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  1. Super Hero TV

    I think part of the point of portraying gay relationships in such a matter of fact way is to "normalize" them, to show that they are just a part of the fabric of life. This couple is a couple. So is that couple. And that one. And only one of the three is a heterosexual couple. Got a problem with that? Watch a different show! In a different context, we used to refer to it as "mainstreaming." For example, the family featured in a newspaper article about small business growth or tax credits for private school education just happens to be black or Hispanic or Asian. The article is not ABOUT the fact that they're b/h/a. They're affected by the issue. The article is about the issue. Did you see the last Rocky movie, Creed? It's a black movie. Well, not really. It's a movie. It just happens to be about black people. And Rocky. No one thinks of it as a black movie, but it is. (My prediction, by the way, is that in the Creed sequel, Rocky dies). Where was I? Oh, mainstreaming. The idea behind mainstreaming is, for example, that not every movie about a black man's struggle has to be about The Black Man's Struggle. Not every article about Latinos running small businesses and navigating the system has to be about Latinos Running Small Businesses. Not every storyline featuring gay people is about their homosexuality. It's about the story. The characters in it just happen to be gay. Or not.
  2. Super Hero TV

    Why not have a Monel-X? Why not Barry? Why not Wells? Why not just make them close friends? I get that it served the plot, but the plot would have proceeded just fine with them as close friends and allies. Would Barry do less for Killer Frost?
  3. Super Hero TV

    I will have a more complete answer later, but allow me to ask you a question. Why did you have no qualms at all about alt-Oliver and alt-Supergirl being in a romantic relationship, but you wonder whether Captain Cold being gay was necessary to the plot (you know, aside from the fact that it's the reason he and his boyfriend were on the wrong side of the Nazis)? One relationship gets away without a mention. The other is questioned. I found Sara and Alex hilarious. Sara is a conquer-her, Alex is vulnerable and on the rebound. What, you thought nothing would happen? CAMMAN!!! (say it out loud).
  4. Exit Stage Left

    For what it's worth, I saw nothing snarky in Rocky's reply to the original post. Socrates, one thing is for certain from where I sit: The way you responded to Rocky makes me extremely unlikely to reply to anything you post here. Now I'm going to brace myself for a nasty comeback, but boy would I be pleasantly surprised if you prove me wrong.
  5. Super Hero TV

  6. Gaston was from Ladyhawke
  7. Super Hero TV

    Minutes from finishing.
  8. Incorrect. Anyone else have a guess? Anyone? Anyone?
  9. Concerning the Bible...

    Regarding "Questioning Faith"
  10. Roles played by _____ Eugene Morris Jerome Michael McPhee Gaston (not THAT Gaston) Clark Kellogg Niko Tatopoulos
  11. Does he know how to get to the airport? Does he even understand colors?
  12. I'm looking through my Vudu account for some more favorites. I'm not going to include blockbusters. Those are like R,S,T,L,N and E on Wheel of Fortune. Just get them out of the way. Here are some others you may or may not have even seen: Benny and Joon Creed (the best Rocky movie since Rocky) Good Will Hunting The Edge (Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin and Bart the Bear) Shattered Glass Quick Change Manhunter (aka, the first Hannibal Lecter movie, which starred Brian Cox, not Anthony Hopkins). Finding Forrester Heat (Pacino and DeNiro's first on-screen meeting) Groundhog Day Dead Poets Society The Dead Zone Halloween