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  1. Season 5 of Arrow is on Netflix. I'll be catching up soon.
  2. Actually, I found an analysis of PFAL using the mindset promoted by PFAL disproves Mike's thesis to the extent that he stayed off this board for more than a decade before returning to crap on the board and claim victory. If PFAL is God's Word, then PFAL has to live up to what PFAL defines as the characteristics of God's Word. It does not. Therefore it is not. "But yes it does!" No, it doesn't. "But I dodged and deflected and distracted for more than 10 years!" You did. And the errors are still errors. The contradictions are still contradictions. PFAL is not God's Word by PFAL's definition. That's a tough thing to escape. Ironically, you can make a decent case for PFAL being God's Word if you concede that PFAL was wrong about the characteristics about God's Word. But then it wouldn't be nearly as impressive.
  3. An observation I can make now that I was not prepared to accept a decade ago. There is NO argument to make against Mike's position that does not nullify the Bible as God's Word -- at least not by The Way's definition of "God's Word."
  4. A bit of advice to those who weren't engaged in this debate a decade ago... You're playing chess with a pigeon. No offense inten... oh, who am I kidding? Offense intended. Sorry.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, yes, they ended 10 years ago or more. We no longer have anything approaching a common frame of reference anymore, so there's nothing for me to debate. It should be noted at this point, however, that you and I are finally in agreement. I now consider the works of VPW to be just as "God-breathed" as the Bible. So I guess you win.
  6. He's back! Welcome back, Mike!
  7. Ooh! Ooh! I know this one! Shaun the Sheep!
  8. Thank you.
  9. Never realized there was a connection between Catcup and John Nessle. I believe I met John once: he came to a fellowship in Florida in the early 2000s. Decent man, intellectually honest (I thought). We disagreed on the whole 10-percent $$ thing at the time, if I recall correctly. I liked him. I'm no longer a believer, but if I were, I would consider him worth listening to on matters of faith. Tell him I said hi. (And I'm going to assume Catcup is okay with being outed publicly).
  10. Hard to Kill Steven Segal Executive Decision
  11. Bette Davis AND Judi Dench? Queen Elizabeth
  12. Ok, all caught up on Flash, Supergirl and Legends. Made it about halfway through Arrow before I got hopelessly left behind. Waiting for season 5 to show up on Netflix. Please feel free to post spoilers. Agents of Shield: Never got anywhere near it this season. Again will have to wait for Netflix, though if I recall correctly, that won't take very long to happen. Looks like I'll NEVER see Agent Carter unless Marvel finally decides to stream it on Netflix or Amazon Prime. But I'm all caught up on The Walking... oh, wait, you guys don't watch that. Iron Fist benefitted greatly from my low expectations. I do not understand why, in an era when rewriting a minor character like that would have been understandable and acceptable, they couldn't just make him Asian.
  13. There are no "rational" explanations, because the rational conclusion is that it never happened.
  14. For the sake of anyone reading, let's just call it a draw... Bosom Buddies Tom Hanks became uber famous for Splash. I never noticed the palm trees. WW, if you come up with something first, go ahead. I won't rush.