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  1. Hey T-Bone, I'll trade you half a ham salad sandwich for an apple and your brawn food bar.
  2. Reflecting back myself, I find that many like myself got involved in the Way when we were either teenagers or no older than say 23 years old. How many teenagers in this day and time, or young adults to the age of 23 do you know that have what you would describe as well-developed critical thinking skills? I know I certainly would not describe myself that way looking back at that time. Maybe Jesus did, but i'm not like him in so many ways. This is not even talking about those indoctrinated second gen Way people who went to childrens fellowship. They all probably had to unlearn some thinking skills first before delving into developing critical thinking after leaving or more likely they just finally realized your average person in the world is going to treat you better than your average interaction with a Way "believer". Then the Way teaching pattern started out on the small stuff - 4 Crucified, how many died with Jesus / angels can dance on the head of a pin, etc. etc. then from there VP's homiletics led to how can you trust them on the eternal life stuff? Very slick. In this I see the basis for the small-step compromises I accepted over years. I would actually say that the Way preys on the lack of well-developed critical thinking skills.
  3. It sounds like a country western song entitled "The Only Thing You Don't Change Is Your Mind".
  4. There are many out there who say VPW would "turn over in his grave" if he heard what was going on. I would just add that if that were the case, it would be to get a better view....
  5. They have constructed for themselves a personalized collective brand of Plato's cave. They sit around watching the shadows on the wall reflecting off of the fire holding intricate and meaningless endless discussions about shadows. Meanwhile outside the cave the real world functions normally, oblivious to cave dwellers.
  6. Sorry I am not glong to give you a pass for calling me a coward when you are too lazy and deluded to get to know me or my story. I focused on God and truth. you on the other hand are an armchair quarterback hyping your self up on a sick man's stolen work, all while being too cowardly to look behind the curtain at the fruit as Jesus instructed us. What you accuse others of oozes out of your post like an open sore. you are not in the way and didn't have to live the Word with the people teaching it like I did. I damn well know the difference between someone living and teaching God's Word and someone who is trying to teach what they are not living. So why don't you with all your .... accusations crawl on back out of here where you came from and kiss 100% of my @$$ on the way out. Or be a man and apologize. And stop lying about all the many way leadership you have confronted and backed down with them running away with their tail tucked. None of the people named here has ever been seen by anyone responding to Joe believer confronting them in this fashion. I mean I could believe you talked harshly to your lady twig coordinator and made her cry based on your post but certainly not anyone we post about around here. If we would have mastered his books. idiot we pored over those hours a day for years. More than you have even dreamed about. Rosie has spent the last decade plus dumbing the Way down to the collaterals. And it is worse now than ever before. I have a lot of tolerance for people but about zero for seagulls who want to fly by crap on things and then fly off. And Mike with visions of Jesus returning holding an orange piffle book? I mean someone who can elevate vps book above the words of the Father like that is not even remotely close to being sound of mind. Closer to tinfoil hats and alien abductions. Tune in to the revelation channel where you can live for the devil and speak for God all at the same time God is not mocked what a man sows he reaps.
  7. Hi Mike, You claim that you've handled almost all our objections. I can't help but notice that you have failed to address any of my 4 posts on this topic which were detailed and raise unanswered objections. While I know you are conversing with many people on this thread I can't help but wonder if you just don't want to face the points I'm bringing up. Thank you.
  8. Some of the challenges in discernment is to see evil for what it is, rather than lessening the impact with words, excuses, enablement. Foibles, or peccadillo's another synonym or adjective often applied to VPW when discussing his character flaws include the "pedicure plus" program, as depicted here: http://empirenet.com/~messiah7/ltr_newwoman.htm So are these the "foibles" that God just overlooked while giving VP non-stop revelation? Or perhaps was he a huckster, a shyster, a con-man when it came to those claims? Next, does character come into play, or is it just God "automatic writing" something with a possessed vessel? My thoughts are that is not how it works. Every man is known by their fruit, not by their ability to be a possessed vessel for use.
  9. No person is purely "bad guy" or "good guy". Including yourself, offering a different opinion on this thread supporting recommending VP's works to others. All members of the body of Christ, and members in particular with longsuits. But you do have me wondering whether your longsuits might be better served by me digging into storage somewhere to see what I could sell you out of boxes. :) Let us know for sure if eBay isn't stocked up sufficiently. I'm sure with the resources around here we could sell you a book or two that we haven't contributed to "burn the chaff" day since leaving the Way.
  10. LMFAO. It's a genuine spiritual revival. It is a movement of God. It's a sweeping Christian restoration movement. ........to those with the password. If you want deliverance, facebook All1s0n H0rn3y
  11. Well, if VP had gone to a normal school for his doctorate, like the Catholic priest that taught my Pauline epistles class in college, rather than a send-in-your-ceral-boxtops-with-your-book-report college like the one that was run mail-order out of a house in Manitou Springs, Colorado where VP obtained his doctorate, then maybe he would not have been that lazy academically. But I guess that's the point his critics make about his doctorate. If he was all about doing things the right way, he wouldn't have enrolled in the ceral boxtop book report college that wasn't accredited.
  12. IMO being shunned by a cult may have varying degrees of difficulty and impact based on family involved, but being shunned by a cult is not an experience I would say that Jesus had in mind for his followers in any respect. Being shunned by a cult is literally what is happening. They use the verses in the Bible 'mark and avoid' that Paul wrote about during his voyages in Romans 16:17-18. But the truth of the matter is that Romans 16:17-18 is written to the believer so they can avoid people like the ones doing the shunning. v18 talks about people who don't serve our Lord, but their own appetites. Pop quiz. Who are the ones serving their own appetites here? The lowly believer complaining about the debt policy and doing research on it? Or the President sitting on $65 million in assets with $30 million in cash to invest in the money market year over year while members are broke, in debt, and destitute?.
  13. OldSkool thanks for the story. It has more impact than you realize. One of the lies the Way uses continually in their ongoing whitewash process and campaign is "yes, the ministry was corrupt in the past, but we're all better now". Continual stories like this decade after decade show the truth. The Way ministry is not better. It is an old wineskin that functions now like it has throughout the history of the ministry, centered around the top head cheese. It is abusive, manipulative, unthankful, uncaring, and vindictive. Why? Because that's how its leaders are and always have been at the very top. The common people just never see it because the leaders hide this side of the Way ministry. Dual standards. Hypocrisy. Elitism. One rule for the elites, another for the populace. The Word lays bare their motivations too. They teach and control for filthy lucre's sake. $65 million in total assets. Over $30 million in cash sitting around to invest in the money market year after year. How much savings total do you think all the members currently of the Way International have in their private savings accounts? I would venture to say if you added up all the private savings assets of current active members of the Way International, that it would add up to a whole lot less than $30 million. This is an imbalance. This is a lopsided equality. This is simple exploitation. This is a one-way money flow. This is not Christian abundant sharing as recorded in the Bible. We even had retemory verses about this, how your abundance may supply their want, and their abundance supplies your want, so that there may be equality. You see in genuine Biblical teachings and functions according to the Bible there is equality. Balance among all members. Equal input, equal say, equal benefit. Inner circles of Pharisees contradict Christ. They are anti-Christ.
  14. Or a movie remake