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  1. Super Hero TV

    I never got over Macho Grande.
  2. Super Hero TV

    I enjoyed the time loop episode of Legends of Tomorrow. Not feeling Black Panther. I may binge when I get a chance. Not caught up on Punisher or Jessica Jones. I am over Damien Darkh. Enough!
  3. Name that Movie

    Real Genius!
  4. Idiom of Permission

    Mark your calendars, everyone: March 5, 2019 is the Second Annual Chockfull Agreed With Raf Day!
  5. Idiom of Permission

    There is nothing in that verse or context that indicates this is a negative trait. Rather, it is included in a list of POSITIVE traits about Job, to show just how devoted he was to God. To turn that into a display of fear on Job's part is a Wierwillian lie. The text does not support that interpretation. You have to inject a negative meaning into what the author of Job was indicating as a positive trait.
  6. Idiom of Permission

    The notion that Job was guilty of "negative believing" is Wierwillian fantasy, utterly absent from the Book of Job unless you want to make the wailing cries of a man who lost his family into doctrine.
  7. Movie Mash-Up

    I thought that was tailor-made for word wolf, but you are correct.
  8. The Outsider Test for Faith

    My point, by the way, was not to make an accurate statement about Buddhism but to demonstrate that we tend to treat the claims of other religions with more skepticism than the claims of our own. Elijah ascended to heaven in a chariot of fire. Jesus ascended with no vehicle at all. Mohammed ascended to heaven on a winged horse. Well, that third claim is just silly.
  9. Movie Mash-Up

    Okeydoke... One of the main characters in this popular, comedic action movie seriously contemplates suicide. The actor did such a good job with that scene that he was offered the role of another classic character who also famously contemplates suicide. He did it. That is, the actor took the role. Neither character committed suicide, but one of them didn't survive until closing credits. The other stayed alive through three sequels. Name the popular, comedic action movie, and the classic character (also the name of the second movie).
  10. The Outsider Test for Faith

    Hang on. I think I just had a stroke. j/k
  11. Movie Mash-Up

    But Moving Right Along is straight up Muppet Movie.
  12. Movie Mash-Up

    Pretty sure they rode bicycles in The Great Muppet Caper.
  13. Growing pains

    How much ungodly fruit does TWI have to bear before you recognize it was an ungodly tree?
  14. No one bought that, eh?