access to image content
  4. Haha. Too funny. Should make another one of the top picture for Uncle Rico.
  5. No pictures necessary. R@mona Bid0n was named in lawsuits and documentation described her as a "procuress". Meaning to spell it out she would be the one sent out to "recruit" young women for sexual escapade threesomes with Martind@le. It's the same woman. She remarried and used her knowledge of all the stuff she did to get her and new husband a fulltime Corpse position on the field - part of RFR's bribery promotion practice - extreme obedience gets rewarded, any inkling of dissent gets you shipped to Siberia. In fact, although I don't know the later Corpse members of R&R - the 31st Corpse folks, I will say that everyone up there on the stage for that R&R meeting should probably disqualify themselves for leadership due to their own personal escapades and coverup of escapades. I mean I read an article about that one super-church evangelical guy in Colorado a few years back. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Life_Church_(Colorado_Springs,_Colorado) 10,000 members. The leader Ted Haggard was busted paying for a male escort for over 3 years and doing methamphetamine. 6 figure settlement with another person this guy was having an inappropriate relationship with. You would think a person's lifestyle would actually prevent them from certain professions. But no. The wife writes a book "Why I Stayed", they take a year off with a 6 figure salary paid for by the founding church, some nice rest and relaxation, then they are off starting up another church. So I guess that would be the church for you if you are gay, have a meth habit, and all of that is a secret life where you appear as a family man? Some people just picked the wrong d@mn profession, and can't come to grips with it.
  6. The big NO:
  7. More NO column:
  8. More NO column:
  9. In the NO column:
  10. Next, I think we need to start out communications, and building concepts on this "How To Start A Cult" real slow, and use lots of pictures. Sometimes some people just need a little more time for things to sink in. First off, we are going to have a YES column, and a NO column. In the YES column:
  11. Hello all. With everything that is going on, it seems like there is an ongoing need in the household of God, body of Christ, group of disgruntled ex-way people. We want to leave a cult, but we are too brainwashed by the cult to collaborate with other human beings with similar interests like the Bible, God, and Christianity. Because it is way too hard to communicate with folks like this and peddle our influence, we really need to stick to folks that are similarly brainwashed to ourselves. So, the only logical conclusion left is we need to start our own cult. For all the people like this, I am starting this thread.
  12. Scene from "The Golden Child" with Eddie Murphy
  13. And hey, Rico has a new "snow on the gas pumps" account he can tell all his new cult followers.
  14. Filming porn movies on his motorcoach on the way back home from the orgies in California with the hippies? And drinking Drambuie?
  15. More input after reading the Q & A comments on the live feed. I'm figuring out what bothers me most about this live feed. I think it is the lack of authenticity. What I mean by that is they are all coming off like they are working within the ministry, confronting things with scripture according to the Word, sending in their ABS to HQ and all. That is 100% a lie. Behind the scenes they have already planned out a coup. They have already started a splinter group. They already have a website up at the link I posted earlier. Allison Horn3y will give out the password to it if people PM her. They all pretty much know they are going to be marked and avoided, and have known this from the 7 page letter they sent last year in August. And they have already planned out a new splinter ministry, with those folks sitting in the circle as the new leadership of the new splinter group. There were other folks in the audience that signed that letter, like Jason Cart3r's parents. What they are planning right now is the exact same thing people leaving have planned for the last 50 years. Take as many people with you that are conditioned to give 15% of their income as you can. Try and make it as seamless and transparent to the people moving from the Way to your splinter as you can. Yes. Another exodus. We can even gauge the impact of this one. Invitations to the Q and A session went out to approximately 1800 people. There are now about 180 people in the R&R splinter. So they will probably peel off about maybe 10% of remaining Way followers. Maybe 20%. The Way probably has about that many on its rolls (1800) in the United States, including a whole bunch of people who are on the list but not really into it. So you can't really split people off that don't really care - let's put the potential influence at 70% of that - because there really aren't that many new people that have joined over the last 20 years. That puts Way numbers at about 1200 - maybe they will pull 20 - 30% of people left. So to sum up, the Way with all of its forced outreach, doctrinal error teaching about how the Word moved because people followed a systematic outreach plan, has an overall measurable impact in the country it was founded in that is about parallel in numbers to a medium-large community church in a city. But in impact it would be measurably less because the momentum a 1200 person church gives you in a community is substantial. The Way's retention numbers are abysmal. On a basic human level, that is completely foreseeable and logical. It is proportional to how they treat people throughout their time in the Way. The Way treats people who have given their lives to the cause like dung. Always has. These people have no business founding a ministry. If they were genuine and honest about it, rather than doing the power grab run, they would leave, go to a seminary somewhere for a couple years, then graduate and do a church plant with someone not from their background so they could have practical experience with getting over that "household of God" lie. They can't even see that lie when they are directly affected by it with JYDL declaring the household boundaries as outside their group. Does this justify the Way in this scenario? H3ll no. 100% of the stupid one point they are making is correct. Rosalie is a deluded cult leader who at 77 isn't going to change, and the two John's she has seduced are under her thumb and not leaving because of her Communist Stalin Hitler like tactics of sending dissenters to Siberia. God, the scriptures, revelation, the body of Christ, none of that functions freely under that kind of oppressive onerous lording over people leadership. We are witnessing the birth of one more stupid cult. YASC. Yet Another Stupid Cult.