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  1. Tips on selling Snake Oil

    I have seen so many people do so many stupid things because some leader thought they had a great idea for someone.
  2. The Remnant

    So Way followers. You are like: a. the house guest that never leaves. b. a nice old comfortable shirt c. an advocate for a standing job as opposed to a desk job d. being observed by someone who is very old Did I get those simile's right? But you know, Way Nash I think you might be not first to this concept: http://theremnantchurch.net/ It's a cool little church. Down in this Texas town. Called La Grange.
  3. Parallels between VPW and L. Ron Hubbard

    The similarity of this forum is to offer travelers a cup of Joe and a danish. And afterwards to discuss the delusional power climbs of narcissists. Welcome!!!!!!!!!
  4. Revival and Restoration

    Totally agreed. Actually my life didn't start getting better until I dumped that po-dunk egotistical bunch of sycophants known as Way International leadership. Once I separated myself from them, things started looking up. It did take me a while to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop with consequences of leaving. I'm actually still waiting to see consequences of leaving. I guess I lost a bunch of fake friends. That's OK. They were fake friends. The new ones I have now are real.
  5. All about the RESEARCH

    And hence you have pinpointed the #1 problem with a cult. Boundaries.
  6. Revival and Restoration

    Well I mean eventually you would think the flock would get the hint. Those at HQ want to construct their own little city and live blissfully with their own little vision of being a "worldwide ministry". They don't want to actually interact with the flock though. Nobody travels to see people, nobody has personal contact - the Way ministry is all run through classes, teaching or lesson plans and weekly phone calls. Talk at people consistently, never listen to them, and stubbornly persist ahead with a organizational plan and a thick head. Get those butts in chairs listening to content and get them out knocking on doors getting more people in chairs to listen to content. These "revivalists" are really nothing more than the public Exodus of Boob plus a few friends. Hopefully their video will show a few what's up and inspire leaving. However, I note the highest ranking individual in the video in the Way organization being restricted from disclosing any details due to the fear of prosecution over a signed NDA as an officer of the Way. So I highly doubt that even with their best intentions they are going to affect very many at all under the Way's clutches. Just like Mark Twain's classic novels on Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, now that the fence is whitewashed, it's time to relax and float down the river.
  7. Revival and Restoration

    https://revivalandrestoration.org/ Still sits out there - a page on the internet, still password protected. The people on the video were marked and avoided by the BOD of the Way which is how they handle all dissenting opinions eventually. They don't realize it yet but all the people on the video that they marked and avoided, those are the blessed ones because now they can go on to build their own lives and not be laying brick after brick building another wall for a sick cult.
  8. All about the RESEARCH

    Yes I'm sure we could - especially the part about the hardship imposed by the Way and leaving it.
  9. Christian Family and Sex

    D@mn. Perverting even the good on video with their twisted perspective.
  10. Christian Family and Sex

    The obituary states she retired and moved to NC with Chris and family in 1993. He is a WC grad, but not active WC, still involved with the Way who knows may still be. Thus evidence indicates she still maintained a connection with the Way throughout her life. It is possible she never knew of the things posted on here. Or didn't have enough first hand exposure to give them credence. I do not know Chris history and involvement. But this is what whitewashing does. It makes a new generation of people that don't know the truth.
  11. Christian Family and Sex

    Awesome. Wow like the Way critiques us we aren't really up to date with a lot of stuff, right? But then again, to restrict information flow then front that critique is why you are being played by the Wizard of Oz behind the scenes, now, isn't it? I will say that whoever has those videos, is blessed. Thank you.
  12. All about the RESEARCH

    Retired from that shizzle my brotha.....
  13. Christian Family and Sex

    Hey Twinky, A New Life was a live class taught by Doc Rawlins to the Corpse when I took it. I don't believe it was ever offered to a general public. I completely agree with your assessment - I would even go farther and extend your assessment and say that it has content that is miles beyond most Way classes. Doc Rawlins was always an advocate for breastfeeding as opposed to formula, and had assisted in many thousands of births when she taught us. Her class puts anything the Way puts out to shame. I'm d@mn glad CFS has it on video. That plus an active lamaz class or whatever it is they are recommending nowadays to continue education and connect with others is great. As a personal side note, Doc Rawlins always had $$$$$ so people never messed with her, and she was not party to any of the hijinks of the BOT.
  14. Cool - I figured you'd fill in more facts. Not so sure about misstated when many details have a ? in back of them. So yes, the timeline on this I have straight now. Geer's Poop paper was 1986 Corpse Fellowship. Everyone was kind of staggering around after that. By 9 months later, you guys had already assimilated that letter, sent it out, then Geer responded with his assessment tape and since loyboy and coward were pretty much under his spell then, you guys all got booted. After that, the BOT's were still under his spell for another year, then they separated from Geer in 1988, and after that loyboy went on the attack. The loyalty letter was sent out 1988 summer and others who may have even quoted your letter saying "I stand with God and on the Word, not for or against anyone" got booted too. I didn't mean to offend you criticizing the writing of the paper. I never was a fan of the jallyroll writing style. His books always got on my nerves too. Like a too happy clown or something. That timeframe everyone was under what is termed "the Fog Years". Plenty of threads on that here at GS. Everyone was depressed, didn't know what to do or where to go or what was true. That's why it was termed "the Fog Years". So in the midst of all that fog is where this letter arose. You guys were confronting the BOT on being "off the Word". But here's the rub. Myself and most of everyone else had ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE that there was a perverted sexual swinger's club that was running the ministry at the time. So when the language was toned down perhaps from your original thoughts and intent, we didn't know about dictor's perversions. I honestly never knew about any of them until Waydale and GSC, other than what I was told by the party line in the Way after you guys left. Like I say, I was a young mushroom. Kept in the dark and fed bull.... Anyhoo, that's what the Who says "Talkin' Bout My Generation". I think accurately the fact that you guys sent out 7000 copies of that letter probably was a major contributor to the 4/5 Exodus from the Way that happened during that timeframe. I was the frigging remnant.
  15. Christian Family and Sex

    Just write "The Leisure Suit Teacher" PO Box 328...... LOL.