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  1. Sunny1

    Joel Palmer

    Hi, Neal. No, this isn't Joel -- I've been looking for him. But we do know each other.
  2. Have you resurfaced yet?
  3. Hello, WordWolf. It sounds like a lot of people don't know just how evil The Way is.
  4. Hello WordWolf. Just by reading what you have written here, I realize that I have not dealt yet with my experience in The Way. The way I know that is because I still have an emotional attachment to my captor. But reading what you have written here is jarring my brain and that is the most important part of getting it all straight -- not my heart. I suppose it's all connected. I've been out for 5 years -- not that long really. I was in for 14. It's kind of scary to realize that I've not dealt yet because to me that means I'm going to start dealing with it. . . .
  5. Hello Word Wolf. . . . You are deep and extremely insightful. I assume by your name that you are a man but perhaps not. It's interesting you chose the name Word "Wolf".
  6. Groucho -- You made me laugh out loud -- you didn't like it much when it was your fault that it rained. OH MY GOSH IS THAT NOT HYSTERICAL????????? And that is how it was, too! How can someone be responsible for the weather. I mean COME ON!!!
  7. Dear TheInvisibleDan: You look familiar . . . do you know me?
  8. Wow. I kinda thought this would happen. Personally, I think the forgiveness thing benefits the one doing the forgiving, not the one being forgiven (although there may be benefits to them, also). I don't want to invite anyone from The Way back into my life. I don't want anything to do with them. However, I choose to not carry around in my mind a bunch of hatrid and bad vibes. It affects me physically as well as everything around me. It feels so good to put it down and get rid of it. It's freedom.
  9. Hi, Mackenzie. I was at the Indiana Campus when you were there. You were a little girl then! How are you? I was on staff -- secretary to probably Wayne Clapp. What's going on with you? Last I knew you were in San Diego. Your folks out?
  10. Sunny1

    Joel Palmer

    Hi everyone and thanks for your help. Joel and I were in contact for the last 6 months or so, then all of a sudden he fell off the planet! haven't heard from him in about 2 months. not like him at all. . . any info would be appreciated. like. . . where in THE heck are you??
  11. Sunny1

    Joel Palmer

    You're not talking about the Joel I know. Wrong description and he is one of the nicest people I've ever known. and you would agree if you had the right one.
  12. Thanks, everyone. Sounds like you are all from Tucson? I took PFAL there in 1986. Do any of you know Janna Monazamie? I was just wondering about Susan and Dave -- if they were okay. Dave is a talker. (smile)
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