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  1. Super Hero TV

    He was hinted at once before, but it was MUCH more subtle.
  2. Super Hero TV

    Oh, and in case it's not obvious, I'm bowing out of all game threads until further notice. If anything by any chance is still waiting for me, by all means kickstart the thing if you wish.
  3. Super Hero TV

    Still catching up on Gotham Season 3 Caught up on Flash and Supergirl. Nice starts on both. Catching up on Arrow and Legends. Nice start on Arrow. Have not even begun to Inhuman.
  4. Bart Ehrman books

    I've read some and have plenty of thoughts. Where would you like to discuss them? I recommend Doctrinal or Questioning Faith, depending on the nature of the discussion you would like to have.
  5. I miss weatherman Raf!

    As long as I had cell service, I could post. I also had a backup battery and could charge my phone in my car. Once I lost cell service, I got reeeeal quiet. And once everything came back on, GSC was not a priority. So I'm fine. My mango tree isn't. My kids' trampoline isn't. But I'm fine.
  6. Way Kid, Mini WOW '79 in MN, From LA

    I have to ask... Emphasis mine... Why? What was so terrible about it?
  7. I miss weatherman Raf!

    Good for us apparently means hurricane force gusts and power loss. Yippee! Our local area gets its worst for the next 12 hours. Getting power back is our top desire. Not need. Desire.
  8. I miss weatherman Raf!

    Latest projections are increasingly good for us, increasingly bad for Tampa and the rest of the west coast of Florida.
  9. I miss weatherman Raf!

    I'm on the southeast coast, far enough inland that I'm not under an evacuation order and not expecting floods.
  10. I miss weatherman Raf!

    And now it looks even more like a West coast Florida threat, though the east coast will get battered as well. Just not as bad. Then again, a little jog to the east and WHAM!
  11. I miss weatherman Raf!

    It's shifting to our west. Not good, unless it pushes FAR west. Matthew (last year) was supposed to be a direct hit and shifted east as it got closer, sparing us the brunt of the storm. A lunge to the left would be great for us in South Florida but potentially catastrophic for the panhandle, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. So no wishing that on anyone. We shall see we shall see we shall see.
  12. I miss weatherman Raf!

    I am not evacuating. Just hunkering down and bracing for impact. I was hoping the storm track would do what they always seem to do, which is shift significantly east or west as each day passes. But with every passing day it is becoming clearer and clearer that South Florida is going to be bitch slapped like we haven't been since Andrew. Considering 2005, when we endured round 1 of Katrina and the full force of Wilma, that's a powerful statement. I want to be wrong. But the forecast models are getting better and more accurate.