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  1. the woman in charge of TWI - rfr - is someone who was a schoolteacher, divorced, has abandoned/ turned over her own children to Satan with no further communication with them, was known to participate in the adultery and free sex behavior in training, has hidden a same-sex adulterous relationship with the 2nd president's wife with which she ascended the presidency by including disposing of the former president, and is known to be an absolute OCD control freak. Whatever someone's beliefs in the Bible are and/or need for a church family are, associating with this woman in any way shape or form is probably not a good idea.
  2. To me many of the vulnerabilities that a cult exploits is just youth. A young mind is maturing at least until age 25. Humans in their 20's also are known to be very ideal based, hopeful, looking forward to their life and changing the world, looking for a cause, looking for a circle of reliable friends, looking for support systems, looking for a deeper meaning to life. There wasn't a whole lot that would have talked me out of a decision like the one Jessie made when I was young like that. And you have local leaders love-bombing them and challenging logic saying "just go see for yourself and prove God in your life". I'm so thankful my parents stayed in contact and remained as loving as they did throughout the many years filled with moving around the country, prioritizing everything else in life over them due to my 'spirituality', throwing away opportunity after opportunity, and being very hypocritical and unloving to them. Since I've left TWI we have a much better relationship, probably mostly due to me apologizing for being an @$$. If Jessie would do some research on this site, after time she would probably come to a different conclusion than the one she holds to now. However, realistically she probably won't. The leaders will tell her we are all possessed and disgruntled, and you don't need that negativity in your life, any lie to keep people from being freed from their grasp. TWI is so desperate for people right now that Jessie is being used by local leadership to prove to their overseers Christian growth in their area. They have this vision and direction quota system and all. Unfortunately, speaking from experience, the young adult mind has a real hard time believing sincere people will lie to them and use them. And some of these leaders are so deluded that they just push all the cult evidence to the side even though they know it and they make up more lies, like "the ministry used to be like that, but it's kinder and gentler now". Jesus said you can't put old wine into new wineskins. You can't force a ministry based on practices of adultery and plagiarism into morality by whitewashing the outside and "Pollyanna" ing it.
  3. Psalm 49:15 certainly shows a knowledge of the concept of salvation from the writer's perspective. Psalms actually is filled with more. I'm not sure how you would consider Gen. 5:24 with Enoch - walked with God and God took him - kind of indicates a salvation there. But no "gospel" yet. What about Hebrews 11 and doing a sort of forensic analysis from that? I guess that gets back to similar things like Job, right? They believed to salvation but no indication of gospel followed to get them to that point. One of the things I'd bring up for consideration also - what is the value of focusing on the "gospel" of salvation to the exclusion of all other aspects of salvation? Perhaps the "gospel" only serves to document a relationship and the relationship is what is important as it pertains to salvation. Hence Jesus words to some with the essence of "get away from me I never knew you". I know preachers always say "the only medicine you need is the gos - pill " but a lot of them also are posturing for power and authority over people. An over-emphasis on Bible fundamentalism puts the book as the power and not the Christ behind the book. On the information contained in the stars, of course we would have to establish who knew what when, which at this point with the historical accounts we have available is pretty near next to impossible. We don't have Zoroaster's lab notes from Alexandria, or whatever.
  4. I think it is a pretty common supposition that discussing Biblical passages in a "doctrinal" capacity kind of implies a belief in God. As a historical or cultural account, the Bible has little value even compared to works we know about like Josephus. I'm not saying you can't piece together things, but it doesn't seem to flow as a historical account - I mean look at all the problems even trying to come up with a "harmony of the gospels", something vp took advantage of in all of his little nit-picky collateral works to the end of trying to establish himself as some kind of expert on Jesus Christ. "If you can't trust them with how many were crucified, how can you trust them with the verities of eternal life" - sure I can remember some kind of quote like that through the PFAL classes, right? With that said, I don't think this forum should exclude any viewpoints on the Bible regardless of belief systems. As far as what the first exposure was to the afterlife, I mean if there is any truth to Bullinger's work, "The Witness of the Stars" probably would be a prior indicator of that through teachings than any of the scrolls were.
  5. Twinky, That sounds like a seriously bad-@$$ piece of work in your research paper. I for one would love to read it if you still have a copy of it around. chockfull
  6. So, to sum things up..... <sarcasm> There's nothing I'd rather do than go sit through multiple hours of an Animatronics version of Don Knotts teaching Jesus Christ - DOA and send him money </sarcasm>
  7. Hey Lanikaigal, Welcome! Have a cup of joe and a scone on the house :) That's a cool image - you cruising out of your Brownstone and chilling in Central Park at a table getting real with our Lord and Savior. Welcome!
  8. One thought I had on the LGBTQ movement - that it probably is not a new thing under the sun. I know Rome had some practices and beliefs I've read about historically, besides Bible references. I bet all of that was commonly practiced in Rome - maybe not trans medical like today. Of course there is a balance, and yes the movement will have to address issues like 3% of the population dictating an inordinate amount of policy proportionally, and as you mentioned people getting different ideas about children - raising gender neutral. I mean it doesn't hurt me how people raise their children, and to my thoughts she kind of misses the point of the movement anyway which tries to communicate kids gravitate towards a sexuality or choice by 6 or 7. Meaning they on their own do it, and it has little to do with the environment they are raised in. But the Bible fundamentalists on this point are really just modern-day Pharisees. To think that God would put a genetic tendency towards something to do with sexual identity and attraction into a person that is by His standards condemning them to death means that their idea of God is a cruel, manipulative and abusive tyrant. No idiots, that would be you projecting your own traits onto God. Or your Pharisaic interpretation of scripture. I mean GTFO and go back to flogging yourself - leave me out of it.
  9. I like the article and the more I think about it the more TWI looks like a Westboro-Baptist-church-like hate group, with attributed quotes.
  10. Good stuff DWBH. Works-based so-called christianity will always leave a person empty and unsatisfied. The genuine article puts the capital "C" back in Christ, makes him Lord in reality and is all about living a relationship with Him. Something these antichrists know nothing about flapping their jaws in the breeze and setting themselves up to be the mediator to cure your works problem, which of course will involve sending them money, because all that hot air making is hard work and deserves compensation, don-cha-know....
  11. Also, just wanted to bring it up in light of TWI, I remember many of their "mind-reading" tricks especially at HQ or another root locale involved having a flock of spineless tattletale spies who go around and report to the top on everything. I talked to a clergy woman later who detailed some of this out - how she and husband were put in a "unit" (read trailer) with another family to live per TWI housing requirements, and the prez cabinet person would have her come tattle on private details in life with the other couple. Hey I guess that's one benefit they don't list of going on staff - you can experience a flock of spineless tattletale spy seagulls.
  12. This is so awesome that the conversation is steering away from superstitions and mysticism and ending up where it is. Many so-called "mind reading" tricks are based in science: https://www.paulekman.com/ This guy's research and TV series it spawned called "Lie To Me" have been really interesting to me over the last couple of years. And there's a spin-off coming fall 2017. Yea! I actually recently saw a demo lately of facial recognition software that is able to categorize the universal emotions and rate them on a scale of 0 to 1 in a face scanned.
  13. You got it TBone exactly. Semi-Shakespearean ;)
  14. It was a time where 'Men in Tights' was doing the seed of the serpent lady, to speak of the top level of the menagerie. You know - athletes of the scarlet letter? I remember when little kids used to watch that flick seeing those 2 grind on each other..... TWIT Family Values folks....
  15. Found an old thread on Pikes Peak Seminary: